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Federalist 2.0 Measures

All Societies face the challenge of groups internal and external that seek to weaken the power that the nation holds. This weakening of the nation can come in many forms. At the Federalist 2.0 we will work to gather all the necessary measures that one can look at to see the direction of a Nation and the ultimate demise of that nation at the hands of those that may play to the hand they are doing the country a service by implementing policy that is overall destructive in nature to the civilization and the citizens at hand.

The largest threat to this democracy at this time is the national debt, that can be shown by this website that breaks down all the debt by citizen and category and overall liabilities. From a Federalist 2.0 point of view this can be fixed very easily, but there is little to no political will to do such a thing since the process creates so much wealth (at the expense of the citizens) for those elites that are in control of the country.

Here is the clock: (Click Here for Full Page)

The next Measure will be the level of Violence in Society. Current data is showing that it did not, but did some of that data get skewed by the non-convictions from the riots?

Crime Diagrams

There are some trends that show that the areas where policing was reduced and convictions were not pursued, overall crime skyrocketed. From a Federalist 2.0 philosophy this makes sense, this is common sense in fact. This article outlines this challenge in general. (The lower crime rates are shown because the spikes in the cities are not enough to move the needle for then entire country. Also, if you do not convict those that are guilty, then you will not see them appear in the statistics.) (Click on the Image Below)

We have been looking for a good chart that is active which can show the progressive spending. This shows that since the Bill clinton years we have amassed over 28 Trillion dollars. That is almost over 1 Trillion a year.

To keep that in perspective if there is an average family of 3 people in america, we have around 100 Million Families. That is then about $10,000 per household every year over 30 years. That is a total of about $300,000 per house hold. With interest that could have been earned that is roughly $500,000 to $1 Million in retirement money lost... Lost to what? From a federalist point of view, it is lost to the vice of Men and Women that seek to satisfy their desires at the cost of the United States Citizen...

Do you have other measures that should be considered? Send me a note and I will add them.

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