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Once we have the method of distribution with a defined philosophy that can help a society point TRUE NORTH** and a method of organization that will perpetuate this Federalist 2.0 philosophy, and an ability to evaluate the people and the culture against the Federalist 2.0 philosophy, and the ability to finance this effort through a Membership Model, we need a way to support those individuals that further the Federalist 2.0 philosophy and overall goals. In this section we will concern ourselves with the need and opportunity to fund those in the social networks as well as the politicians that have taken the Certification and follow the Federalists 2.0 Philosophy. As such we are needing to create a mechanism for donations that are direct to those supporters on Social Media as well as those Politicians. So as our goals we are needing to determine how we can properly implement the necessary tool to ensure membership supports the right social networks and political individuals, as such the following financial social framework is critical for success:


Social $

  1. Utilize a portion of the Membership funds to support individuals through a donation type mechanism

  2. Direct Donations / Payments to those that support the Federalist 2.0 philosophy

Through these mechanisms we can finance individuals that either provide services or content in support of the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy or who are politically active as a political representative and have been Certified in the process. The funding can be delivered through a percent of Membership fees as well as direct donations. These individuals will have the ability to subscribe and sign-up to the Federalist Platform to be part of the overall content where Membership selects them for a portion of their membership to be provided as donations or they can be submitted by a member for consideration for part of the Social $ share that would happen at the end of the year.

There would be four distributions that would be possible under this format:

  1. Social Users In-Network Donations

    1. Social Users would sign-up to be a Social Content Provider with the Federalist 2.0 Network and be available for selection in the Membership Choices for distribution.

  2. Social Users Out-of-Network Donations

    1. Social Users (Not in the Federalist 2.0 Network) could be nominated by the Membership

  3. Politically Active In-Network Donations

    1. Possible Political Candidates and Politically Active Elected Officials could participate only if they are part of the network and have passed the Certification Process and have officially registered with the Federalist 2.0 Network.

  4. Membership Support

    1. Membership could sign up as Active Participants in need of further funding for moving up the Membership Levels

For the "Social Users In-Network Donations" process, Membership is provided with the ability to donate a percent of their membership that will go to these social factors (At this time that amount has not been determined but could be 40+% of their Membership Dues for the month/year). If the Member selects people to be part of that distribution, they can just select them evenly or select a % for each and the monies will be distributed accordingly monthly or yearly. Since a portion of the Membership Dues are part of the operating funds, there is no "skimming" of the dollars for these individuals, it would be a straight "donation" to their financial mechanism of choice.

In the case for "Social Users Out-of-Network Donations", the member would provide the details of the Social Network individual that would be reviewed by the Federalist 2.0 Administration to determine if they are in relative alignment with the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy and an invite to that Social Media Individual to join would be provided. That individual would be able to join to receive their donation and decide if they want to be on the list for Membership to choose for future donations. (At that time the "Out-of-Network" Social media person would be considered in-network.)

With the "Politically Active In-Network Donations" process the Politically Active Individuals could also be part of the Social Media network but opted too also be Politically Active. This would allow them additional revenue opportunities through the donation's mechanisms where 10% of the Membership dues would be allocated to those the Member picks that would be politically active. To be Politically active the individual would need to be announcing their intention to run for a political position as well as have taken and passed the Federalist 2.0 Certification.

In cases where the Membership does NOT select Social or Political individuals for donations, the Federalist 2.0 Board is granted the power to donate as desired at the end of the year to any registered Socially active Participant or Registered Politically Active and Certified Participant. (NOTE: There will NOT be allowance to make donations outside of these boundaries and the board MUST donate at minimum 25% of the total amount in the donation reserves.) 

Finally, "Membership Support" is the area where individuals can choose to not allocate their membership dues to Social or Political individuals, but to donate the money to the Membership itself. Where people that want be at a higher level and have demonstrated their abilities would be funded are able to have their membership supplemented (For Example - Someone wants to be at the Platinum Level, has demonstrated they can operate at that level and is prepared to work at the level, would be funded by the Federalist 2.0 Platform Membership.) This would allow someone with extensive intellectual understanding of the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy to be part of and hold positions at the highest levels without financial constraints.

