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Stealing the Bank - The Solution - Part2d

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

We believe. What do you believe? What can one believe? Is it an impending climate change disaster, never ending race wars, never ending wars for that matter, gender dystopia, defunding the police, hordes of illegal immigrants pouring over the border, school curriculum capture, gay rights, Antifa, pronoun language shift, universal everything… what is it you… yes you the reader, what DO you really believe? No need for family, no need to think critically, no need to work, no need to be kind with hate at hand, no need to look into the future, no need for kids, no need to build skills of service and ultimately no need for God…. Humans got this!

What does anyone believe, anymore? What DO we believe? What does the Federalist 2.0 believe? Our philosophy believes in the Almighty, that this power built the Heavens and the earth, that there was a man like no other born from a woman named Mary, that man suffered greatly under Pilate and was crucified, was killed and was buried. Upon His departure He left a bunch of people that built a church across the world to tell people through a handful of books His stories that said to be… good, to do good things, to love our fellow man and not to hurt people. That’s it really. And surprise, surprise, when people abandoned this direction, His Word, VERY bad things happened to those people and to those nations. The sins and ills of our fathers and of mankind cannot be washed away by mankind, it cannot be legislated away, it cannot be regulated away, it cannot be taxed away, it cannot be restricted away. This Freedom He released to this world, this foundation of Freewill in Faith we instill in our children, this and this only can heal the sins and ills of our fathers and mothers and our nations so we can do good, be good, love our fellow man and not hurt others.

What do we believe in? We believe in that which is good, we believe in the sanctity of life, of instilling in that life a moral compass, a belief in a life with hope and a future. We believe in the passing of irrational and immoral feelings and a need to foster strength, independence and love in its place (In our Western Culture our sense of morality itself and many of our laws, come directly from these religious teachings that have been derived from GOD). We believe in creating a world for that life where that life find it's providence and we believe in creating a world full of opportunities for that new soul. We dream of a world for that new soul, a world that has a loving family so one day they can create a loving family of their own. We believe in the day where rightful thinking will once again reign. Most importantly we see, we dream, and we know the future burns with the knowledge of Hope, the future shines with the warmth of Love and the Peace in our hearts, family, community and nations radiates from Him, from the power above… if we would only LISTEN.

Ok wow… what just happened? That was heavy. How could we possibly do this? From “Stealing the Bank - The Tools” to here. Interesting… what happened? In the end it starts from the beginning, in the first Federalist Papers they posed a problem… how do you create a government to serve the people? To that date in time, in the 17th century, there were only two political processes tried… you either made everyone in your kingdom like your image of whom they should be OR you forced them to a standard (or a combination of the two). In this conflicting circumstance, in this plight they noticed something, there was an experiment in governance happening in America, of the thirteen colonies that were established the ones that prospered, adopted a governance that did neither of these things; make everyone equal or force everyone to comply. They discovered that if everyone was just left alone with a proper Justice system to adjudicate grievances, the colony prospered. With a blossomed Faith and resulting morality, this possibility was birthed and the phrase from the federalist papers was penned, “…through this nation we will discover if there is a Divine Providence OR are we men and women destined to be governed by happenstance and fate.”

So I ask you, citizens of the United States, and of the world, are we governed by the Divine? Or are we an accident and we should gleefully embrace our impending slavery? If you are relieved that the second option is going to happen soon and you would prefer this option, stop reading. For anyone else, there is no other option but to accept the notion of a Divine, a theological proof so to say, with not a one person that can break it to date. Because of this fact, through this note, this tone, this cord of music the Unified Theory was born and defined at the Federalist 2.0. When we studied this and looked to place the United States founding documents on this landscape, we find they land squarely on the lower right corner - under the (small "r") republican political system. This and this alone exploded into life the philosophy that was lost and now is found, and with that we can now get to work to define - The Solution!

If you are new to this series, you may want to review our previous 3 posts. They are here on Twitter:

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They are also on our Blog site:

The Solution

Trust, how do you build a society without trust? Think about current events, have you lost trust in our Government over lies you were told? More than that, what about compassion, sincerity, honesty and fortitude? Can the government shape the citizen into these experiences? Can the government force people to have these experiences? No of course not. All of the cultural events unfolding from climate change nervous breakdowns to CRT to BLM to defunding the police fall into one of these two categories, shaping people into a mold (making them NPCs - Non-player Characters) or rules to forcibly make people comply (men in women’s bathrooms and men competing in women’s sports as examples) should not be effectively used to shape legislation. If the legislation is relevant to the cultural capture techniques, we reject the legislation at the federal and state level. This will be rule #1 for our new approach:

Rule #1 - Remove legislation from state and federal congress that addresses cultural adaptations that force behavior alignment or compliance by the citizens.

