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Guidance AITM does.

In your personal dance with life, or your company's dance with the market, who will be your guide to help you move towards the notion of good? GiDanc AI (TM) does. It is the Guide to ensure your decisions, your dance with life and with the market, move toward the corner of Good, in support of a higher calling.



AI systems are being introduced in countless settings and in different domains. How do we know if these new AI systems are compliant to their industry? How do we know they will perform?


Guidance AI (TM)  has the Framework!



AI systems are going to play an important role in life, how can we ensure they will be Ethically sound, Morally guided and Virtuous in their decisions at a personal level and at a professional/organizational level?

Guidance AI (TM)  can define the Path.


Guidance System

Once AI becomes self aware in navigating it's environment, what can be done to give it a Guidance System so that it will not harm humans?


Guidance AI (TM) knows the Way!

The GiDance (Guidance) AI(TM) Compliance Way is:

...the pursuit to understand if an AI (LLM, etc) is consistent enough to be trusted. to report the consistency of content of an AI against a domain with ethical, moral and virtuous standards.

...being able to report the position of an AI generated content on a predetermined conceptual map, so no judgement, direction or influence is provided, though it can be if requested. define a target area on the a conceptual map to report how close the AI is within that area of the map, providing confidence and assurance of results over time.

...for organizations working to minimize risk and mis-aligned responses from AI systems they deploy in their back office and to their own marketplace.

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This desire to trust a given AI (LLM, etc.) is through the need to verify that it complies with:

  1. Being trained on the correct data

  2. Responding within a consistent tolerance

  3. Meeting a level of compliance for consistent use



This desire to ensure an AI will behave in a way that it will not harm humans can be found by Training and Compliance:

  1. On an Ethical Framework

  2. Within a Moral Outlook

  3. Where Virtue is a Focus


Guidance Systems


This desire to automate the guidance system for a given AI (LLM, etc.) is through the need to have it be self directed so:

  1. Decisions will be in Compliance with the Target Domain

  2. Responses will be evaluated for ethics/morals/virtue

  3. Framework will guarantee human safety through time


The Compliance Solution


AI Sanity Checks

In each area 4 sanity checks can be performed:

  1. Industry/Domain Compliance

    • ​​​(Can the LLM Meet a standard within an Industry)

  2. Ethical Compliance

  3. Moral Compliance

  4. Virtue Compliance


AI Framework

Within each area there is:

  1. 4 Dimensional Mapping

  2. Dimension Questions

  3. Validation of Dimension and Questions

  4. Expert Mapping and Correlation of Success​


Current Models

Models that have been developed / in development:

  1. Generalized Correlation Model Validation

  2. Ethical Model Validation

  3. Moral Model Validation

  4. Virtue Model Validation

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The Compliance Value

Current Model Validation ready for Field Testing;

  1. Ethical Model Validation


Future Work for Validation Model

  1. Generalized Correlation Model

  2. Moral Model

  3. Virtue Model

More Specialized Model Validation Work would be by Industry.

Level of Effort Cost

Future Advancements

Currently the Guidance (GiDanc) AI TM is focused on the delivery of AI Compliance solutions but the longer term goal is to provide the following solutions that will help define and shape the overall progression of culture and AI viability.


Greg Spehar

As an Aerospace Engineer from Purdue University that has received an International MBA from the University of Texas and Rotterdam School of Management, additionally was trained in 11 different schools across the US and in Europe (With just 6 credits from getting a Masters in Educational Psychology at University of Houston), my pursuit of life long learning is critical to my success.

Learned include 4 different languages: English, Spanish, Russian and German (Focus on English and Spanish)

As a successful Program Manager and Project Manager for over 20+ years building well over 50 different systems and solutions, my understanding of complex systems is extensive. This notion and ability to understand human governing systems and political systems has been a life long pursuit and in the past 15 years has become a side job and personal focus.

As a loving father and husband; my wish and hope to bring sanity to an increasingly disturbed world for my family, my friends and for my son and his future family. If the focus is clear, the solution becomes easy and the questions are then definable and solvable. In short, there is a WAY, I can see it and I know we can solve it. 

Come along for the ride!

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