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Family in the Hospital

Get Sick Now!(TM)

The Case for Natural Immunity

No human being should die alone from COVID or from any Biological Attack.


This is a service that provides effective facilities and processes for Natural Immunity. This is a prototype site that outlines the necessary measures for fighting a Pandemic that may last for years or if it is determined there are efforts to release a series of Pandemics by an adversary country or entity.

So what have we defined here, with GSN? We have defined the overall landscape of the nature of this virus we call COVID and defined the overall set of options and realities that we have been faced with for almost 2 years now. It is clear that this COVID virus is not going away. That there is an ongoing need to manage public health while also manage the never-ending desire to change the culture and operational methods in-which this culture performs. For the good of the citizens of course!

But even here, without an approach that is not advocating for or against vaccinations (This mapping suggests the most vulnerable of the population pursue vaccinations, AS A CHOICE) but for a tempered approach and realistic set of decisions that will get us to a natural return to "normal" where the population is able to operate freely.

There has been much discussion, as of recent day, that there are people that are pursuing the "Great Reset" under the assumption that the world is becoming overpopulated, that over 7 Billion people cannot be sustained in the long run. That there must be a way to manage and control the world's population and thus preserve the nature and effectiveness of this planet we live on.

We are building a new Philosophy through the Federalist 2.0, this new philosophy rejects this notion of a constrained set of resources and the need to manage populations and cultures and societies. Only upon the reality that those that would be the watchers and the rulers, they themselves, in time, may fall victim to their own Vices. Their own jealousies and their own hatred for others and for given decisions and situations.

As such, we must depend upon the Sovereign beings, as humans, and propose the righteous thinking that can be developed and realize that a march to the reset, socialism, communism and/or marxism, must and will lead to dictators and overlords that will destroy countless lives. So the Federalist 2.0 philosophy, accepts that all Human Beings should be free to chose their lives and how they use the natural resources of this planet; that through this process, which freedom can only bring, we can ensure those that have right minds will be able to navigate these complexities we are beginning to engage:

1) Diseases and Viruses that can be created by humans and unleashed onto populations

2) Humanized Robots that will replace workers at alarming rates

3) Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will simplify and augment many millions of people's skills over time

4) Increasing use of technology to control everything in our environment, giving us time to consume our vices

Yes, these and many more concepts are knocking at the door of time, and the most critical one that must be dealt with is the one of designer viruses with intentions to cull the population and provide mechanisms of control for those who would like to cause the reset and bring socialism to the nations of this world.

This first step, is the call to the population of the United States, and the population fo the world, to take up their God given rights of their Sovereignty and begin to plan and understand that, as people together, fighting these diseases together, we shall prevail, that through time many people will perish based on the probability of many more "Virus Attacks" that will come and many more efforts will be made to separate us and keep us afraid, hungry and desperate to be human again. 

Yes, there is a business case for "Get Sick Now" and it is not one based in money, it is based in the realization there is a higher power and a soul that stirs in us all and when the calling becomes apparent, the citizens will act, and this shall be the first act... GSN Facilities that will breath life into a dead world.


(c)2021 Federalist 2.0

This is the entire set of slides as one PDF here: 2022-01-20-GSN-Defined

NOTE: This whole process has been brewing since April 2020 (one month after COVID hit) as it was obvious to us at Federalist 2.0, given the Federalist 2.0 assumptions, that a GSN type of structure was required to fight this onslaught of viruses that we were about to endure as a country and as a society. The key piece that resulted in this page being generated that crystalized all of the necessary components was this discussion between Jordan Peterson and Michael Shellenberger on Apocalyptic Environmentalism and how this philosophy is advancing in the absence of another competing philosophy that has roots in a religious perspective, hence the birth of Federalist 2.0.

Some additional information that is coming to light, here is a post on the impact of Vaccinations after Vaccinations, the graphs show that no matter what one does, a Virus will be a Virus and it will do what it was designed to do, no matter the effort humans make to interrupt the process:

and this shows the impact of lost time...

This Dr. is being chased by the Medical Board for doing what would seem to be right, based on this analysis:

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