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Crossing the Red Line

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

In the begging was the word. And with the word began the evolution of meaning, the first words filled the heads of those long ago, focused on keeping the family alive. Then came the words of deceit. Those words were used to convince another that the world was something other than what was the truth.

There are many stories that show this to be true, the best example is from the story of Adam and Eve as well as Cain and Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve. As we outlined here in the Federalist 2.0, the end result of the challenges mankind face, result in the following “sins” against other individuals, lying, cheating, stealing and abuse either as verbal or physical. Finally, the final sin, greatest of them all, is killing your fellow man, when done outside self defense of course.

The challenges any society faces is to build a system where there is the least amount of pain and suffering to the smallest group within that society. Would it not make sense then that those that grow to be honest, noble in their causes, refrain from lying, cheating and stealing and make an oath to not harm other people, are people that should have the most reward in life? What is that reward, would it not be a healthy life, would it not be a successful life with a family and a career and enough money to live that good life? Would this not be happiness?

Now we have to ask, does not all of these items exist within a political system? The answer is of course yes, would it also make sense that if we do not keep tabs on that political system that it will reward those that do bad things, those that cross the Red Line? Where those that do bad things will grow their power and their wealth at the expense of the individual citizens we would like to have in a society? The answer is of course - YES...

The Discussion with a Federalist 2.0 Philosophy Politician

Let's talk to one of the Politicians that have this goal in mind, the goal of a stable and virtuous culture and society....

Citizen speaking to Politician: "Why are you asking to be elected to office?"

Politician to Citizen: "I am pursuing this office to help citizens have a society where they can pursue their best version of themselves and ultimately honor the Maker of this life we have."

Citizen: "How do you plan on doing that?"

Politician: "I will work with the citizens to best understand what they need to be free to pursue their goals by removing legislation that hurts competition and groups that are penalized by such legislation. I will honor the Constitution and it's true meaning and hold to the Federalist 2.0 principles."

Citizen: "What can I do to keep you honest in that pursuit?"

Politician: "You can watch what I do and the legislation that I support and work hard to pass, anything that violates my oath to the Federalist 2.0 Certification, would tell you I have other goals and other constituents that I am committed to feeding. At that time, you can pursue the removal of my Certification and make efforts to remove me from office, and/or ensure my re-election efforts are defeated."

Citizen: "What about all of the special interest groups, the challenge with CRT, BLM and etc.? Will you support them?"

Politician: "As an advocate of the Federalist 2.0 philosophy, we do not take sides in such matters and will support all groups if their intent is to pursue the Common Sense growth of the individual as outlined in the Federalist 2.0 principles and philosophy."

The Discussion with a Secular Philosophy Politician

Now let's take a look at the Secular Political Figure that would engage their citizens in the similar way and manner:

Citizen speaking to Politician: "Why are you asking to be elected to office?"

Politician to Citizen: "I am pursuing this office to protect the Climate through the need for Climate Change initiatives, I am also planning on eliminating Racism in this Country and ensuring all people can vote no matter their origin and place in life."

Citizen: "How do you plan on doing that?"

Politician: "I will work with the citizens groups (BLM, Etc) to best understand what efforts and legislation we can enact to pursue these goals, clean water, clean air, a sensible racist free environment for all."

Citizen: "What can I do keep you honest in that pursuit?"

Politician: "You can donate to my party and these groups that represent these causes to help us devise the legislation that will ensure our success."

Citizen: "What about all of the special interest groups, the challenge with CRT, BLM and etc.? Will you support them?"

Politician: "Yes, these are critical concepts in our pursue of a Climate Change prevention and our efforts to eliminate the racism that we deal with every day here in this culture and society." (When the legislation is put forward it is crafted to address a small part of what the politician is committed to doing, and the rest is a full on effort to funnel money through other groups and efforts.) NOTE: Look at the several bills being proposed by the Democrat's in the past 5 months since January 2021, they are all in the Trillions and mostly do not solve in whole the problems they are suppose to solve.

The Slippy Slope of Socialism

Overtime then, when we have built a society on the second Secular Philosophy, the society and the Culture degrades to a point that all efforts no mater how extreme begin to make "logical sense" but are actually Evil in nature. See the previous post on the definition of Evil here.

