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Building a better tomorrow with a Brand Monetization Tool (BMT)TM

The Business Plan

This is the Business Plan for Federalist 2.0, this plan is focused at positive outcomes for the following customers:

1) Right Mindedness for all Citizens

2) Media resource to define terms and approaches

3) Contributor mechanism for content and revenue generation

Federalist 2.0 Business Plan (PDF) - Download Here - Version 1.0


Provide the most comprehensive and effective systems that drives the minds of citizens to rightful thinking to “Save America” and ensure freedom and liberty for all while providing key financial mechanisms and systems to help drive the right-minded level of change.



Our vision of the future is for all Citizens of the United States and of the World to know and understand what good governance means to “Save” their countries and what happens if good governance is not chosen, while supplying the systems to achieve such a goal.

We envision the following:
1) All Representatives Freely Choose to Be Federalist 2.0 Certified

2) Federalist 2.0 maintains a Heartbeat of Political Sanity and Heals Minds

3) All notions of Socialism or Marxism is beaten back with the sanity of Rightful Thinking and Logic/Virtue

4) The notions of Federalist 2.0 Sovereignty is widely known and embraced

5) All original Federalist Papers are translated by Federalist 2.0 and codified into related principles-learnings and related Certifications

Romantic Couple


For centuries, the human condition has been one plagued with war and disease, but during the American Revolution in the 1700s a miracle happened, a group of people were set free, and an institution was built to guarantee those Freedoms. What was the magic that was unleashed, and how can we rediscover that mechanism and codify it for the future? 


The Federalist 2.0 is an attempt to integrate a proven morally and spiritually consistent philosophy, advanced proven technology and advanced financial instruments that are unbreakable to solve this problem. With a defined organization and marketing approach by addressing specific markets with a Brand Monetizing Tool (BMT)TM this can become a reality. 



  1. Provide new Revenue/ Opinion generation model

  2. Shift Opinion to remove drive to use government revenue or impose rules

  3. Method and tool to monetize political  brands and positions

Current Opinion Tools

  1. Main-Stream Media

  2. TV, Papers,…

  3. Social Media

    • -Facebook, Twitter…

  4. New Social apps

    • -GETTR, TruthSocial,…

  5. Personalities

    • -Donald Trump,…

  6. How is Revenue Generated?

    • -Ads, Memberships, Donations,…

Federalist 2.0 Secret Sauce

  • Certification Levels from 1 to 6 with a 7th level reserved for partners.​

  • Brand Monetization Tool (BMT) that measures, values and pays opinion.

Business Models

Membership for:

  1. Title/Knowledge $ Branding

  2. Funds $ Distribution

  3. Level of Effort $ Distribution

Current Business Models Impacted

  1. Political Donations (GOP, etc.)

  2. Social Media Ad Revenue

  3. Donation System (e.g., Patreon)

Impacted Groups

Conservative and Independent

1)Voting US Citizens

2)US Politicians

3)Social Media Personalities


Unique Selling Proposition 

  1. This solution will be interesting to Citizens to reduce stress they feel with negative political ads and constant calls for donations 

  2. This solution will have an engine (BMT)TM that will monetize the brands that media, social personalities and politicians manage

  3. This will be a solution for Politicians to clear their slate, add a revenue stream, and to prove their alignment before and after election efforts

  4. Journalists will be interested in a new channel for revenue

  5. Social personalities will be interested in a new channel of revenue

First Adopter Target Mkt

1) Liberty U. / Hillsdale U.

2) Federalist Society

3) Small Conservative Groups

White Background

Financial Channels

  • Coinbase Wallet - @Federalist2 - Investors

  • Meta Mask Crypto - Membership – Public



  • Give Send Go – Link here - @Federalist20

  • Patreon – Link Here - @Federalist2

  • Kickstarter – TBD

Time Line

Revenue Generation Potential


Phase 1 (DONE) - Website,  Philosophical PapersCertification,  Fiat eth CurrencyDAO OrganizationLLC/Bank SetupCoin Wallet Give send go Patreon Setup


Phase 2 - Create Business Plan, Create requirements spec, Create technical spec, Create kick starter, Create prototype app, Recruit friends and family Investments / Memberships, Ops Manual, Meta-FD2 Wallet


Phase 3 - Build enterprise solution, build marketing strategy and roll out, build FD2 organization, hire and recruit for both orgs, Setup for ‘A’ round investments, Full Go-Live in Market place (IOS, Android)


Phase 4 – Ongoing operations, Federalist2 coin open market, next round of investments if needed

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