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Constitutional Congress

Federalist 2.0(TM)

Healing the political divide by 

Building a Political Professional Organization for the Citizens. 

To REALLY learn what it means to Govern for ALL.

Federalist 2.0 References

From all efforts we will engage in the discussion on how to Govern, this page will outline the references to sites that help influence and support this method of thinking. Keep in mind, what ever "side" you take, the effort to quiet voices or stop the free speech of the citizens are efforts to push a society outside the direction of a successful nation focused on the success of ALL of it's citizens.

Federalist 2.0 Speaking Engagements:

Influencing Writings:

Critical Sites for Following from Federalist 2.0 Perspective:

Steve Bannon's War Room - Rumble:

Jordan Peterson:

Clay Clark's - Thrive Time Show - Rumble:

Clay Clark's - Time to Free America - Site:

Man in America - Website - (Seth):

Man in America (Seth):

Rudy Giuliani: -- Rumble:

Rudy Giuliani - Common Sense - YouTube:

David P. Krieger -

Thrive Time San Antonio Event - HIGHT RECOMMENDED!

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

New Declaration of Independence References

Communication Tools - Federalist 2.0 Recommends:

Gettr: - @Federalist2

Truth Social: - @Federalist2

Twitter: - @Federalist26
Telegram: - @Federalist2

SafeChat: - @Federalist2

Signal Messaging App: - Publius Federalist

Rumble (New Video Platform): - @Federalist2

Parlar: - @Federalist2

Gab: - @Federalist20

Media Sites to Follow: (No Censorship Occuring)

Gateway Pundit:

Populist Press:

Revolver News:

Citizen Free Press:


Frank Speech:

Blaze TV:

Sites Influencing Our Thought:

Philosophy Insights:

Project Veritas:

Prager University:

The Daily Wire:

Ben Shapiro:

Fox News Channel:

Mark Hannity

Mark Levin:

Rubin Report:

Lauren Chen:

Rush Limbaugh: (RIP)

Sites of Interest from a Conservative Thought Perspective:

Red Elephant:

Tim Pool:

Mark Dice:

Sargon of Akkad:

Mr Regan:

Millennial Millie:

The Black Conservative Patriot:

Matt Christiansen: Beck:

Conservative Humor:

Stephen Crowder:

Awaken with JP: (

Alex Stein:

MiTu Private Business Network

YouTube Videos:

Mothballed application built some 6-7 years ago that would implement the framework that we have defined here at the Federalist 2.0

The Federalist 2.0 philosophy advocates a peaceful approach when working within a society. Those that are members and certificate holders will take a vow to not use force to advance these concepts. There will be no discrimination against anyone no matter their color or sexual preference. This organization will never advocate for violence to advance these concepts. To see the full Non-Discrimination and Non-Violence Pledge please visit our About Page.
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