The Federalist 2.0 philosophy realizes there are advocates for the advancement of concerns outside of the government such as climate concerns, black issue advancement, police training, etc. These concerns can exist and disappear based on public tolerance and private funding. The impact at hand will be to stop the packing of bills with cultural oriented legislation where the real purpose of this legislation is to drive a socialist agenda and to fund that socialist agenda. This Federalist 2.0 approach is NOT to stop people from gathering, talking and determining how to educate and help the General Public learn about these issues, it just needs to be done without leveraging the government.

Rule #2 - Balanced Budget at State and Federal Level - with Constitutional Amendment required to submit to the people in detail down to overall cost centers to the level of no more than 100 people and 0.001% of the budget for each line item.

This should now be easy if #1 is done properly. The benefits of a balanced budget are endless. Most of which are eliminating the advancement of the expanding deficit and a tool to guide the expenditures to benefit the citizens not special interests. This can and will empower visibility for any citizen to audit the budget Year to Year to identify fraud. (Defense Department black programs may need additional review and care in this area.)

Rule #3 - Congress member service alignment of behavior and terms. Each state and federal Senate and House members will be limited to two terms. They will be banned from being a lobbyist for more than six years, during their tenure they will be required to put into a double blind trust their investments which would include any crypto accounts (any crypto accounts must be shared publicly), they shall close or transfer any nonprofit work during their tenure and they will not be permitted stock trades during their tenure on their behalf or with and for any immediate family members.

These items and others, can eliminate the incentives to abdicate a Congress Member’s alignment to their constituents. It needs to remove the impact and influence of special interests, the desire and movement to create 1,000+ page bills should be cut off at the knees.

Rule #4 - Work to complete legislation, AFTER the previous three items have been accomplished, to reform the State (if needed) and Federal Justice System to align with basic republican philosophy to leave people alone. This eliminates the support of socialistic legal philosophy for the DOJ, FBI, GEC, NSA and the CIA with care packages to all federal employees released of 6+ months of pay and benefits to transition to the private sector. (After this, all citizens will be treated equally under the law.)

Where this approach provides the necessary changes to remove the punishment approach toward people that do not want to comply or align with the items listed in change #1 . It removes the threats when there is resistance to expanding $1 Trillion deficit bills.

Rule #5 - All legislation shall be single thread and readable to 3rd grade level and will be no more than 10 pages total, where maybe 2 pages are the bill with 8 pages of addendum diagrams and graphs. All 10 pages will be font sizes 10 or greater. No more pork or earmarks allowed. Continuing Resolutions will be removed from the funding options and the twelve funding committees with be required do their tasks. Bills will have a 30 day evaluation period unless there is the need to declare war.

The age and time of pork/earmarks from the past is now over, hiding and wrangling for unrelated legislation to assist special interest and/or cover legislation that would never pass on its own is over, it’s a waste of time and only generates massive bills and deficits. The intent of the Constitution was to build a labyrinth of process to stop legislation from being enacted. The current process advocates for and encourages entrapment to approve legislation as it grows the deficit, etc.

Rule #6 - Defense Department Alignment - removal of the notion that the military would be used as the peace core, remove woke ideology and return to building a war machine to defend the US nation and no other nations without demonstrated cause. (Additional treaty alignment may be needed to ensure U.S. interests are protected.) Remove cost-plus Defense contracts to manage cost on hardware and use add-change orders if requirements or specifications need to be updated, just like the private sector.

This will reduce and align to the budget and will focus the military on what it is good at, conducting a war on our DEFENSE, never offense.

Rule #7 - Revisit Social Security and Medicare, index retirement age to lifespan, add means testing, balance the current and future expenditures, reset citizen as the core stakeholder to increase successfully ensuring retirement $ and health care needs with a republican oriented concept. Offer a percentage of Social Security investments (to be determined) that can be invested in the private sector

In short, stop playing games and set Social Security and Medicare up for success long term.

Rule #8 - Reduce and eliminate the use of public departments and horse trading of regulations and dollars, while eliminating those departments that can be managed at the state level: department of education, energy, transportation all can be reduced to coordination roles and/or be eliminated. Of course any down sizing of staff would see the same financial package listed above.

We have enough technology and know how and private dollars to eliminate these. Other private sector market solutions can play important roles across the states in coordinated changes. The important piece is to close the door on future generations using these entities to employ friends and family and to execute on lucrative payoffs. A limited government is a kinder more loving government.

