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Federalist 2.0(TM) OATH of Loyalty

(C) 2020

I pledge to you, as Publius, the following, I take an OATH of LOYALTY for the following objectives of the Federalist 2.0:


1) Propoganda

  • Liberate the schools, media (Newspapers, TV, Radio, Movies & Social Media)

  • Liberate the press mechanisms, policy makers and other positions of influence

  • Promote the true essence of art and promote beautiful expressions

  • Build up cultural morality

  • Reestablish the boundaries for cultural mores

2) Faith and Social Constructs

  • Reinstate religion in schools in the spirit of all churches in support of the state

  • Remove designed government social mores as a standard

  • Liberate the psychiatric profession with open "faith based" social mores

  • Strengthen the influence of family and ensure families remain together

  • Ensure the parents have input to the raising of children

  • Ensure that groups are aware that force is NOT a legitimate form to solve problems

3) Political and Legal Controls

  • Outlaw socialist / communist organizations and views

  • Promote organizations that propose and support loyalty

  • Liberate both political parties from government designed social mores

  • Eliminate technical decisions that destabilize American institutions through civil rights

4) US Constitution and US History

  • Promote the American Constitution

  • Promote the goals of the American Founding Fathers

  • Promote the American culture and American history in a fair positive light

5) US Government Programs

  • Demote/Remove any socialist movement to centralize control on American Culture

  • Promote any laws or processes that interfere with socialist objectives

  • Create committees that do not support socialism

  • Reestablish and provide direction to shore up the FBI and CIA

  • Liberate Unions and Big Business

  • Promote the Police and natural desire of Law and Order

6) United Nations/Courts

  • Support the EXCLUSION of Socialist Nations with the U.N.

  • Destroy the notion that the U.N. to be a One-World Government and Court

  • Keep United States separate from the U.N.

7) Intellectual Property and Trade

  • Limit the free trade with Communist Nations and change Trade Imbalances

  • Discourage long term loans to socialist nations

  • Limit aid to all socialist nations

  • Limit access to the U.S. Patent Office for all Socialist Nations

8) International Influence and Defense

  • U.S. seeks to overcome all international conflicts in a positive way

  • U.S. does not coexistence with Socialist Nations

  • Promote U.S. leadership to nuclear testing and investments

  • Promote all key waterways to not be under U.N. control

  • Support Democracy in all nations not ready for self control

The Federalist 2.0 commits to you the Citizen of the United States and the world these are goals to counter the Socialist/Marxist/Communists goals that will destroy the essence of the individual and chain them to the inevitable life of becoming oppressed by the government's desire to oppress the God given right of Freewill, these new Federalist 2.0 goals will also be committed to ensure that you have an open set of opportunities vs the socialist objective to limit your opportunities to only those things that you are permitted to do.


These goals are American goals and as Publius, we commit to these goals with our Heart, Our Minds and Our Honor so help me God.

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