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Kari Lake Won - Part 1

Updated: Feb 10, 2023

It has been several months since the 2022 Midterm Elections on Nov 8th, and there is still challenges to the election as we have seen from a number of different candidates. The one that is getting the most headlines is Kari Lake, for the Governor of Arizona. She was competing against Katie Hobbs, which we all know the end result, Katie Hobbs has been sworn into office as the next Governor or Arizona. But there is still some debate as to whether Katie actually “won” the election.

Kari Lake has started a legal battle that has a number of concerns at hand, those concerns are in her original submission to the courts, that document is here:

This lawsuit has been allowed to proceed with a limited number of complaints. This post is not going to argue the specifics of this lawsuit. But the one item that is a glaring concern is the chain of custody. This document claims a number of things, but the one that sticks out is the following, no chain of custody documentation for several hundred thousand votes:

But this chain of custody issue allows a whole set of activities that one might call suspect. It is becoming clear that the typical election here in the US where the voter rules are not clear and/or are not managed properly include the following “gaming” strategies: (Category: VOTE GAMING)

  1. Ballots with no matching signatures

  2. Ballots that are delivered with no chain of custody

  3. Dead People Voting

  4. People that have moved out of their county, but vote twice

  5. Phantom Registered Voters that have mailed in ballots

  6. People that are elderly and or incapacitated having their mail-in votes collected and submitted

  7. Friends / Family / Associates Ballots picked up and delivered (Ballot Harvesting)

  8. People voting in person without proper ID and or being added to the voter rolls the day of the election

  9. People that are of illegal status

  10. People that are not of age

  11. People that are convicts

  12. People that have multiple IDs (Voting twice from the same residence)

Where the primary mechanism for these activities include the overall election period lasting for 30 or more days. Meaning starting 30 days before election period, people can start to submit their votes. So we can frame this approach as the following: (Category: TIME BOXING & COUNT RIGGING)

  1. Voting Period of 30 or more days

  2. Legitimate Mail In Voting Only or Mixed Voting in Person/Mail-In

  3. Vote counting throughout the period and on election day to ensure numbers match but the other side never takes the lead statistically

  4. Final day counting, delay and stop counting to determine best action to resurrect votes and reconcile with voter registrations to ensure your side has more

  5. Machine Rigging Opportunities - Adjudication of results that exceed relevant legislative parameters (typically less than 0.5% of tallies)

  6. Open attached Machines to the Internet with Open Databases that are subject to manipulations from within the network and from external partners foreign and domestic

With these approaches, the slate is not clear just yet, we have to do the following to ensure these windows of opportunity are properly mechanized: (Category: INSTALLED STOGES)

  1. The Installation of People that are aligned with your political direction (The people managing the election process are biased to your party)

  2. The use of legislation to relax strict controls (If possible)

  3. The use of Courts to relax strict controls (If the legislature is not going along with it)

Finally, we have to capture the hearts of the High Tech management to install the proper controls to remove or cancel those that might put forth a case to ensure any resistance is quickly extinguished, these mechanisms include the following: (Category: MEDIA TOOLS & ASSAULTS)

  1. Tools to Ban / Shadow-ban / de-throttle and prevent the legitimate dissemination of information

  2. BOT farms to overwhelm users with information that align with the narrative

  3. Use of teams of people to pepper those that challenge

  4. Media Stories set to a bad light and narratives that are meant to damage anyone that focuses on the truth of the matter at hand

This last set of strategies are used to demoralize and frame a narrative that can be assumed that the person challenging the results is somehow a lesser person and in time will abandon the efforts. This is the framework that we see that is now staring Kari Lake in the face, in short it is a direct ASSAULT on her legal complaint and legally obligation to her constituents to challenge this system and expose it for what it is, CHEATING / STEALING.

So for final context we have the following situation:

When an election is held and if there is a party that has clearly engineered their processes to solidify VOTE GAMING, have pushed for large windows of effort in TIME BOXING, have INSTALLED STOGES and finally have created and defined MEDIA TOOLS & ASSAULTS on those that might question the “NEW” processes and results. The probability and likelihood the other side can win the election goes to Zero. That Zero probability goes something like this:

  1. VOTE GAMING - Amass a voter registration strategy that out numbers the opponent with leverage points to gain voters if it looks like the other side has an opportunity

  2. TIME BOXING & COUNTING RIGGING- Leverage the time and counting mechanisms to ensure statistically your candidate has the lead and in the end wins the lead even if by a slight margin

  3. INSTALLED STOGES - Leverage the people in the right positions to ensure that nothing incriminating is recorded and that any indications of a crime is buried or destroyed

  4. MEDIA TOOLS & ASSAULTS - Once final results are made public, quickly ensure the winner is established in the mind of the public and any efforts to contest are painted with contempt

This framework, is one that has been defined by the Democrats and has become a normal operating procedure for the Democratic party. I in fact would submit that this might have been the operating framework for both Parties before the Tea Party / MAGA / Save America group came along. They knew of this technique, and there was an unspoken competition to see who would be the better organization to execute on this strategy, but all along maintain the direction of larger government and more corporate controls / regulations.

