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Once we have the method of distribution with a defined philosophy that can help a society point TRUE NORTH** and a method of organization that can help perpetuate this philosophy in a ordered manner, we need the ability to score people and the culture against the individual events that occur in that society and score those whom would hold positions of power within the political body as well as within the journalism body. In this section we will concern ourselves with the general scoring of an individual within this context. So, we are needing to score an individual's actions, words or decisions against our political framework to understand their mindset and determine if they are holding to the philosophy in an adequate manner. So as our goals we are needing to determine if the:

Individual Federalist Scoring


1) actions

2) words

3) decisions

of an individual is consistent with the philosophy of the Federalist 2.0. With the purpose of this tool not to label or deny anyone the free right to those actions, words, or decisions, but to hold them accountable if they have obtained a Certification with the Federalist 2.0 organization and they have taken an OATH to uphold the actions, words and decisions of the Federalist 2.0 Certification.

Through this tool for scoring a citizen, scoring a politician, scoring a journalist, and scoring a leader of the Federalist 2.0 movement would be the ability to gather evidence that a person is holding true to the Federalist 2.0 perspective and philosophy (Of which they have taken an OATH to do so). Through time there have been measurements that allow people to be able to determine the feasible duration and stickiness of concepts another individual holds. We know that these scoring methods have not been fully crafted for individuals that are in the public domain, for the public good, and for public consumption. We do know, FOR A FACT, that there are what is called "Focus Groups" that the political parties use to test messages and test propaganda they look to employ to advance their causes, in the end, these approaches (Focus Groups, etc.) do not respect the nature of the citizen and the human nature of mankind/person-kind. The following are existing examples for how conceptual scoring can be used to understand if someone holds to a set of beliefs or concepts:


1) In today's world, we live in a workplace where we are focused on delivering the services and products that we build within the company or organization we work. More than ever, we now focus on the capabilities and the beliefs of those whom we should work with to ensure that the team is capable AND COMPATIBLE. But how do you ensure compatibility in the workplace? You do this through understanding the beliefs of the people you work with and more importantly, only inviting people that would fit into the work life / beliefs of the team you have assembled or are going to assemble. This article is just one example of the determination of this method of selection that is impacting our society today in the field of work:

NOTE: As we see here, we DO have the ability to understand the workplace values and to understand the direction of our team's individual performance, we should be able to develop a scoring tool that would do the same for the notion of scoring an individual's actions, words and decisions against the Federalist 2.0 philosophy.

2) The question then comes to one's mind, "What is this assessment of of beliefs and what someone can actually "Get Done" vs someone's general view on life?" This notion is called "Self-Efficacy" and in the literature this is defined as, "Perceived self-efficacy is defined as people's beliefs about their capabilities to produce designated levels of performance that exercise influence over events that affect their lives. Self-efficacy beliefs determine how people feel, think, motivate themselves and behave. Such beliefs produce these diverse effects through four major processes. They include cognitive, motivational, affective and selection processes." Within some of the easily reachable links on the internet that shows how this plays out can be seen here:


The following is the full paper on defining what Self-Efficacy is:

The following is the part of a book that outlines the ability and capability to measure Self-Efficacy

The following is the application of Self-Efficacy to Self-Confidence:

NOTE: The purpose of this conversation in relevance to the Federalist 2.0 is to show that there is existing content that focuses on the "Self-Efficacy" of the common person on this planet, but there is no notion of what this Self-Efficacy should look like within the political realm. The reasons are vast, but for the sake of the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy, government is a form of control over those who would be governed. This relationship through history is about one class (the elite, the political class, the rich, etc.) overseeing the means of production for the good of the whole with mixed results over time which at some point eventually evolves into the uncontrolled oppression by the ruling classes. There has not been a solid focus on the absence of political control as a defining means of governing and there HAS BEEN AN ABSENCE of the notion that diluted political control over people that hold their power temporarily, as a means of keeping the mechanisms of oppression at bay, as a viable option for a governing control. These tools are required to properly measure the extent the concepts of political control are being maintained over time.

