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Founded 2008
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Federalist 2.0, LLC

Some years ago, we realized that there must be a better way to live and to express oneself that can bring out the best in oneself, the best in our family, the best in our community, the best in our state and the best in our nation. Federalist 2.0, LLC is that main brainchild of that idea with the following efforts:

1) New Citizens Political Professional Organization (CPPO)

2) Saving Technology to direct the proper use of technology for good

3) Proyect Pallea to bring people together to discuss these ideas


To create new processes and content that engages the human soul to remove the pain and suffering imposed by mis-directed political, technological and cultural change.

Clean Bubbles


Development of new processes and tools to help people, families, businesses and communities best establish good governance and influences through new political frameworks, technology frameworks and cultural frameworks.

Contact for more information: Greg Spehar 503-332-3663

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