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Cultural Federalist Scoring

Once we have the method of distribution with a defined philosophy that can help a society point TRUE NORTH** and a method of organization that can help perpetuate this philosophy in a ordered manner and finally a tool that allow us to measure individuals against this philosophy, we need the ability to score the culture against the sum of individual events that occur in that society and score the political body of citizens whom would hold positions of power as well as within the journalism body. In this section we will concern ourselves with the general scoring of a group or culture within this context. So, we are needing to score a set of actions, words or decisions against our political framework (Federalist 2.0) to understand the group's mindset and determine if they are holding to the philosophy in an adequate manner. So, we are needing to determine if the:


1) society's actions

2) society's words

3) society's decisions

are consistent with the philosophy of the Federalist 2.0 as our primary goal. With the purpose of this tool not to label or deny any group or organization the free right to those actions, words, or decisions, but to measure the direction of the culture, society, group or organization to determine if it is moving the conversation in the direction of the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy or not.

Through this tool for measuring a culture, society, group, or organization to provide the Federalist 2.0 organization would be the ability to determine if these groups are holding true to the Federalist 2.0 perspective and philosophy. Through time there have been measurements that allow people to be able to determine the feasible duration and stickiness of concepts that a group of people hold. We know that there are scoring methods for groups of people in a culture, society, group, or organization. We do know, FOR A FACT, that there are what is called "Focus Groups" that the political parties use to test messages and test propaganda they look to employ to advance their causes, in the end, these approaches (Focus Groups, etc.) do not respect the nature of the citizen and the human nature of mankind/person-kind. The following are existing examples for how conceptual scoring can be used to understand if a group holds to a set of beliefs or concepts:


1) The following is a detailed discussion as to what a Focus Group is:

NOTE: As noted this definition discusses the reactions from people given a message or product, this method has been used extensively with Political Parties to "Get their Message Right". What must be realized is that the socialist approach to this method is to focus on the Social Needs of the people, deliver the message that the people would like to hear and then frame the media message such that they support those notions or approaches. If successful, the real TRUE NORTH** perspectives would be hidden and never discussed or brought to the light. This cyclical approach, unchecked, can allow a group, or set of people, that do not have the best intensions for the citizens, where they work hard to promote their own agenda and the advantages of that agenda. If properly done, both leading parties engage in this behavior and drive the population to the point where liberties and freedoms are withering away, and the size and scope of the government become a behemoth where there is no concern or desire to even address the ever-growing public debt.

2) Within this context of Focus Groups, this non-profit swerved into the truth around what are the challenges with using Focus Groups in predicting the outcome of elections:

NOTE: The greatest point this article has made is the realization that the method for using "focus groups" to determine if their message is PROPERLY MANIPULATING PEOPLE to their way of thinking where they push to ensure their Political Desires are implemented, is no longer working. Within that context, there is and are going to be problems to moving their agendas forward.

3a) This next paper breaks this notion down to the small, micro level of assessing a specific group or class and concludes the POSITIVE aspects of focus groups and that they DO WORK for the social and public good:

3b) Here is an example where the author IS seeing a positive correlation to predicting political outcomes from the "Focus Group method". This is the exact challenge that the Federalist 2.0 sees with this notion that "Focus Groups are an effective method of research for political gain" since as time passes the citizen become aware of the intent and then is no longer honest in the group:

NOTE: As noted we should point out, it is not clear if this is a solution looking for a problem to solve or the author set out to prove that this method would work, in-spite of the mounting evidence that focus groups are breaking down. (I suspect to the notion that government has become so oppressive that the general population has caught onto the notion that the focus group is not really there to see how they feel about a situation, but there to determine if they have properly manipulated the group to achieve a political goal, as such the citizens involved figure this out and make a decision to NOT be honest in their responses.)

4) Micro-Groups are ever more defined groups that bi-sect a population to hone in on the "groups" needs or issues, this notion taken to the extreme leads to the smaller "group" which would be the individual around the 10th sub-grouping. This is talked about at length by Jordan Peterson:

NOTE: The notion that you can break a group to its individual components eventually leaves you with asking the individual at the 10th bi-section, with the question by the politician to the citizen, "What issue can I advocate for you (the individual) such that you think I will provide you with some advantage through the government ( Or financial or emotional benefit) such that you will vote me into power so that I can turn around and use that power to my advantage with my political group or class and pay a feigned attempt to display that I have succeeded in giving to you what you want, so you will vote for me again?" This is of course NOT what politicians that play this game say, but this is what the intentions are and the citizens are beginning to get wind of it and are not fully understanding what is happening and as such are voting for those that are following their own instincts. (ex. Donald Trump, Brexit, etc.)