So, some might wonder why this approach is so complex, why does the membership of the Federalist 2.0 have such a say in the financial caring and feeding of the Social, Political and internal Membership finances. The primary reason is that with money, as any organization, the strength of that organization is ensuring when people can be paid full time or part time to properly manage their affairs fo the Federalist 2.0 Movement. What has been most interesting in the past 20 years is the power of the Media, both print and TV, has shifted to the online personalities and those personalities have endured due to the financial abilities for them to earn a living doing the things they love. Politically, these voices have been able to fund themselves and have not had to hold to a political party. Specifically, we need to realize in the past 50 years from the 1950's to 2000, the lion share of control of the political discourse has come from the two political parties (Democratic and Republican) and the three primary news channels (ABC, NBC and CBS) where they controlled the narrative and hence the perceived philosophy of the American people. The advent of Cable and Fox News along with the online presence of key political talking heads that include Ruch Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. Have been able to help guide the public to a new way of thinking, or should we say the way of thinking that the American Population held before the final founding father passed away in the middle of the 18th century.

The following are some important news articles that articulate the general panic of the old media and the old guard in Politics and how they are responding with their own efforts, not necessarily to silence these voices, but to cut off their funding so as to silence their efforts through financial starvation. There is evidence that this was being encouraged and finally there is evidence that it was being done. The model that the Federalist 2.0 is working to resolve is not to copy the media platforms or replace them, but provide an independent source of money to those creators and politicians that want to follow the Federalists 2.0 Philosophy and NOT have to listen to those that might require them to do or say things that would be in contradiction to the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy and allow those individual to continue setting a direction toward our goal of heading TRUE NORTH**.

1) The following articles that have been published as late as 2017, started to make a case to censor the conservative movement and thought, with the case that this way of thinking is not good for the American way of life. The reality is that this way of thinking is not good for the Socialist/Leftist way of life. The Socialist/Leftist Mindset, baked into the elite journalists not as a mechanism to help people to live a better life, but in a way these journalists have been indoctrinated in a way of thinking that REQUIRES the voting population also think this way. As we see here:

NOTE: This buildup of momentum for the banning of conservative voices must have been critical to build enough momentum in the eyes of the tech executives such as those at Google, PayPal, Twitter, Patreon, etc to justify actions that would send them down the path of censoring people in the name of this new or existing philosophy of life. Whatever you call it, there is the REAL danger here of what we can call DEMONSTRABLE coercion of leadership at an organization to influence mechanisms at their company to marshal efforts to silence those voices. This marshaling is what we need to understand it the real threat. So the question becomes, "How can one protect against this ability for a culture and philosophy to influence those in power to take action?" The answer lays within the concern that WITHOUT a clear understanding or a philosophy or moral code, that moral code can be influenced by Media and other Political Influencers. As such, the ONLY inoculation of such challenges is to clearly define your philosophy. Then set up the mechanisms to defend and distribute that philosophy within the Population. With the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy we have started that effort.

2) Now sometime later, we begin to see the documented claims, in some manner, the thought was that the media could drive some narratives and redefine terms to have the society see or believe that the way of thinking for a conservative, would be viewed by a society as a problem. As such, when they executed on their efforts to silence these people, they assumed that they would have the moral and political support of the culture in whole. The truth is, as we shall see, the media and some political groups have wandered so far off the path of TRUE NORTH**, their words and deeds are coming to the common public in ways that people are not able to understand or consume. This, as we see in these articles, results in the common public focusing on media that shares their understanding of the world. And if there is any success in the media and political class in shutting these ways of thinking out, this results, not in tranquility, but in confusion and increased violence since the general public needs to be reminded daily of what is a normal life, or normal way of living life, given a TRUE NORTH** direction. See the following articles as they share this realization that there is censorship happening:

NOTE: Once the liberal way of thinking determines that they (The Socialists/Leftist/Communist) have the Moral High Ground and have captured the general cultural population with their philosophy, there is a need to infuse a different way of thinking into the population, until the past 10 years, these organizations have utilized the Media/Government complex to successfully infuse their brand of living and their understanding around what is a moral life. These mechanisms, as discussed in the previous page on Entity $, showed us that the life blood of these philosophies is money. That key mechanisms for furthering these initiatives come from the formation of Foundations and the Government's ability and desire to infuse these institutions with Grants and money to keep them going. The question becomes, "Is there another way to fund a philosophy of life, of a culture of living and guiding the citizens of a nation?" We believe there is another way, that way is through a membership model that supports those that harness and effectively utilize the Federalist 2.0 method of thought.

3) The final convincing evidence is shown in these four articles where, even the most political in nature (The Hill, Politico, and the Washington Post) cannot deny that the deeds are being done. They cannot ignore the facts that are starting to appear. They also cannot ignore the fact that people are not buy their journalism. They are not buying the books, magazines and not even going on-line to find the news. For the past 3-5 years, there has been a consistent shedding of jobs for those that made journalism their way of making a living. These combinations have led to a new set of models that have been able to survive because the citizens and culture are in need of a saner way of looking at life, one rooted in the direction of a conservative TRUE NORTH** perspective, a philosophy as defined by the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy.

