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Federalist 2.0(TM)

Healing the political divide by building a Citizens Political Professional Organization (CPPO) & learning how to govern for all.

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One of the most interesting challenges that we have witnessed to date within the international and local Unites States political arena is the shear volume of Media it takes to build a political movement. The every election can take Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Millions of dollars to win local and State Races. The race for the Presidency is now about $1 Billion for each side as of 2020 (including all sources).

For what? What are they trying to do for that $1 Billion on each side? What do you think each political side is trying to do to the population to win their support? They are using Media techniques to convince the citizens (you) of their side, or better, they poll for what you fear and drive the media to push on that point of fear until you are motivated to vote for that candidate. They also trash their opponents, and make them so unlikeable and so awful they you are motivated to vote for the other candidate.


The election in 2016 changed something, Donald Trump became president, or we should say the Republican Nominee with just 10%-20% of the funds that some of the candidates were prepared to spend. How is that possible? How can someone spend significantly less than the other candidate? They do so because they are touching on matters and policies and approaches that matter to the population.  They have touched the issues that the population understand will take them TRUE NORTH. (TRUE NORTH is a concept that accepts the notion that there can be many "Truthes" from someone's perspective, but there is only one TRUE NORTH based on a religious perspective.)

As such, it is clear that the citizens of this country and possibly other countries may be ready to accept and use some simple tools to help then determine how to guide their nation to a TRUE NORTH perspective and prove we can identify and groom candidates that will make healthy decisions for the population at large and hold at bay the tendency to serve other masters.

The following are tools that will allow the citizens to manage a governing body to the benefit of all instead of a set of special interest groups:

A) Distribution Efforts:


1) Federalist Drum Beat: Media and Social Media Questions and Discussion on Topics that set the proper approach and context. (More Details located here.)

2) Scheduled Drum Beat: Scheduled Timetable for when those questions should be discussed since once concept builds on another. (Rotating year to year)

    NOTE: This does not mean you cannot go out of order, but a coordinated discussion from week to week that will help people learn and understand that complexity of Proper Normal government. People are reluctant to vote because the politicians say one thing and do another taking more liberty and money from the citizens to serve their own masters, the people that give them the money to win their elections.

(More Details located here.)

3) Content Publishing Clearing House: This site as an outlet for content to be published here to be used by others and also to allow others to publish here at no cost to sponsor their own efforts.

(More Details located here.)

4) Federalist Systems: A Social Website that allows people to define and establish Private Groups and Communication allowing people to discuss important topics and also vote on measures and the efficacy of a particular Candidate. Then once the Candidate is in a new position, there is a process in place to ensure that the candidate maintains their allegiance to the proposed Accreditation. 

(More Details located here.)

B) Protected Organization

1) Federalist Entity: An Organization, Non-Profit, that develops, maintains and administers the body of knowledge being defined at Federalist 2.0. (Similar to other Accreditation organizations, such as in Accounting, Nursing, Banking and Project Management.)

(More Details located here.)

2) Federalist Certification: An Accreditation Process for people to be Certified in the different political perspectives.

(More Details located here.)

C) Evaluation of Individuals and the Culture 

1) Individual Federalist Scoring: A set of Scoring Cards to allow Citizens to Score against the Body of Knowledge any legislation or governments law and associated resulting implementation of that law or institutional effort.

(More Details located here.)

2) Cultural Federalist Scoring: A set of Scoring Cards to score against the media to ensure they are holding true to a particular framework.

(More Details located here.)

3) Individual Federalist Measure: A Measuring tool that will help identify what area a person resides in the Federalist perceptually (Individual Measurement).

(More Details located here.)

4) Cultural Federalist Measure: A Measuring tool that will help identify what area a group resides in the Federalist perceptually (Group Measurement).

(More Details located here.)

D) Finance the Efforts 

1) Entity $: This financial model sets the stage for supporting the overall function of the Federalist 2.0 efforts. This funding of the Entity can start at a yearly fee for membership that might be in the $50 to $100 range. Any citizen can become a member of the entity and can have general access to the membership benefits as outlined by the Federalist Non-Profit. The entity then could have different levels for more advanced membership and thus more exposure to the functioning of the Entity as well as access to the Certification. Where the Certification would also cost some amount of money to take as well as maintain over time. In short, any financial efforts that support the growth and maintenance of the Non-Profit and the Associated Certifications would be included in the Entity $ bucket.

(More Details located here.)

2) Social $: Once there is an environment where individuals/entities that are either politically active, are politicians or are political in nature would be able to receive donations for their effort. Whether they are actual Politicians that are needing to be supported through a $5 or $10 per month donation or they are a Politically active personality on Social Media or Think Tank, this platform allows these Social Media and Political active individuals/entities a financial stream of income that they can be ensured will not be severed as long as they maintain their alignment to the Principles of the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy.

(More Details located here.)

3) Exchange $: This would be a mechanism to exchange merchandise and other collateral within the Federalist 2.0 echo system. This allows those focused on the Federalist 2.0 philosophy to feely exchange without concern that thier products may be pulled or removed based on arbitrary understanding of their political view point. (This Entity will receive 10% of proceeds to be supported.)

(More Details located here.)

4) Media $: This mechanism creates a windfall of money over time that is allocated by the membership of the media entity as they vote on Media pieces that best support the Federalist 2.0 philosophy. Those that have submitted their works, or others that submit their works for them, will be put into a group which will see the memberships voting for the most consistent Journalistic practices that support the Federalist Philosophy and approach.

(More Details located here.)

There is a separate page for each of these tools and an outline around how they work and what they are going to do for the Citizens as a whole. The following graphic shows the proposed tools as a graphic.

NOTE: Please understand this is a work in progress and these tools will grow and develop their own set of legs, they will all be managed by the Non-Profit that will oversee all of the tools and effort. This Non-Profit will be focused on going TRUE NORTH and the content generated here is not the end all, it may be surpassed one day when someone figures out how to build a better process to ensure that men are not driven to use government for their own means (Which usually results in funding their own versions of their own vices).


Men and Women were born free, lived free, and should be able to do so in this day and age, and through this philosophy and these tools, a individual can find one TRUE NORTH which will align with the majority of other citizens such that we once again can guide our world and our political institutions by reason and virtue resulting in choices that have the least negative impact on the minority/disadvantaged population as a whole.

Screen Shot 2019-08-03 at 10.25.03

The Federalist 2.0 philosophy advocates a peaceful approach when working within a society. Those that are members and certificate holders will take a vow to not use force to advance these concepts. There will be no discrimination against anyone no matter their color or sexual preference. This organization will never advocate for violence to advance these concepts. To see the full Non-Discrimination and Non-Violence Pledge please visit our About Page.

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