3) The following is the Browns Assessment of Beliefs Scale that shows one of many assessments that are used and routinely used to measure people for their beliefs. Most of this technology has been applied to the realm of Abnormal Psychology and has been applied in a limited form for the use of political views and general measurement of a philosophy. But there has not been a concerted effort to build one for a political perspective. Why? My best guess is that the GENERAL assumption is that the existing political parties exist for the means of those political classes and their primary objective of protecting that power is through the use of their political groups and the "class" structure that it holds. As an example, the following links shows this type of tool in action and shares how this Scale sets up questions and sets up how they score:

NOTE: As such, there is then a need to set in motion the ability to properly craft a philosophy that people/citizens can determine is good for the common good by setting in motion the need for an absence of political structures as a common theme which can ensure that tyranny cannot take hold and to ensure that we can make choices of whom and how we would be governed and how we determine if those individuals are not fit for the work at hand.

With this as the context we then can come to our 7th Question:

Question 7: What type of scale can properly capture the alignment and understanding of the knowledge in a citizen's actions, words, and decisions such that we can determine if they are aligned to the concepts of liberty and freedom?

As such, we must then push forward one of the natural theories of societies:

Theory 7: Changing Individual Political Alignment - An individual that is not held to a philosophy or concept of consistent governance structure will be bound to the whims and desires of those they are dependent upon for their own political survival (The Political Class/Group). This results in pursuing political actions, words and decisions that slowly and purposely grows the power of the Political Class/Group that eventually encroaches on a citizen's liberty and freedom eventually preparing the way for tyranny.

NOTE: These theories should be scrutinized within the scientific method such that we can hone in on a God given truth, and allow that truth to be more accurate as time passes.

Within this context then, we must initiate a method that can combat this theory. This method must utilize the existing approaches and techniques that itself is attempting to combat. This method must be flexible and allow a society to make errors and mistakes such that they always make policy decisions that head TRUE NORTH**.

Method 7:  Within the context the Federalist 2.0 philosophy, there is a need to develop a measurement tool which can be easily used by the citizens of a country to quickly measure the actions, words and decisions of another citizen that is in the public arena. This measurement should be available as a manual method or as a recorded electronically method to be viewed my one or more constituents of that individual's reach, allowing the citizens to assess if records over time of that individual is holding to true to the OATH of the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy.

For the Federalists 2.0, we recognize that any scoring mechanism can become corrupt over time or deviate from its original intent, as such, we submit that the use of this scoring is only held as long as the scoring mechanism is maintained for the good of ALL citizens. If given the chance, humans will try to corrupt this scoring mechanism over time to best focus its efforts to provide an advantage to their own groups or friends to reward them over time and as such allow them to engage in their own vices. When such events happen, it is up to the Board of the Federalist 2.0 organization to eliminate those that are not focused on the goal of the organization and make efforts to rectify the situation. If the situation is not resolved, it is fully within a group of citizens to separate and create their own competing scoring mechanism using some or all the philosophies outlined within the Federalist 2.0 organization.

**TRUE NORTH: The notion of a TRUE NORTH heading is the idea that there is a method of thought that is spiritual in nature that is morally sound within the context of God. This notion and belief in ONE TRUE GOD provides a moral approach to how the world is viewed and how cultural and political decisions can and should be made to minimize the pain some groups endure given a political class's governing approach. TRUE NORTH maximizes an individual's ability to cleanse their soul, sharpen their character and build a sustainable society through wealth generation.

The Federalist 2.0 philosophy advocates a peaceful approach when working within a society. Those that are members and certificate holders will take a vow to not use force to advance these concepts. There will be no discrimination against anyone no matter their color or sexual preference. This organization will never advocate for violence to advance these concepts. To see the full Non-Discrimination and Non-Violence Pledge please visit our About Page.
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