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Federalist 2.0 and FD2 App

The Federalist 2.0 organization will be required to be the Parent Company to the secondary company that will host and maintain the Processes and Application called FD2. Oversight, Design, Development and Test will be performed by Federalist 2.0 to nurture and grow FD2 till the crypto currency supported by the Infrastructure can be free floating.


Investor Agreements

Member Investment Agreement (TBD)

Investor Investment Agreement (TBD)

Investor Agreements can be customized, please contact the Federalist 2.0 management Team for details.

Partner | Picker Agreement

Partner Agreement (TBD)

Picker Agreement (TBD)





Partner Agreements can be customized, please contact the Federalist 2.0 management Team for details.

FD2 Member Agreement

FD2 Member

Agreement (TBD)

Once the FD2 application is launched the onboarding process will be automated and member will opt-in to the detailed agreement.

Membership Analysis

Federalist 2.0 is focused on ensuring the FD2 application is successful within a 2-5 year window. To ensure that success, there needs to be a clear understanding what level of membership acquisition will be required at a dollar per month level of support.

The initial analysis using linear curves show that given a 40% to 60% growth rate at an average of $30 per month membership fees, there should be a 1.3 year to 2.5 year window where the value of the Federalist2.eth will be able to sustain itself. Prior to this moment, the value of the Federalist2.eth will be pegged to $1 US dollar, with a metered release of dollars on a per year basis. The following is that analysis:

Federalist 2.0 Membership Funding Models - V08-2022

Organizational Operating Agreements

There will need to be two operating organizations, the first will be under the Federalist 2.0 banner as an LLC. During the second or third phase, assuming the models prove to work and additional funding can be acquired, the Federalist 2.0 LLC will be converted to an 501.3c non-profit organization.

The second organization will be the FD2 App organization, this organization will also be run as a non-profit UNDER the Federalist 2.0 non-profit banner.

There will be 2 operational organizational documents to briefly define and specifically determine all roles and processes for each of the organizations.

Federalist 2.0 Operational Document (TBD)                  FD2 Operational Document (TBD)

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