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Constitutional Congress

Federalist 2.0(TM)

Healing the political divide by building a Citizens Political Professional Organization (CPPO) & learning how to govern for all.

New Federalist Principles

From these Federalist Papers will come some established principles that can determine the framework of a governing body. The following are those principles as laid out by each of the first 5 New Federalist Papers. The dates represent the proposed weeks where the principles can be articulated and discussed across media platforms.

We have been working and building this Philosophy since August of 2008, these concepts and approach has been reviewed and considered many hundreds of times over the past 15 years. With current events, these concepts are now needed more than ever.

01 - All men are created equal, but do not live equally

Week 1

#1 – Mankind is born with the natural gift of Freewill 

We are born with freewill; some religions refer to this as a “God Given” right. 


Week 2 

#2 – Freewill cannot be taken 

Freewill cannot be taken by anyone. It can be suppressed but in the end we make that choice to suppress. 


Week 3

#3 – Freewill cannot be given 

Freewill cannot be given. We can abdicate it for some time, but doing so allows one to adopt a master. 


Week 4

#4 – Effective governance must utilize Freewill to be successful 

Laws that govern mankind must take freewill into account if human suffering is to be minimized. 


02 – The federalist is pessimistic and a realist (Human Nature)

Week 5

#1 – Hold on Political Power is Relative

Any rational individual that finds themselves in a position of power will more freely relinquish their powers if they are expected to do so; where given the opportunity, if one exists, as well as if encouraged by their factions to remain, they will justify the need to remain in power.


Week 6

#2 – Relative Political Power is based on Length of Time

The longer a position of power is held by an individual the more will the holder perceive it as “property” and thus will their desire to continue to hold the power will remain and the further “justification” will permeate in their minds that they are the “rightful” owners of the position of power they hold.


Week 7

#3 – Political Power directly impacts Freewill

Those who have political power will by definition have power over the subsistence, or the means of providing, of those they govern. And in the general course of human nature, a power over an individual's subsistence amounts to a power over their ability to express their freewill.[1]


Week 8

#4 – Political Power, unchecked, will lead to Tyranny

Any power that can be abused will be abused and will always expand to fill the limits of the resistance to the abuse. If the people being abused don't resist the abuses of those that govern them, there will be no one to resist the abuses they will inflict once they are governing, such that tyranny, in the end, must prevail.[2]


Week 9

#5 – Governance Can be Crafted to Guarantee Tyrants do not Evolve

For a government to ensure that all of the individuals in which they govern are not lead to suffer through unfair and unjust laws defining the line of separation of right and wrong which could bring an advantage to those who govern, the government must be constructed on a foundation around what they can do on the behalf of the people as well as clear rules around what they CANNOT do to those they govern, with the correct mechanisms in place to ensure and guarantee that men/women that do obtain a position of power and decide to wield their power with abandon are quickly removed.


03 - Passionate mankind will have struggles

Week 10

#1 – Justice is the result of Natural Laws

The process by which conflict is resolved such that freedom is preserved for society while the natural laws of mankind are upheld, is called Justice. Where Justice is NOT acting upon the subjective perceptions of mankind’s desire to ensure an element of fairness occurs for those who would be governed.

Week 11

#2 – Conflicts are a result of Individual Needs

Types of conflict can be broken into five different categories, physiological, safety, belonging, esteem, self-actualization where the probability of conflict between groups and individuals decreases as the type of conflict moves from the lowest need [physiological] to the highest need [self-actualization].


Week 12

#3 – Government without Justice Leads to Limits on Freedom and Liberty

Passions of mankind will put an individual or group on a disproportionate collision course with other groups or individuals in their pursuit of their needs where no easy trading option exists; where the events of this conflict will lead to passive violence or direct violence, resulting in one party losing to the ‘stronger’ group or individual, which has the most resources to continue the violence, so that the losing group is put into a position to have their freedoms and liberties negatively compromised.


Week 13

#4 – Governments defend their Citizenry to Ensure Liberty

The government should be organized in such a manner to ensure that conflicts between nations have a clear path of negotiations as a primary line of defense. With the governing body focusing on a right mindedness decision to go to war in ‘defense’ of the nation with an assurance to minimizing the desire to fan the passions of mankind such that war would be an inevitable choice.


Week 14

#5 – The Utilization of Force is the only deterrent against External Force as a Last Resort 

The government must be prepared to utilize force, in a reasonable manner, to protect the citizens of its nation against other nations if a direct threat is presented to the people. This power of force must be checked by a governing body of people that can ensure that the passion’s of mankind are not fanned to engage in war like activities for those who hold power where their factions benefit from the war like activities. Additionally, war like activities, which come from outside the boundaries of the nation, should be addressed as such and not viewed as police like actions.

Week 15

#6 – The Violation of the Natural Laws of Justice Result in Passive or Active Descent 

Justice is properly preserved within a state or nation when the life, the liberty and the property of an individual is protected. While if these things are not protected by the state, natural law would reveal itself by the efforts of individuals actively seeking to overthrow the government or behaving in ways counter intuitive to the intended restrictive law’s purpose.


Week 16

#7 – The Nation’s Character will determine the Cycle of Violence relative to the Effective Justice

As a Nation descends into a confused lawless landscape with little to no effective Justice, so will the population be put into compromised positions, such that, those that are elected into office will have a more prone character to enflame the passions of the masses in support of war like activities which would inflict harm onto individuals, groups and other nations.


Week 17

#8 – The Nation’s Character can be independent to the Delivery of Justice to Preserve Liberty

As a Nation upholds the love for righteousness in Justice and solidifies their confidence in their liberties to preserve an individual’s right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, through the possession of property, will the Nation keep a clean and uniform delivery of justice, which in the end will ensure Freedom. Where this path is only achievable if the Justices themselves are beholden to the preservation of these facts of Justice, and they resist the whims of those whom would govern the citizenry.


