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Once we have the method of distribution with a defined philosophy that can help a society point TRUE NORTH** and a method of organization that will perpetuate this Federalist 2.0 philosophy, an ability to evaluate the people and the culture against the Federalist 2.0 philosophy, and the ability to finance this effort through a Membership Model, and we have a way to support those individuals that further the Federalist 2.0 philosophy and overall goals, and we have a mechanism to support products these individuals produce, we need a way to reward the media for producing and publishing stories and narratives that support the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy.


Media $


In this section we will concern ourselves with the need and opportunity to fund those media members that have the power to distribute stories that support or harm the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy and narrative. So, we now come to the notion of fair reporting, there is a need to provide a mechanism for those that are part of the media to be able to be supported for reporting in a manner that can support and ensure a TRUE NORTH** perspective. This effort will ensure that these individuals can be properly supported financially and do not risk being de-platformed or de-listed. So as our goals we are needing to determine how we can properly implement the necessary tool to ensure we provide an easy to use and equitable media support platform, as such the following framework is critical for success:

  1. Utilize a portion of the Membership funds to support the Media Reporting as a Platform

  2. The platform should provide mechanisms that:

    1. There is a method for Media to Join the Platform without cost but will be required to pass the Certification

    2. There would be a method to identify media pieces and promote them for review and select donations on the platform

    3. There would be a method to nominate media pieces outside of the platform and a mechanism to fund those pieces that are recognized as supporting the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy even when they reside outside the platform.


The following are some news articles that articulate the general challenge providing support to conservative media stories and the risks of being "de-platformed" or removed from the media complex. These risks as well as the overall media financial models, provide a consistent business case to create a media support platform that can be used within the Federalist 2.0 eco-system and used across platforms.

1) The following are some articles about the media bias we are enduring today:

NOTE: So, we come to the realization that the overall media has been biased against those philosophies that resemble the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy, the conservative philosophy and even libertarian points of view. There are several ways we can break this down regarding the reasons why (Next Section) and what are some opportunities to correct this downward spiral (See the last section), but this section needs to answer the question, "What philosophy can be defined that will guide the journalist industry toward positive practices?" This question, of course, we believe is best served through the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy. Please don't miss understand, we are not saying that we would ban any other speech, but we would promote and support those that are consistently on the side of TRUE NORTH**. Where, if a Journalist would be so bold, they could obtain the Certification for the Federalist 2.0 philosophy and then allow themselves to be held accountable for that perspective within the work they perform. So, their reporting becomes a DEFENSE of the US constitution and the Federalist 2.0 Perspective for the society to point TRUE NORHT**.

2) The following are some articles around why there is a media bias:

NOTE: It is clear that as the notion of natural law, as defined by a higher power, we human being have a tendency to deny this power and become convinced that we have the power to control circumstances and convince people to do things that they would not ordinarily do on their own merit. As such, there is a desire to use the methods of Propaganda to coerce people into ways of thinking that they would not naturally think if given all the necessary information. This then leads to the second question, "What methods are required to fight the temptations that Propaganda provides to those that are not able to access all the required information?" Again, our methods at the Federalist 2.0, focus on a given portion of the population that has their investment in the success of this philosophy as well as the certification process that will instill and put in place barriers to those who would promote propaganda. Finally, the other mechanisms mentioned here are all focused on ensuring that any efforts to distort the TRUTH, the TRUE NORTH** direction, would fall apart in the labyrinth of relationships and groups that consist within the Federalist 2.0 platform.

3) The following articles show how to formalize the declaration of what is "Hate Speech" to defining what this means to targeting those groups that might have engaged in some said transgressions. The challenge is that once you set this precedence and approach, it becomes easy to define the lines ever more to your political advantage. And what one year might not be considered part of the group of Transgressions all of a sudden becomes part of the group of punishable Transgressions. Do not get us wrong here about some of these groups. Some are very vile, and we cannot support them and their actions. Overall, these articles map out the impact of this effort as well as the mechanisms that make it happen:

NOTE: It becomes clear now, the mechanisms that are being put into play to set up a guard around those technical networks (Google, Apple, Amazon, etc.) have defined the overall approach to social media, such that the talking heads and politicians look to raise money or become more independent through these mechanisms. This leads us to the final question, "Is there a philosophy that can be deployed that would protect or counter this agreement that voices must be controlled, and if so, what is the closest approach that could succeed in doing so?" From the Federalist 2.0 perspective, this platform and approach we have defined in the Federalist 2.0 world view should be able to define this kind of philosophy. Where the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy become the final arbiter and framework to best advocate for a political approach which minimizes harm to the smallest of groups.

With this as the context we then can come to our 14th Question:

Question 14: What philosophy can be defined that will guide the Journalist industry toward positive practices? As well as, what methods are required to fight the temptations that Propaganda provides to those that are not able to access all the required information? Finally, is there a philosophy that can be deployed that would protect or counter this agreement that voices must be controlled, and if so, what is the closest approach that could succeed in doing so?

As such, we must then push forward one of the natural theories of societies:

Theory 14: A journalist that does not subscribe to a philosophy of freedom and liberty will be controlled by a philosophy of socialism/leftism/fascism at some point in their career  - A Journalist that is not held to a philosophy or concept of a consistent governance structure will be bound to the whims and desires of those they are dependent upon for their own business survival (This can be the Political Class/Group if they own the instruments of funding). This results in setting up Journalists to publish only those pieces that are supporting the political class, even to the detriment of the individual Journalist's moral character.

NOTE: These theories should be scrutinized within the scientific method such that we can hone in on a God given truth, and allow that truth to be more accurate as time passes.

Within this context then, we must initiate a method that can combat this theory. This method must utilize the existing approaches and techniques that itself is attempting to combat. This method must be flexible and allow a society to make errors and mistakes such that they always make policy decisions that head TRUE NORTH**.

Method 14:  Within the context of the Federalist 2.0 philosophy, there is a need to develop a journalistic mechanism that will allow Journalists to support the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy within their media channels (Mainstream Channels, Internet Channels and Cable Channels) to ensure media is freely available to ensure individual Journalists are supported for ensuring the culture is pointing toward TRUE NORTH**.

As noted, before, when a set of ideas take hold in a community and those ideas lead to a political movement, inevitably this results in the restriction of speech, with a motivation to generate news / papers that support said movement, convincing unknowing and unwitting individuals (Journalists) to side with the new clause or way. This cycle plays out in ANY country, organization or even in a family dynamic, such that having a clear set of beliefs and rules around those beliefs can propel a media group or media organization to action and ensure their continued support of the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy over the long period.

**TRUE NORTH: The notion of a TRUE NORTH heading is the idea that there is a method of thought that is spiritual in nature that is morally sound within the context of God. This notion and belief in ONE TRUE GOD provides a moral approach to how the world is viewed and how cultural and political decisions can and should be made to minimize the pain some groups endure given a political class's governing approach. TRUE NORTH maximizes an individual's ability to cleanse their soul, sharpen their character and build a sustainable society through the generation of wealth.

The Federalist 2.0 philosophy advocates a peaceful approach when working within a society. Those that are members and certificate holders will take a vow to not use force to advance these concepts. There will be no discrimination against anyone no matter their color or sexual preference. This organization will never advocate for violence to advance these concepts. To see the full Non-Discrimination and Non-Violence Pledge please visit our About Page.
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