The dynamic over time will of course grow, and any methods to continue to convince the population that they should vote for one group that defends a special interest group (Faction 1) over another group (Faction 2) eventually has to engage in non-standard political games to win the day and that do not represent the true wishes of the people or those wishes if the people were of their own right minds. The results are confusing and less than productive for the overall group/society/citizens.

What can happen next is anyone's guess as the two groups battle for the controls of government and are willing to do almost anything to regain control, even as the tide in the population is changing and the direction one group has used successfully in the past begins to fail, the move to socialism is the best option as the leadership realizes their goals and their power is slipping away.

So, when threatened by the reality that the base and direction of a group become so extreme the benefits are being lost by the pain being felt by the common man would it not be fair to say that there may be efforts to create a situation where a Pandemic might help one political party over another? There is now mounting evidence that this is the case.

The socialists, once they obtain power, must accelerate their narrative and their power structures to prevent the sanity of Truth to permeate their supporters and more importantly those that are engaged in such acts. As their power expands, so does their reliance on the means of survival on the lies that are developed. This process grows over time and results in a justification in the Socialist's mind that the abuse of power is not only best for themselves but for others.

With this exposure, there is more evidence and logical development of the notion that this COVID virus was not just an accident and if it was an accident, the Chinese Socialists moved quickly to take advantage of this disaster. They also went out of the way to ensure no one on their side "crossed the red line", this is the line that socialists define as informing or making people aware of China's efforts, or for that matter anything that China's ruling elite would find risky to their power and control, would be considered "Crossing the Red Line", those that do cross that line are "disapeared".

Keep in mind, those that pursue these ends, need to keep their own sanity and belief that they are ok, so these efforts come at great risk to the people that try to reveal the TRUTH, those that have invested in deceit, can and may lash out...

The machines of deceit, seek to protect the crippling of the souls that lead the march of Socialism, this deceit is more driven to ensure those in the leadership have a truth they can move forward in time. If the REAL Truth reveals that their efforts are incongruent with their own beliefs, the soul can be crippled in those whom embrace the lie (socialism).

The March to Socialism Here at Home

So you might say, "Publius, how does all this talk of Socialism play in our world today and how did it get into the Democratic Party?" Well, funny you would say this but I just found a great 16 min video that explains how it all worked over the past 60 years.

Cloward and Piven was the professors that help shape the ideas and the direction that the American Socialists needed to take to bring down the system in which America lives. More on them is here.

Yes a droll thing life is …. that mysterious arrangement of merciless logic for a futile purpose. The heart of darkness lies within us all, when the weight of such events grow a shield around our soul, man can perform any sort of malice in-spite of their common knowledge that deep down it is wrong. When you convince enough citizens that a heart of darkness is the path to glory, the gates of hell can and will be released…

When we step back we actually see that the real challenges are that which have been created here at home in the year 2020. The following article outlines those very challenges that mirror some of the most violent take overs of the largest Countries, in this case Russia.

With the final straw being the actual Chinese defector that left China in February of this year (2021) and was reported by Gateway Pundit as shown here:

With these events begging to outline the reality that this was really an act of War by the Chinese Communist Party and possibly with the Russians as stand by ally, it is clear the next 10 years of the Unites States of America will be at stake. The following "Man in America" outlines in great detail the very set of actions that are happening today that prove that there is a great "darkness of the heart" happening in the world, both in China and in Russia.

Now, is China strong enough to invade the United States? Most likely no, nor would it be smart to launch an attack.The share of the US Minds, and for that matter the minds of the World's 7 Billion people are at stake. The cause for concern being the events that put Trump into office and the ideas that sites such as Federalist 2.0 are showing people and helping people rifle through the insanity to a place of sanity. And the people are starting to fight back...

Fighting Back, the citizens are starting to see the actual goal and issue that some of the new doctrine is advancing, such as Critical Race Theory. Here is a gentleman that is now a Medical Doctor and his thoughts on the issue:

Character is forged through the challenges and trials to overcome adversity and the onslaught of the temptation of vice, with the release of our soul, this is life…

When an individual and group (Faction) becomes consumed with a secular world view and when that view justifies those things that we can say are events of Horror, the ability for that group to ground themselves in right mindedness is lost...

