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Protecting Constitutional Rights

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

A Look at the Erosion and the Solutions

Greg Mattison, Paul Revere 2.0

The protection of constitutional rights is a cornerstone of American democracy, which is actually a representative republic. These rights, enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, are intended to safeguard individual freedoms and limit government power. Government was never intended to be limited by size; it was limited to certain responsibilities enumerated in the Constitution. One of the Governments primary responsibilities is to protect the rights given to every citizen.

However, concerns have been raised about the erosion of these rights, often with accusations directed at the legislators or even the chief executive of our Federal Government. Many people blame the Democratic Party, but the Republican Party has some responsibility too (IE. The Patriot Act and the use of Continuing Resolutions-CRs). In this article, we will examine some of the perceived or actual erosions of constitutional rights, consider the underlying causes, and explore potential solutions to reverse this trend.

I. First Amendment: Freedom of Speech

One of the most fundamental rights in the U.S. Constitution is the First Amendment, one of which guarantees freedom of speech. In addition, the First Amendment protects against the establishment of any religion by the Government, the peaceable assembly of the people and their ability to petition their government for regress of their grievances. Freedom of the Press was intended to act like a fourth branch of government, to question our leaders and to champion our rights – collectively. Critics argue that the Democratic Party, and to a lesser degree, the Republican Part have been involved in curtailing this freedom through policies such as social media content moderation and "cancel culture." They claim that these actions suppress dissenting voices.

Often, mostly Democratic officials have said “Hate Speech” must be eliminated or at least dramatically reduced. The problem is, who determines the “hate” and is there any Due Process to protect speech that the Political Class dislikes. Everyone should be allowed to speak their opinion, but the market (the People) can apply consequences. Encouraging open dialogues and promoting civil discourse can be a step in the right direction.

II. Second Amendment: Right to Bear Arms

The Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms, a contentious issue for some in American politics. Critics argue that the Democratic Party has pushed for stricter gun control measures, limiting this constitutional right. Recent event in Israel, where there was gun control have been revised due to terrorism. The Military is now issuing military-style guns to the general population because the government cannot always protect their citizens in a timely manner. Our Founding Fathers knew that there were foreign adversaries that could threaten us or that there was always a chance that our own government – lead by men or women, could become tyrannical. The Government should fear the people in our political system, not the reverse. This is why the Second Amendment was included in our Constitution, it is the one amendment that protects the others.

Addressing this erosion of the Second Amendment should focus on criminals that violate the existing laws, not the law-abiding citizens. Protecting your family and/or property is a right given by GOD, no man should abridge this right.

III. Fourth Amendment: Privacy Rights

Privacy rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment have been under scrutiny due to issues such as mass surveillance programs and data collection by tech companies and three letter Government agencies. Critics often point to Democratic policies that expand government surveillance capabilities, including social media sites and telecommunications.

To reverse this trend, stronger regulations on government surveillance and protecting citizens' digital privacy are vital. Transparency and oversight can help ensure these constitutional rights are preserved. Our FISA courts authority may need to be revised or even eliminated.

IV. Due Process Rights

The Democratic Party has also faced criticism related to due process rights, particularly in the context of immigration, criminal justice, and political opponents. For example, the failure to vaccinate the immigrants where citizens are often required is not just nor fair. Protection of our borders, on every side, is a basic requirement of our Federal Government. Failure to provide this basic security is an affront to every citizen and must be addressed.

To address this, we need to examine the 14th Amendment and the automatic citizenship it implies. Our immigration system should be reformed to focus on merit, instead of family ties. Limiting access to our Country is the right of Legislators. These reforms should emphasize due process and fairness for all individuals involved in legal proceedings.

V. Solutions to Reversing Erosion of Constitutional Rights

1. Bipartisanship: Collaborative efforts between both major political parties can help ensure a more balanced approach to protecting constitutional rights. Term limits would help resolve the entrenched political power of each politician in Washington.

2. Public Engagement: Citizens play a crucial role in safeguarding constitutional rights by actively participating in the democratic process, staying informed, and holding elected officials accountable.

3. Legal Action: Advocacy groups and individuals can take legal action when they believe their constitutional rights have been violated, serving as a check on government power.

4. Constitutional Amendments: When necessary, amendments to the Constitution can be proposed and ratified to adapt to the evolving needs of society. An article five convention is another option for the citizens to control their national government that our Founders included in our Constitution.


The erosion of constitutional rights is a complex issue that requires careful consideration. Both Parties have some responsibility. Safeguarding individual freedoms was the primary purpose of a Federal Government when originally designed. It is essential to engage in constructive dialogue, seek common ground, and prioritize the preservation of constitutional rights to ensure a strong and vibrant democracy that respects the rights of all its citizens.

About the Author:

Gregory Mattison, (Paul Revere 2.0) has been politically active for over 30 years. His political passion can be traced back to his 8th Grade Civics teacher, Mr. Martin. He had to memorize the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. His love for this Country and its unique creation under God has continued to grow. Gregory is married to High School Sweetheart, Jewel, for 39 years. He has two grown children and two beautiful Granddaughters. He has been active in the Convention of States, writes for The Federalist 2.0, and participates in the Patriot Academy’s Biblical Citizen course. He has mentored numerous adults in sales / marketing as well as young children. He is a past Toastmaster and still speaks publicly. Currently, he is launching another business, Efficiency Partners. (

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