There are some that will say, give me sources! Well, I can search for the sources and show you the reality, but we are not here to argue about the minute details. Over the past several years, this dynamic has been playing out in the public. This has become public knowledge, just this is the first time it has been put together in such a manner with the intent to address this approach from a Philosophical approach, from the Federalist 2.0 approach.

This might be the “Game” that needs to be played to win at politics today. But is it the right game? Will it bring prosperity and hope and leadership to the citizens of the United States and to the citizens of the world. The answer is NO. And we will see why here in the next sections. We will see that if a political party or group has executed, no how perfect, to the following we can come to a conclusion:

If a party executes to perfection VOTE GAMING, TIME BOXING & COUNT RIGGING, INSTALLED STOGES and MEDIA TOOLS & ASSAULTS that party has CHEATED and STOLEN that election.

And here is why…

The whole point of an election is to have sane and well adjusted people (Citizens) make a decision about whom would be most qualified to lead them in the position they are competing for, why is this important? It has been shown that people, when properly informed, will select the person that is most reasonable for the position. That person which has the best character and will utilize resources to the best of the community and of the country. That process of selection of that person of character includes several qualities:

  1. Are they Honest? (Do they Lie?)

  2. Do they Cheat? (Will they move things for their benefit or their friends benefit?)

  3. Do they Steal? (Will they take the resources for themselves?)

  4. Finally, will they do things to harm people? (Will they make rules to hurt others, such as regulations that lead to physiologically or physically harming the citizens)

These are the ONLY 4 items that are evaluated by that voter. (Of course you can build programs to include other things that might convince a person to vote a certain manner, but in those cases those citizens are not of sane mind. Basically, if a person votes on someone based on their looks and not on these 4 factors, then that vote is not a sane vote.)And if these are the 4 items that are to be evaluated, we can view these questions in our Unified Framework and determine what type of answer that we get for each of these items based on that view.

Theocratic Leadership

As noted in the Federalist 2.0, the purpose of the Theocratic Leadership is to keep those that are the King/Queen or theocratic rulers in power. To that end, these folks will have limited voting options where the leadership will be selected by the King/Queen or ruling theocratic class. These will be no room for people that are not in alignment or supporting of these folks. As such, over time the rulers will become dictatorial and less likely to be flexible to what people want. (eg. Iran at the moment) These people will then have leadership that may and will abuse their power and will engage in lying, cheating and stealing… eventually harming the citizens. The rules of voting are not in alignment with the citizens in this example.

A hereditary monarchy is a form of government and succession of power in which the throne passes from one member of a ruling family to another member of the same family. A series of rulers from the same family would constitute a dynasty.

Secular Leadership

Also, noted in the Federalist 2.0, this quadrant is focused on the management of society based the majority rule perspective. This approach has a vested interest in the security of elections but as time passes the eventual 2 party system starts to erode this desire for fair elections. This phenomenon is what we saw happen in the 60s - 70s - 80s and 90s before the real technology and approaches took hold to game the systems and the two parties could not resist the path to CHEATING and STEALING elections over time. Focusing on the impact of this area, we see that what is suppose to happen verses what actually happens. Due to the perspective that there is no right or wrong, there is a tendency for democratic processes to erode. As time passes, we see the engagement of political actors as they lie, cheat and steal, and if given the chance harm others over time.

Socialistic Leadership

Turning to socialism, if there is voting, we know for a fact that the voting process is constrained to only one party, the in power socialist party. This level of voting is just in alignment with the powers at be and the ones that are to win have already been determined to be worthy of the position. This is more or less just an informal approval. This is little more to be said, as google would imply as noted by a quick search (Little can be found of the negative consequences of Socialist voting rules and consequences). At the end of the day you are not free to choose your leader and there is a VERY high chance over time that leader will lie, cheat and steal… and even harm the citizens. With the worst case being there is no way to recall them and or next time around remove them from office.

Republic Leadership

Within the republican model (Republic Leadership) there is the notion of free and fair elections, that if given the chance for all citizens that have the capacity to think for themselves will at the end of the day choose leadership that will steer the community and nation in the right direction. This steering of the community and nation has the best interest of the citizens and not of some ideology and or some special interests. This is of course and ideal perspective, but it is one that should be pursued and can be achieved if there are fair election along with a fair and republicanism oriented media that holds the politicians accountable for their actions.

In all of these levels of leadership we need to understand the dynamic and penalty associated with the “sane” voter and the spiritual dynamic of such things as a majority of people that vote for someone because of their looks and not for their character (The 4 qualities), the result will be that person elected will violate those 4 qualities to the dismay of those that voted for them. Or until the consequences of their actions are felt. (This is where the propaganda comes in to convince those that voted for the looks, to continue to vote for the looks and ignore the pain and suffering they are experiencing, and believe me humans can be convinced that such great looks produce great results… eg. Hitler, Stalin, etc.)