The movement of Socialism is a movement against Common Sense, it is an assault on each individual’s Common Sense. Without your Common Sense you loose your God given drive or internal governor to understand what is in your best interest and you loose perspective around when you are violating another’s individual rights.

The institutions that have supported us in their ways and the guidance they have provided the past several centuries have begun to fail, in that failure the citizens that have been lost and cannot find their way back (religion is declining, the school systems are not supportive of individual rights, the culture is promoting more vice than virtue), the supporting institutions are failing the common man, there is reason to be concerned and reason to feel confused, that which you relied on is no longer behaving with a sense of respect. (Those that act out in defiance of these changing times are arrested, while those in the act of violence in support of BLM, etc are set free.)

Yet there is hope, the hope of a higher power and the spirit that resides in everyone of us and the desire to make things right again, not to punish those that have fallen, but to set in place things as they should be. Setting that RED LINE we can call the protection of the SOUL, protection of the Individual and that Individual's rights. Yes this is the RED LINE, not the RED LINE arbitrarily set by CHINA....

The spirit is that which sparks into life the living soul, starting at the moment of conception. The living soul is that which is given to every human by the Creator. With the Parents responsible for that human soul’s guidance to right mindedness, which can and will lead to righteousness. Where vice will disable the soul and in time if accepted will extinguish the existence of that Spark, and disable the soul. The wide spread efforts in alignment of Menticide, is a mass extinction of large groups of human’s souls, bringing about the natural destruction of that group and that society. The responsibility of the political class is to engage and support the natural growth and birth of that spark which begins that soul and that natural process to a human's full potential. With that natural right and potential of this human comes the need and responsibility to serve the Creator. Anything else leads to the destruction of the soul and the society at large.

In the end, who has crossed the RED LINE? It is the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), not the citizens of the United States. CCP is fully responsible for the actions they have taken to combat the United States into submission and planned efforts to take over the cultural and political systems for their benefit. Yes, CCP crossed the RED LINE and they mean to engage in WAR but wait as long as possible to ensure AMERICA is caught unaware.

From a Federalist 2.0 point of view, these socialist actions are NOT rooted in a True North set of concepts and are NOT anchored in a religious perspective. They are rooted in efforts to change this country to some form of Socialism that will ensure the political elite stay in power and amass great wealth, at the expense of the American Mind.

What should we do as citizens? The following is a start:

1) Educate yourself and others in the Federalist 2.0 Philosophy to obtain Right Mindedness

2) Invest in your religion or get one - Go To your place of worship, pray and participate

3) Prepare for 10-15 year battle with the socialists - Prep Finances and Reserves (Food, etc)

4) Vote for candidates that are conservative and Right Minded (Certified Federalist 2.0!!)

a) Join your school Board

b) Local active in government - Educate those that are Secular about Federalist 2.0

c) Become Certified with Federalist 2.0 Certification

5) Support out of box defenses such as the following:

a) Facilities that allow people to be with loved ones if they are sick (With COVID / Etc)

b) Strategies to allow people to isolate with those they love to weather new illneses

c) Resist any notion of a lockdown from Government

d) Setup Color Schemes to protect the most vulnerable but engage the economy

e) Support the Audits to Validate the Votes and Enforce Voter Integrity with legistlation

NOTE: I wish I did not have to write this, but it is looking like this migration to Socialism is in full force and a large portion of the population and strong governments are hell bent to ensure it happens in the next 10-15 years, with efforts to hurt people in the process. I do wish it was not so...


In the creation of the Federalist 2.0, it is our goal and commitment to you the reader, to share with you the pieces of the original intent of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and why it is critical that we claim this moral imperative to ensure the health and safety of our future generations and our capacity to continue as the Originally Planned United States of America.

Come join the Federalist 2.0 effort, help us resurrect the beliefs and understandings that made this United States of America the greatest nation on the planet to date. Let's make America great once more!

In the end, what do you have to lose?.... Maybe you can be Publius too?

- Publius

(C) 2021

(TM) Federalist 2.0

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