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Something to Die for… Canadian Truckers of North America Dedication

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

This is a topic that I have been thinking about for the past several months and past couple years. It’s not clear to me if that’s due to the fact that we have a virus that could kill us or that we have a government that seems to be focused on controlling the narrative; controlling the population, in essence, focused on killing a different way of life to marshal in a better life, a reset for our good they say. Our life that we have known, even in this lifetime, where we have lived with Freedom in Canada and the United States, where that Freedom goes back to the pilgrims and was solidified with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

It is interesting to think about what or how might one die, for most people we cannot fully pull together the reality around what our circumstances would be in which we might die. Most adults if they’re married and have children, assuming they have loving and caring families, there’s no second thought that that parent might find themselves in a situation where they might sacrifice their own life for the child or for a dear loved one. It’s clear that certain professions must take that into consideration whether you be a policeman or a fireman there is a real danger in that you may find yourself in a situation where you need to save one or more lives but in doing so you may sacrifice your own. I am pretty sure, most people in these roles have made that commitment, but most likely do not really see themselves doing it any time soon, nor do they know if they would do it till that decision is presented, but when that time comes and they act with a right mind and make that sacrifice, they have given themselves to their cause.

So, it’s clear that these are Noble causes, and we certainly can imagine situations where this would come to be. So, it is critical to know ourselves such that given OTHER situations could we operate in such a way we would give our life for a noble cause is a different matter. But the next level up from these matters of sacrifice is a bit more esoteric in that for us to conceive of other things to die for, for something to die for, we begin to see patterns of belief. So, we begin to ask, “Do we truly believe in something, and are willing to fight for it, even if it results in our own demise?”

It’s clear there’s people every day making poor choices in their life and giving their lives for something that may be a fleeting desire, a sunken belief, whether it being the pursuit of drugs, the moment of anger, the lust that might dwell inside that exposes us to other relationships that become violent, to the very beliefs that we possess both religious and political. The fight for one’s beliefs, other than the attachment to one’s vice, is a noble cause, yes? Something to give one’s life to, something to die for... or is there more Truth?

So how does it end without a belief to die for, without something to die for? Do we live each day knowing we die a little as time whittles away at us till, we parish? Do we live a life in fear without that belief, cowering in the corner, focused on what we are afraid of? Do we live a life of compliance and servitude to those who would pretend to have our best interest in mind, slowly dying from decay, eventually connected to tubes and machines, granting the scientists as doctors’ access to implant machines and experiment with drugs to extend our life another day? Is this how it should end? Others have taken it upon themselves out of desperation to defend their lives in the streets, fighting those that seek to destroy our cities, our neighborhoods, and our livelihoods, is this something to die for…? What is the end? In the end, CAN I HAVE something to die for…?

Understand, this notion is nothing like a mutual suicide pact, nothing like a temptation to run like lemmings over the edge of a cliff, on the contrary, it is an exercise to instill in you the reader (and myself the writer), that we have the ability to determine what is critical in our life, what is important in our life and what specifically is the line in which we have to draw, what should we die for, what is that something that we would die for… Those ideals and those concepts go from the protection of the family to the protection of loved ones to the protection of our means of survival in our work and in our community. But is there not another level of belief that one can possess that people have historically held and fought for and died for?

Those ideas seem to be that of a political nature, so what are the instances where people have fought, and people have been hurt and people have died for the struggle for political leadership and political advancement? There are the revolutions of course, the United States Revolution of 1776, the Chinese Revolution as of 1948, the Soviet Revolution of 1917 and of course most of the major wars are rooted in political differences at their heart. These challenges and these times where one group fighting with their lives to keep the control of government from the those trying to gain control of government, resulting in many lives lost in the process. But why do so many lives become lost?

If government was NOT worth fighting for, why not just walk away from this level of conflict and win it back in the ballot box the next time around. Because this is not the way humankind has worked historically, once those that have access to and utilize their power in government, those factions that do not hold Liberty near and dear to their heart, pursue their political enemies and decimate them to ensure they do not present a threat in the future. In short, a government is like a Castle full of Gold where those that can obtain the power will do anything to keep it, rooting themselves in their vice and beliefs that they are the rightful steward and owner of such power. So, any ideology, any belief system that will help harness their goal to take over the Castle, to further embrace their vice, is readily adopted and infused into their psyche and into their supporter’s souls.