04 - Mankind led to reason & virtue

Week 18

#1 – Human Character requires the balance of Reason and Virtue 

A human who has character, will have virtue that cannot be without a solid ability to reason and a solid sense of reason cannot be without the directive intent of virtue.


Week 19

#2 – Concepts are created and maintained through the use of Inductive and Deductive Reasoning

Concepts and language are formed in the human mind through the use of inductive and deductive reasoning, such that the use of Reason and Virtue together can form concepts and language that represent the effective truth in which to make prudent and courageous decisions that result in temperate and jurisprudent events.


Week 20

#3 – Fallible concepts can be Reconciled Peacefully with Reason and Virtue

When Reason and Virtue work together, concepts that are created through fallible perceptions that eventually are not supported in reality and associated truths, can be reconstituted to support the known reality and newly exposed truths with minimum conflict within the individual, among groups and within society as a whole.


Week 20

#4 – Fallible concepts are Reconciled in a Disruptive Manner with Reason and Vice

When Reason and Vice work together, concepts that are created through fallible perceptions that are not supported in reality and truths, will tend to continue as fallacies causing harm to those who are on the negative receiving end of the misaligned concept; with the eventual alignment of truth for a concept, arrived through fallacy, having a higher than average probability of being exposed resulting in its correction with a less than peaceful event.


Week 21

#5 – Idealistic Interpretations of Altruistic Concepts, cloaked in Virtue, can control the Governed

With the use of Reason and an idealistic interpretation of altruistic concepts [in place of Virtue], the government and their associated factions can grow power over mankind resulting in ever increasing use of political power such that the society degrades into a culture of Reason & Vice to continue governments’ appetite to maintain and grow control over the governed.


Week 21

#6 – Mankind led to Reason & Virtue will result in a society of Liberty and Freedom

A government led by Reason and Virtue, within the politically motivated governing classes as well as within the governed citizens, will cultivate Liberty and Freedom, through spirituality [faith], education [hope] and deeds [charity], such that no tyrant or internal strife can weaken its strength and resolve to protect the citizens of the nation.


05 - Factors of faction & insurrection

Week 22

#1 – Unstable and Oppressive governments are managed by those with Reason and Vice

When the citizenship of a nation complain of a government that is unstable and increasingly oppressive, the fault does not lie in the overall structure of the government [the economy or the citizenry], but will usually be the fault of those who are governing the citizenship, since they have an eye of selfish intent on the behalf of their own factions, which will lead to decisions born from Reason and Vice resulting in unstable and oppressive governing laws and regulations.


Week 23

#2 – The Cure for Controlling Factions

There are two methods in which to cure the existence of factions, the first would be to remove its causes; the second would be to control its effects.


Week 23

#3 – The Method for Removing Factions

Historically there have been two consistently used methods for removing the causes of factions, the first method is to destroy individual liberty, through the materialistic elimination of the owner ship of property, in order to extinguish the mechanisms that allow factions to thrive and the second method is to give to the citizenry a idealistic norm where there would be equal opinions, passions and interests such that no faction would be able to grow separately from the idealized norm.


Week 24

#4 – First Objective: Protect the diverse abilities and faculties which result in the creation of Property

The first object of government is the protection of the diversity in abilities and faculties of mankind from which the rights of property originate, thus eliminating the options to manage the effects of factions through restricting liberty or implementing legislation to achieve uniformity of interests within the society.


Week 24 

#5 – First Principle Task: Promote legislation with the widest positive impact without harm to individuals 

Latent causes of faction are sown in the nature of mankind due to the fact that mankind has the ability and capacity to obtain and hold varying amounts/types of property. The regulation of the various and interfering individuals and groups, which can hold differing amounts/types of property, forms the principal task of modern legislation and involves the integration of political parties, and their associated factions, in the necessary and ordinary operations of the government without allowing one group or faction to harm or oppress another group or faction.


Week 25

#6 – Second Objective: Promote legislative measures that enhance public good

The second objective of a government, based on a democratic republic, is to provide for the effective path to elect representatives who represent the citizenry while also providing methods to determine the efficacy of public measures that are tempered to protect against the impact of the negative influences of factions; with the ultimate power of the citizenry to remove, through impeachment, those representatives who they elect.


Week 26

#7 – Third Objective: Support the Election of individuals with a strong character with Reason and Virtue

The government framework must support the selection of individuals who possess the character to do what is right for the general good of the Union, while rejecting activities that will eventually support a faction’s needs at the expense of the Union.


Week 26

#8 – Second Principle Task: The controlling of faction’s impact by denying the faction life

The third option for controlling faction’s negative effects would be to construct a political system that would control factions by not allowing them to take hold in the first place. With the duration of political positions short and the strength of political positions diluted among many individuals who must share in the power and responsibility, no one individual or group can place an anchor of faction to the detriment of the individual, group or Nation. With the primary premise of this function, to set to blowing ashes the flames of pensioned factions, to ensure that encroachments on liberties such as the freedom of religion and freedom to obtain and hold property [and grow wealth] through open economic means are thrust into a labyrinth of hurdles of checks and balances such that resulting legislation would result in no legislation or would transform the legislation into something that ensures the smallest minority is heard and protected from abusive controls.


The Federalist 2.0 philosophy advocates a peaceful approach when working within a society. Those that are members and certificate holders will take a vow to not use force to advance these concepts. There will be no discrimination against anyone no matter their color or sexual preference. This organization will never advocate for violence to advance these concepts. To see the full Non-Discrimination and Non-Violence Pledge please visit our About Page.

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