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COVID and Me

This is the story about how I fought off the COVID virus. It is about how I decided to not allow fear to take over my life and how I would fight this thing if I were to get it. It is also a great testimonial about how our US Health System is failing the common Patient and how I suspect the Dr's in this country are so bound with legal concerns, they are only comfortable with announcing only "FDA Approved" medical treatments.

My Story

So, it has taken some time for me to finally put in words what I experienced with COVID and how my Dog Boulder was relentless in wanting to stay by my side. Boulder is a 7 year old black lab that was born in Montana, but his breeder was in Eastern Oregon. Boulder is a great hunting dog and more importantly he has become a great companion to the family.

But onto the COVID experience, I will keep this short to minimize the boredom level and to convey the lessons that I learned with this illness and severe FLU. I believe I contracted it at a conference I went to, not washing my hands properly before eating, and noticed something was not right several days after my event. 

Symptoms - Headache, diarrhea, running nose and sore throat, and then finally body aches.

Treatment - We used primarily ivermectin along with antibiotics and eventually some muscle relaxants due to the phantom pain after the fevers stopped. (I can provide the entire cocktail of medicine if you are interested)

Duration - Initial fevers lasted only 3 days, due to the medicines I was taking, continued symptoms that were cold and flu like was about 5 days.

Isolation - We did isolate me for 10 days, after the 5th day it was a bit too much. I do believe this is why they called for only a 5 day isolation phase. After day 7, I was well enough to take walks with Boulder by myself

Post illness issues - The strange thing for me with COVID is that any aging issues (old injuries or early onset of arthritis) was magnified and sever to the point that I could not sleep and my heart started to race. The Dr provided a 10 course of muscle relaxants that allowed me to sleep and get a better recovery. 

Lingering issues - Only a small cough for about 4 weeks that seemed like it would never go away

Experience - My experience was that it was a pretty bad cold, that I would not want to wish this on anyone. If possible the most weak of the population should try to not get this illness and could benefit from a Vaccine.

My vaccination - I was Vaccinated in Spring of 2021 with Pfizer with the two shots, then decided to not get the booster. (Turns out the booster would not have helped me as it was clear that I had the Delta Variant as far as we could tell.)

Future Vaccination - At this time I believe that God has given me a great immune system and I plan on using that to fight off the illness of the future. If I am sick I will protect others by staying home, and I don't buy into the notion that getting boosted will prevent any transmission of any illness.

My sanity and my time spent with Boulder my friend and pet was worth any risk that the media said was possible with the Dog getting COVID. (FYI - My dog spent every waking hour with me and sleeping with me during my isolation...)

Origins - I do not believe this was a virus that was natural, but I am unsure it was released on purpose, but do believe that people may have created a situation in which it could be released without rigorous processes for protection.

There are other things that I believe that happened, but you can see that on this site blog posts and on the social media.

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These are refernces and information about COVID I think is useful:

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