5) What is the political class after? What are they trying to do at the end of the day with the use of the "Focus Groups"? They are measuring their effects on the "Social Norms" as defined here:

NOTE: The use of the measurement and advancement of "Progressive" ideas are really advocating for the ever growing of political control over the citizens and using whatever measures necessary to "convince" a group of people that this is the case. That a specific group of politically aligned citizens will perform in a way if only given the power to do so. There is no one example in the history of mankind where this has been a long-term success. The results speak for themselves as socially engineered societies eventually succumb to a tyrant or to anarchy.

6) Using and measuring of the Social Norms allows the social constructionists (Socialists, Communists, etc.) to determine "where is" a group or society, and allows them to make additional "investments" into their experiments to "help" move society to the norm they are wanting to achieve. There are many papers on this subject, of which a few are listed here:

NOTE: As such, if you have not already become to understand the importance and urgency to define a philosophy, we are calling the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy, this section should scare you into believing this is necessary for our survival as citizens of our nations and if we are to have a hope to live free and to live with liberty, this should help solidify this urgency. These links are just a fraction of the body of work that is out there that articulates the idea and notions around how people behave and make decisions and how those actions can be manipulated. As such, if a group can manipulate that decision making process, they can take advantage of these concepts to gain a political advantage. From the Federalist 2.0 perspective, this ability, is a form of manipulation that certain people will use to their advantage, as such, given time and people's inability to become saints over time, these tools devolve into methods to game a system for their own political advantage to feed their group's needs and their own vices in life. It should be noted, these theories here at the Federalist 2.0 should explain why there is continued investment into the media centers that are clearly losing money and not reaching the masses as expected. There is clear proof of why the Democratic Party is doubling down on these efforts because they assume that these methods are right and true and if properly utilized and properly funded will result in the political advantage they desire. But as you will see, if the general public and citizenry understood these ends, they would become skeptical and they themselves will start to behave in sporadic and unpredictable ways. (In short, the citizens are going crazy and will select methods and approaches that might seem insane but given their options and the onslaught of messaging and focus groups, they make unwise decisions, such as choosing socialism as an option.)

With this as the context we then can come to our 8th Question:

Question 8: What type of scale can properly capture the alignment and understanding of the knowledge in a society's actions, words and decisions such that we can determine if citizens are aligned to the concepts of liberty and freedom?

As such, we must then push forward one of the natural theories of societies:

Theory 8: Changing Society's Political Alignment - A group of citizens that are not held to a philosophy or concept of a consistent governance structure will be bound to the whims and desires of those they are dependent upon for their own political survival (The Political Class/Group). This results in a society that pursues political actions, words and decisions that slowly and purposely grows the power of the Political Class/Group that eventually encroaches on a citizen's liberty and freedom eventually preparing the way for that nation to marshal as social norm that accepts and desires a government led by tyranny.

NOTE: These theories should be scrutinized within the scientific method such that we can hone in on a God given truth, and allow that truth to be more accurate as time passes.

Within this context then, we must initiate a method that can combat this theory. This method must utilize the existing approaches and techniques that itself is attempting to combat. This method must be flexible and allow a society to make errors and mistakes such that they always make policy decisions that head TRUE NORTH**.

Method 8:  Within the context of the Federalist 2.0 philosophy, there is a need to develop a measurement tool which can be easily used by the citizens of a country to quickly measure the actions, words, and decisions of the society, it's politicians and its political leaders which are in the public arena. This measurement should be available as an electronically recorded method to be viewed my citizens as members of that constructed political boundary (Nation, State, Provence, County, City, etc.) allowing the citizens to assess, if recorded over time, the viability of that society as holding true to the OATH of the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy.

For the Federalists 2.0, we recognize that any scoring mechanism can become corrupt over time or deviate from its original intent, as such, we submit that the use of this scoring is only held as long as the scoring mechanism is maintained for the good of ALL citizens. If given the chance, humans will try to corrupt this scoring mechanism over time to best focus its efforts to provide an advantage to their own groups or friends to reward them over time and as such allow them to engage in their own vices. When such events happen, it is up to the Board of the Federalist 2.0 organization to eliminate those that are not focused on the goal of the organization and make efforts to rectify the situation. If the situation is not resolved, it is fully within a group of citizens to separate and create their own competing scoring mechanism using some or all the philosophies outlined within the Federalist 2.0 organization.

**TRUE NORTH: The notion of a TRUE NORTH heading is the idea that there is a method of thought that is spiritual in nature that is morally sound within the context of God. This notion and belief in ONE TRUE GOD provides a moral approach to how the world is viewed and how cultural and political decisions can and should be made to minimize the pain some groups endure given a political class's governing approach. TRUE NORTH maximizes an individual's ability to cleanse their soul, sharpen their character and build a sustainable society through wealth generation.

The Federalist 2.0 philosophy advocates a peaceful approach when working within a society. Those that are members and certificate holders will take a vow to not use force to advance these concepts. There will be no discrimination against anyone no matter their color or sexual preference. This organization will never advocate for violence to advance these concepts. To see the full Non-Discrimination and Non-Violence Pledge please visit our About Page.
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