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Once we have the method of distribution with a defined philosophy that can help a society point TRUE NORTH** along with a scheduled framework for discussion of this philosophy, as well as a location to publish works that hold true to this type of philosophy as well a system that can support these notions long term, we must devise an organization or company that can employ people that would be fully focused on the management and maintenance of said philosophy and tools. The following are the examples for how society uses organizations to maintain a philosophy or approach: 



1) From the works of the Atlas Group comes an article about "Why does anyone need a philosophy?", this article goes into detail about the need for a philosophy and this group establishes an organization around the philosophy of Objectivism, a philosophy that is in alignment with the Federalist 2.0 philosophy, but does not go far enough to explain how religion impacts the ability to fully implement an Objective society:

NOTE: Though the Federalist 2.0 philosophy does look like the Objectivist Philosophy, we explain from a religious perspective the necessity for a society to reduce or eliminate government control or oversight not because of the greatness of man's mind, but because of the flaws of mankind and mankind's desire long term to use new/existing powers to engage in their own vices which eventually leads to negatively impacting citizens.

2) From Stanford University comes the "common good" philosophy, where there is justification for the perspectives of the Democratic Political perspective and the Socialist Political perspective:

NOTE: This approach spends a significant number of words and energy justifying the need to grow power over other men, and their words and works do look promising on paper and look well-meaning on paper, but common sense tells us that these objectives will never be met due to mankind's fallibility and eventual desire to fan their own flames of vice, which leads to poor decision making which leads to poor results. But in the end, this is a philosophy and there is an organization supporting this approach, but the question then becomes where is the counter philosophy?

3) To best articulate the need for an organization that would support this approach we only need to turn to this article that shows MOST all the professional organizations in the US that help govern their different industries:

NOTE: Almost all of them are where the common man/woman in an industry can participate freely and pay dues to keep their industry going.

4) There is a Political Professional Organization, but it is only for Political Consultants:

NOTE: There is no known Professional Organization for the Citizen where that citizen can join and help fund a political approach that will ensure that the government does not grow and impact their own life, there ARE political parties, but they cannot be a Professional Organization that address all approaches and focuses on the preservation of Liberty and Freedom.

Here at the Federalist 2.0, we are interested in this concept of developing a Professional Organization as a tool for those who would like to ensure that a philosophy is properly managed and a certification is truly defined. There is a need to have such organization for the Common Citizen to join and help manage the overall goal of reducing the size and scope of what the government can do and what it should do on the behalf of the citizen. As such, we ask the following:

Question 5: What type of entity should be implemented to help guide and manage the efforts to keep the hand of government from growing such that the citizens of a country are subjected to a given majority or minority and their wishes?

As such, we must then push forward one of the natural theories of societies:

Theory 5: The Need for Political Containment - Within a population, an entity needs to be crafted that will be responsible for engaging the citizens and help guide the citizens to understand that politicians, judicial appointees, and government processes/controls are needing to be always put in check to ensure that they do not grow and become a burden on society and its citizens. As technology and individual awareness has grown and the removal of the notion of God from the public stage has been pursued, there is little forces at work to guide a society resulting in disparate groups struggling for power which leads to ever more power which leads to economic and social challenges that result in oppressive measures that lead to tyranny.

NOTE: These theories should be scrutinized within the scientific method such that we can hone in on a God given truth, and allow that truth to be more accurate as time passes.

Within this context then, we must initiate a method that can combat this theory. This method must utilize the existing approaches and techniques that itself is attempting to combat. This method must be flexible and allow a society to make errors and mistakes such that they always make policy decisions that head TRUE NORTH**.

Method 5:  With the development of our core set of values for distribution (See Method 1 - The Beat, The Schedule, The Clearing House and The System), there needs to be a method to manage all of these approaches such that they have the least opportunity to become corrupt. This method, as we see fit today, would be best suited to be formed into a Non-Profit Organization called the

For the Federalists 2.0, we recognize that any organization can become corrupt over time, as such, we submit that the use of these theories are only held as long as they are maintained for the good of ALL citizens. If given the chance, humans will try to corrupt this institution ( over time to best focus its efforts on that person's own groups or friends to reward them over time and as such allow them to engage in their own vices. When such event happens, it is up to the Board of this organization to eliminate those that are not focused on the goal of the organization and make efforts to rectify the situation. If the situation is not resolved, it is fully within a group of citizens to separate and create their own competing philosophy and supporting systems using some or all of the philosophies outlined here.

**TRUE NORTH: The notion of a TRUE NORTH heading is the idea that there is a method of thought that is spiritual in nature that is morally sound within the context of God. This notion and belief in ONE TRUE GOD provides a moral approach to how the world is viewed and how cultural and political decisions can and should be made to minimize the pain some groups endure given a political class's governing approach. TRUE NORTH maximizes an individual's ability to cleanse their soul, sharpen their character and build a sustainable society through wealth generation.

The Federalist 2.0 philosophy advocates a peaceful approach when working within a society. Those that are members and certificate holders will take a vow to not use force to advance these concepts. There will be no discrimination against anyone no matter their color or sexual preference. This organization will never advocate for violence to advance these concepts. To see the full Non-Discrimination and Non-Violence Pledge please visit our About Page.
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