So the challenge here is not so much that one side is “Better” at VOTE GAMING, or whatever, the importance is what is it we are trying to achieve? And the answer can differ from each of the different Unified Frameworks. What the consequence is with this revelation is that we can begin to see where we are today. The reality, as it is clear, is that we are quickly moving from a purely Secular structure to a Socialistic Structure that once Socialism is imbedded into the “Culture” of the systems that manage our electoral systems, there will be huge efforts to keep these systems in place and that effort includes preventing such information about how it all works away from the common person’s hands.

This results in the inevitable collapse of the voting systems in general and then only those that are anointed as party members will be allowed to vote, which means at this point we have full Socialistic mechanisms that ensure that no other party can interfere with the perfect execution of government as the socialists see fit. We will see the proper implementation of the climate change problems, the gender alignment problem and the need for a boundary less country with people pouring into the country with no end. All in the name of supporting a Death Star of societal regret in the name of supporting and advocating a mix of objectives that ensure the enslavement of a large portion of the population.

Since we are standing firmly in the Republican Leadership quadrant, we can claim that those items that were used for the election of Katie Hobbs are not in alignment with the Intent of the Voting mechanisms. That the VOTE GAMING, once removed from the voting tallies, the clear winner would be Kari Lake. We don’t even need to touch the other items, were were also areas of concern and methods that were and are being used to sway the public’s notion that Katie Hobbs is the rightful owner of the position of the Governorship.

So, without a doubt, the Federalist 2.0 can say that Kari Lake won.

Given our philosophy and approach for what is best for the citizens of Arizona (and America overall), the election was STOLEN and there was CHEATING to achieve it, and if possible the legislature of Arizona should make efforts to clean up the election processes by implementing the following:

  1. Vote Gaming Rules - Clean Voter Roles and install restrictions to prevent the above mentioned issues plus 30 day out registration (No day of registration)

  2. Time Boxing - Only One Day Voting - State Holiday and use of Machines is prohibited - adjudication only with two parties present

  3. Installed Stooges - Critical Positions should be held by non partisan officials - Legislation to strengthen voting rights and courts encouraged to prosecute those whom violate the laws

  4. Media Tool & Assaults - The media must be held accountable by the public when they pile on candidates for executing their constitutional rights to challenge a race

NOTE #1: VOTE GAMING is the process of casting a VOTE where the vote does not represent a thinking individual that has the ability to determine if a candidate will perform to the best of their ability for the community and country. All examples violate this litmus test, and NO this approach does not disenfranchise a possible voter, it supports them. If the voter does exist but is not able to mentally perform their duty as a citizen, they should abstain from voting and allow OTHERS to cast their own vote to ensure the right decisions are being made. To “HELP” those that cannot make decisions where one entices them to vote a given way or voting for them defeats the overall intent of a republic and if they do give their vote away that Vote can be considered NULL and VOID.

NOTE #2: If all these items are true, which they are. There is enough evidence to say then that Donald Trump actually WON the election in 2020.

NOTE #3: See the Twitter files for detailed evidence that the Media was not neutral to the candidates in AZ and with Donald Trump. This evidence would suggest if there is collusion between states, media and the government to sway the vote to one party (The Democrats) then the possibility that these issues of VOTE GAMING, TIME BOXING & COUNT RIGGING, INSTALLED STOGES and MEDIA TOOLS & ASSAULTS are real and/or need to be considered and audited for future corrections and possible legal actions.

NOTE #4: There is much talk on line about GRIFTING. The idea is that Kari Lake is continuing to push for the position that the election was stolen so that she can gain money or dollars to continue her efforts. This notion of Grifting is relevant only if you are feeding off of already established companies or sources. This does not apply to people donating their money independently. There are plenty of Non-Profits and NGOs that take money from government or from companies that maybe deep down don't want to give, that is True Grifting. Kari Lake is not a Grifter.

NOTE #5: The following is an observed diagram that shows all aspects of the overall process that allows the Democrats to Rig elections:

NOTE #6: This is how is should work:

PDF Here:

Election-Rigging-2023-Federalist2.og 0.3
Download PDF • 921KB

In the creation of the Federalist 2.0, it is our goal and commitment to you the reader, to share with you the pieces of the original intent of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and why it is critical that we claim this moral imperative to ensure the health and safety of our future generations and our capacity to continue as the Originally Planned United States of America. Come join the Federalist 2.0 effort, help us resurrect the beliefs and understandings that made this United States of America the greatest nation on the planet to date. Let's make America great once more!

In the end, what do you have to lose?.... Maybe you can be Publius too

- Publius

(TM) Federalist 2.0

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