Rule #9 - Open debates on the following and more to determine if there is state or federal legislation needed to protect the US citizen in supporting their family and their way of life. Those open discussions should include but are not limited to:

  • Climate Change - Dismantle legislation and align to citizen needs with no forced compliance or indoctrination

  • Review Pandemic Responses - Including natural immunity and non- vaccine response solutions as first line of defense

  • Review Digital Currency/Crypto to assess ways to protect and strengthen the citizen

  • Review and change Media protections to allow lawsuits if citizens are deceived, blackmailed or blocked/shadow banned

  • Review AI, Robotics and Automation - Determine pace and impact on the citizens and determine solutions that will protect the citizen's sovereignty

These open sessions will focus on the broader topics to protect and serve the public, and if there are general changes that can be agreed upon that a ten page legislation with 3rd grade level reading can be created and read by all. Then it can be put forward to a vote.

Rule #10 - State and Federal Courts and the Supreme Court decisions must cast aside stare decisis in favor for constitutional alignment and rejection of legislation focused on compliance and forced indoctrination.

The courts are the last resort in defending the Constitution, they must defend the original interpretation not some deviated version that now advocates for socialism and all the mess it creates. Stand up and defend that which is GOOD and RIGHT minded. STAND UP!

Rule #11 - Tax Code Alignment - Re-evaluate the tax code with the goal to make taxation only through corporate taxes and tariffs, eliminating federal income taxation and in the short term across the board 10% flat tax for federal income taxation, if needed. Establish a reasonable percentage of the budget increase per year and stick to it, maybe even make a Constitutional Amendment.

Reducing fear in service to mankind is the goal, many do not extend themselves because of the fear around taxation and the complex systems required to run a business. This is a critical change that can free up people to invest in their property, their education, their community, and their family and friends.

Rule #12 - Election Reform (This is THE MOST IMPORTANT of the 12 Rules) - The States need to re-evaluate their rules and regulations on how people vote. This was addressed in the post located here on twitter:

It is also located on our Blog here:

With the proper election changes and related enforcement the people can once again regain control of their country and ensure that every vote was a legal vote and that every vote counted. The ability to reduce the OPPORTUNITY for FRAUD is one step to ensuring ALL citizens accept the results of the state and federal elections.

So that is it, the 12 solutions in order of necessary change. There are more changes that can be enacted I am sure, but these are the top twelve that will have the best impact the fastest.

These changes, though not perfect, can get the US Citizens much closer to the idea of Liberty and Freedom which will usher in a time of peace and prosperity like none before. The management of governance should be boring and uneventful, transparent and easy to understand. If it is not, the complexity is being added on purpose. The following diagram shows in detail where our processes are now for legislation and the budget in 2023.

This next diagram shows how it could be with the 12 step program. Simple and straightforward, right?

This is a clean version of the Diagram without the 12 steps:

This is what FREEDOM looks like in the second diagram. The Federalist 2.0 organization and other organizations can get us there, but you must engage! You must not become and feel defeated, this is part of the game to bring you down to ensure you give up and submit. We at the Federalist 2.0 will never back down we will never submit because... WE BELIEVE. Our question for you is...


In the creation of the Federalist 2.0, it is our goal and commitment to you the reader, to share with you the pieces of the original intent of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and why it is critical that we claim this moral imperative to ensure the health and safety of our future generations and our capacity to continue as the Originally Planned United States of America. Come join the Federalist 2.0 effort, help us resurrect the beliefs and understandings that made this United States of America the greatest nation on the planet to date. Let's continue to develop a more perfect union as our Founders envisioned!

In the end, what do you have to lose?.... Maybe you can be Publius too!

- Publius

(TM) Federalist 2.0

The Addendums

The following are a set of addendums to address some issues that are coming up on line. The left are throwing sticks and stones, these notes are to make sure they don't break our bones.

Addendum #1 : The Grift

There is talk on line that anyone that is a Republican candidate is some how a grifter. That is some how they are stealing money from the public under one pretense then using that money for themselves. We must stand back and see in the light and against the previous 4 articles, are the Republicans grifting? If so then no more than the Democrats as they fight even more for their electoral wins. But dig deeper, all those special interests all the cultural pressure points they apply and are funded through the yearly $1+ Trillion budget package. Would that not be the true definition of grifting? This word was resurrected in the past 10 years (See the graph in the pic) to deflect and confuse the general population so the citizens do not discover that the Democrats have setup a professional grifting machine through the government. So don't allow anyone to apply that label as a deflection.