NOTE: Finally, we have a full execution of their plans on display, from the proposition and philosophical justification of a moral high ground to the execution of the deed to the final realization that this approach might not be working, with the Political will building, those that might have been supporting the initiative quickly turning against those pushing the pill. With the coming new age of Social Media, of the new communications mediums of new technologies that will reach into the heavens, that will produce humanoid robots that mimic and may one day do the things that we do, to research that will expand our will, our strength, our life span, the question then becomes, "Are we at the mercy of no force of nature that does not guide anything, such that we are subject to violence and happenstance for our own fate?" And if you have been following along within these pages, the antidote to this way of living and this way of thinking that guides us to ruin, can be reversed. It can be combated. It has to be combated for our own survival and for own children's survival.


The next 200 years will be a marvel like no-one can imagine if we look at philosophy, economics, and politics as a way of unlocking the human potential. And we can do this, by using these technologies and methodologies that inoculate us from those that would use them to our own detriment. The founding fathers realized this, built a wonderful social mechanism and experiment called the US Constitution to combat the natural tendency for person kind to assert their power over other people, in whatever form.


These tools we have built here are intended to break those chains of bondage the have brought us here from the past 150 years of the US revolution into the industrial age. We have the control, the knowledge, and the will to become the best in the world with the understanding and realization that bigger and larger government will always destroy a nation in the long run. That internal political weight of processes, regulation and paying for unnecessary buildings and useless investments robs the common citizen of the enjoyment of their life while they are on this planet. In the end, given no other mechanism, societies grow, political powers grow, infighting and in-turn wars happen, and without strategy to be given to the citizens to reverse this trend, ALL nations will fall at some point. This philosophy we are calling Federalist 2.0, is not the end all or be all, but it does take several chapters of learning from other industries, and the methods of controlling for change and keeping people honest to their commitments, that can and will set the citizens in the right direction... If they choose to do so... The other direction, is not much fun to think about, the destruction of this nation at the hands the those would would mean well, the socialist, leftists and communists. Once this takes hold there is no turning back:

With this as the context we then can come to our 12th Question:

Question 12: How can one protect against this ability for a culture and philosophy to influence those in power to take action against others? Is there another way to fund a philosophy of life, of a culture of living and guiding the citizens of a nation to a common good?

As such, we must then push forward one of the natural theories of societies:

Theory 12: Once a political philosophy is properly funded it is a significant challenge to change - An individual that is not held to a philosophy or concept of a consistent governance structure will be bound to the whims and desires of those they are dependent upon for their own political survival (The Political Class/Group). This results in setting up legislation that ensure a financial gain to those who are supporting the political individual.

NOTE: These theories should be scrutinized within the scientific method such that we can hone in on a God given truth, and allow that truth to be more accurate as time passes.

Within this context then, we must initiate a method that can combat this theory. This method must utilize the existing approaches and techniques that itself is attempting to combat. This method must be flexible and allow a society to make errors and mistakes such that they always make policy decisions that head TRUE NORTH**.

Method 12:  Within the context of the Federalist 2.0 philosophy, there is a need to develop a funding tool that will allow citizens to support the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy at the grass roots level (social media) and political level to ensure efforts are properly compensated toward a TRUE NORTH**.

When a nation FAILS its citizens to protect the most basic expectations of an individual to their right to life, their own self will, their own belief they do not need to lie, cheat or steel, to live their life, the nation that is failing will rob their citizens of their dignity. When this happens, the political winds change and people accept the possibility and NECESSITY to deny individual Freewill, and in the end elect and/or bring to power, those who will sew their own demise under the name of compassion, under the name of progressivism, under the name of socialism, under the name of Communism where thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of people currently perish and suffer under their rule.

**TRUE NORTH: The notion of a TRUE NORTH heading is the idea that there is a method of thought that is spiritual in nature that is morally sound within the context of God. This notion and belief in ONE TRUE GOD provides a moral approach to how the world is viewed and how cultural and political decisions can and should be made to minimize the pain some groups endure given a political class's governing approach. TRUE NORTH maximizes an individual's ability to cleanse their soul, sharpen their character and build a sustainable society through the generation of wealth.

The Federalist 2.0 philosophy advocates a peaceful approach when working within a society. Those that are members and certificate holders will take a vow to not use force to advance these concepts. There will be no discrimination against anyone no matter their color or sexual preference. This organization will never advocate for violence to advance these concepts. To see the full Non-Discrimination and Non-Violence Pledge please visit our About Page.
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