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Signing of the Constitution

Federalist 2.0(TM)

Healing the political divide by building a Citizens Political Professional Organization (CPPO) & learning how to govern for all.

Provide the most comprehensive and effective systems that drives the minds of citizens to rightful thinking to “Save America” and ensure freedom and liberty for all. By providing key financial mechanisms and systems to help drive right-minded change.

Our vision of the future is for all Citizens of the United States and of the World to know and understand what good governance means to “Save” their countries. Additionally to show the result of bad governance, while developing systems to achieve the good.


For centuries, the human condition has been one plagued with war and disease, but during the American Revolution in the 1700s a miracle happened, a group of people were set free, and an institution was built to guarantee those Freedoms. What was the magic that was unleashed, and how can we rediscover that mechanism and codify it for the future? The Federalist 2.0 philosophy addresses this question. 

Today, in our current world there are two problems that need to be addressed, the first is Election Rigging and the second, given that election rigging is possible, the attack and use of the US Federal Financial Power. The following are a three (3) part series that addresses this issue...

Part 1: The Election Rigging (Hat Tip Kari Lake)

Part 2: Stealing the Bank

Part 3: Defending the Solution (Working). 


PART 1: Election Rigging

The United States election system is not functioning as expected, from a federalist point of view this is what we have today:

Where the process SHOULD look like the following:

PART 2: Stealing the Bank

This level of rigging then leads to the following systematic process that allows groups of people to engineer the "Steal" of the US Financial Resources for their own benefit:

Part 2d: 12 Step Program - Solution

The following is the clean process and the 12 Step Program that would properly align from the process above work:

The final Part 3 will address how systems can be setup to defend the solution, how can we align the Purpose of Politics to as close to the Intent of Politics as possible.

Part 3: Defending the Solution - The Plan

The Federalist 2.0 is an attempt to integrate a proven morally and spiritually consistent philosophy, advanced proven technology and advanced financial instruments that are unbreakable to solve this problem. With a defined organization and marketing approach by addressing specific markets with business models, this dream can become a reality. 

Federalist 2.0 is developing an Eco-System with an FD2 Application that will support this philosophy, this is an overall thumbnail as to how the Eco System with the application would work. The details of the Application can be seen here in the plan.

The solution will have the following 3 Benefits:

1) Creation of a new revenue/opinion generation model 

2) Shift Opinion to remove the drive to use government revenue or impose rules / regulations

3) Methods and tools to monetize brands and political candidates/positions (New Brand Monetization Tool)

The five capabilities that we will bring include:

1) Reward Picker (New Micro-Donations Tool)

2) District Self Serve Voting Recommendations Tool

3) Accountability Tools for In Office Politicians

4) Contributors are Rewarded for their efforts

5) Automated Meeting and Gathering Tools


"It has been frequently remarked, that it seems to have been reserved to the people of this country, by their conduct and example, to decide the important question, whether societies of men are really capable or not, of establishing good government from reflection and choice, or whether they are forever destined to depend, for their political constitutions, on accident and force."

As such from here on out all content published (unless otherwise noted by authors) will be signed as....


The Federalist 2.0 philosophy advocates a peaceful approach when working within a society. Those that are members and certificate holders will take a vow to not use force to advance these concepts. There will be no discrimination against anyone no matter their color or sexual preference. This organization will never advocate for violence to advance these concepts. To see the full Non-Discrimination and Non-Violence Pledge please visit our About Page.

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