Addendum #2 : Trump vs Desantis

There will be a dynamic that will be played out between these two through the presidential election of 2024. Given this analysis and the analysis of the election fraud for Kari Lake, it is clear these tools and mechanisms deployed by the Democrates were also used in the 2020 election to defeat Trump. In effect, the election was stolen from Donal Trump. But we at the Federalist 2.0 like both candidates, yes Desantis can show a bit more politial polish than Trump. But those running the $1+ Trillion grift as mentioned in Addendum #1 are NOT wanting Trump to win, Trump would spear head most or all of the 12 suggested solutions as noted above (NOTE, we worked to include all of Trumps objectives in his January 2023 announcement to run for president in 2024). Desantis on the other hand, if elected, might be able to be convinced to soften the stance, keep doors open etc. Hence for two reasons Trump should be choosen/reinstated. First, if the election was stolen, and it clearly was, if we discard Trump, we now have broken the constitution, we can officially say a "coup d'etat" would have been executed (the forceful removal of a sitting president against the wishes of the people). This should not be allowed to stand for the people's sake and for the Constitution's sake. To peacefully reinstate Trump would correct this wrong. Secondly, Trump will do all the dirty work of aligning the government as noted in the "The Solution" above. Desantis would be a risk in this regard. We do not know if the Deep State has leverage over Desantis.

Here is an article from the Atlantic about this situation, given what you know now with the Stealing of the Bank, is this article trying to achieve an honest assessment or are they trying to diminish Trump AND Desantis? Are they setting up a confrontation that will destroy both? What is their real objective or goal?

Addendum #3 : Moral Equivalency

In reviewing literature and blog posts and articles and Twitter responses, the left, the people that are not conservative, always push forward this idea that their position, on how the government should be run or their specific narrative for the week, is always carried with it this air of superior morality, it always is positioned in a way that their idea or point of view is some how superior to your idea. The long and short of it is, as a result of this analysis that we just completed on the Stealing the Bank is, "Since you as a conservative do not want to engage the government to do good, to put in place policies that will indoctrinate people to do the right thing or you are not wanting to force people to comply, then I will do it and this makes me a better person than you since I am taking a moral right and pushing it down onto people for their good."

So the RINOs take the bait and try to figure out how to USE government to do Conservative things. But the definition of Conservativism is that the Government does less. Hence the conundrum. What is fascinating to watch is the banter and the competitive engagement that occurs between the two parties. After we completed the "Stealing the Bank" series it occurs to us this notion of "I am better at using government to do good, to indoctrinate morality or to force compliance to a moral standard" is to deliver more chaff to prevent people to from seeing the real goal at hand which is to... Steal the Bank.

In fact, if you fall into the mis-logic and go along with the notion that government can be used to implement moral objectives, then BOTH parties start to feed in the $1+ Trillion deficit over spending bucket/trough and so the bucket will grow. It also should be noted some of the reasons that nations fall into civil war and strife is that the "rich" fight over the government trough. The sides demonize each other till there are blows and the fighting commences.

Fact is, there is NO moral equivalency in this regard. There is no higher moral imperative than to remove those causes that force men/mankind to fall. The third path, to eliminate the path to a person's sins to which they are willing to lie, cheat and steal is one of utmost important. Why is this important? Why is doing accounting on the books of Businesses important? It is so that we keep everyone in check that is working for the company and in addition it turns out to be a good inhibitor to stealing.

An even better analogy is that we can image a Cattle farm and this farm has a cattle pen and an open field, for this example the pen relates to the Government and the field to the open market. To play out what Federalist 2.0 is wanting to do with the 12 step program we are providing is to take away the trough. Keep in mind as more food shows up in the trough the more Cattle will reject the grass field and the pen will be packed with Cattle and once packed the pen needs to be expanded. When no Cattle wants to leave the pen we have a problem. But if you throw out the trough and just feed those cattle that are needed by hand, the other cattle will go into the open field... the open market. (We are in no way implying people are Cattle, but we can create situations where people can behave like cattle.)

The ideas of the Left, of the RINOs, is to create an ever expanding Pen... and once everyone is in, you just need to close the door behind them. This is NOT a morally sound and right objective and is an idea that needs to be rejected outright. You the reader must respond to this non-sense by saying, "Making everyone eat from the Government trough IS NOT Morally sound, making them go to the fields to find their own way IS Morally sound."

Morality becomes Subjective in the Pen, Morality is Objective in the Field.

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