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Federalist 2.0
Partner Program


The Partner Program

Federalist 2.0 is intending to be a solution for multiple players in this newly developing marketplace of ideas. There are several players that are providing services that fall into two main categories:

1) Media Enterprises

2) Talk Show Format / Commentators

3) Comedy Format

There still remains to be a provider of necessary content rooted solid republican political theory. That content is what Federalist 2.0 is working to provide with financial benefits tied to the results. The Partnership costs are as follows:

1) $250 per year Partner Program Membership

Provides revenue producing access to the following:

1) Certification Delivery and Management per Certification

     a) Partner Charges their Members $50 per Certification

     b) Partner Cost is $15 per Membership

     c) Federalist 2.0 manages all processes and maintenance of Certification

     d) Certification Maintenance Fee of $50 per year per Member per above split

2) Federalist 2.0 Membership (NEW BETA)

    a) NO FEE MEMBERSHIP - Base Membership for each Partner Member is $10 per year

    b) FEE MEMBERSHIP - Federalist 2.0 processes member fees at $150 per year

                 i) Partner Members have access to Federalist 2.0 Systems

                 ii) Federalist 2.0 - Manages Financial Distribution up to 80% of Member $

                          1) Partners receive from 10% to 90% of fee totals

                          2) Federalist 2.0 keeps %10 ($15) per year for management fees

Additional Options:

1) Advanced Certification Options - Additional Membership Fee of $1000 per year

       a) Additional Questions specific to parter is $500 per question (Vetted and Coded)

       b) Federalist 2.0 keeps Partner Data and allows access as needed

2) Consulting Management Fees $150 to $250 per hour given request and demand.


Tel: 503-332-3663

Thanks for submitting!
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