So, what are the ideas for which to fight? What is it the lone soldier dying on the battlefield thinking as he breaths his last breath? For me, I can only imagine what is happening in those last moments, I am most certain it is the thoughts of his family and loved ones at home… but there would have to be that secondary thought, that thought which questions if he has died for a good cause, if he is now dying for something that will make life better for others… Or maybe he was pulled into the war by his own loose morals and convictions and stares blankly into the distance with no thought of anyone or anything, not even of God, as he passes.

What are those ideas that delivered the good fight for causes throughout the past century or two? Very good men and women have died for their King/Queen (The philosophical belief here is Idealism), they have also died for their hired masters (Idealism again), some died for the idea that all men could share their material wealth equally (This philosophy is called Materialism/ Marxism / Socialism / Communism), some died for their family’s survival under some corporate Trading Company (Again, Idealism) and finally we have those that died for their Freedom and Liberty (This belief is what we might call Individualism / Metaphysics / Conservatism). The Federalist 2.0 papers do a deeper dive into these different beliefs in Chapter #1 - paper #4, but for this discussion we want to determine what is the belief systems and ideas that lead good men and women to their demise. In our example here today, it would be three, Idealism, Materialism, and Individualism.

Would the notion of Idealism be a path to give one’s life for? This path shines with the promise that we can construct a life that others can live and assumes that we first know what is needed to ensure the safety and security of others and it also assumes that others are going to give up their freewill to be allowed to be managed. It is the company executive that constructs his company so that everyone works together toward a common goal. That culture and those processes are focused on that effort, and in some cases the company thrives, while other cases it will perish since it missed the mark. But for the most part, all employees are there by their own accord and by staying employed to the company, the employed persons accept the company’s concepts on how life should be. The challenge comes when we believe that this framework can be applied in politics and to a nation. The notion that we know how industry and other parts of society should be constructed and use politics to do this with the blessing and help of businesses requires the oppression of someone’s free will. So, from our perspective here at the Federalist 2.0 this is not a belief worth dying for. In short, Liberty is not a Friend to Idealism.

The notion of Materialism is a path where we believe that all issues with mankind lie in the problems of wealth distribution and the inequitable consolidation of power and money in a few people. Thus, this belief starts with the assumption that government has the knowledge and knowhow to set society up to ensure that all people are treated fairly and equitably. That there are a group of government people that can have this knowledge and foresight to be able to do this. It also assumes that the people that are to be subject to these rules and regulations will be happy to follow them and will accept them with no issue or compliant. This perspective again violates our closely held belief that freewill is essential for the overall success of a government and society, that impacting and imposing ones will on another should be minimized. The concepts and beliefs of Materialism is opposite to this notion. So again, from our perspective at the Federalist 2.0, this belief is not worth dying for. Liberty is not a Friend to Materialism.

Finally, the notion of Individualism, this is not of the selfish kind, but that of the notion that we are all individuals and have freewill such that it is our responsibility to choose what is best for our family and our community. This individualism, deployed with reason, is based on the notion of virtue not vice such that as a whole the society can focus on what matters in a citizen’s life and what will ensure their liberty. This perspective requires that business do what it needs to do to provide services to the community and that businesses should not be engaged and implemented into and within the government systems and processes, thus pushing Idealism to the trash heap of discarded bad ideas. This perspective requires that Materialism also be minimized, this means that government should not be doing anything that would impact the soul, impact the freewill of people in a negative way. So, this is another idea / philosophy banished to the nether and the garbage dump of unrealistic ideas. Materialism should be not a glimmer in any eye, no matter how “Good” the idea, process and need might be from a government’s usefulness perspective. Because of this, this idea of Individualism, rooted in reason and virtue, this approach this philosophy WOULD be worth dying for. Liberty is a FRIEND to Individualism with virtue.

So, we have loosely devised a thought around what would be an idea that might be worthy of a defense, at the expense of one’s life. We have determined here, in this short paper this is a political philosophy worth pursuing and worth, in the end, dying for. That is the notion of Individualism with Virtue, and it should be noted, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is built around this notion and belief called Individualism with Virtue. This leads us to the discussion around what is happening in the world today (2022) and how these philosophies are playing out in the real world.

The world today has become confusing and not as straight forward as it once was years ago. The notions that have become acceptable, changing the meaning of language (e.g. pronouns), defund the police, open boarders, increased regulations to support the world wide Great Reset, the use of government funds to implement abortions, to the COVID mandates that have harmed the heart and soul of all individuals. These changes in culture through the Media and through Government fight for the demise of the human spirit and the human soul, these ideas are rooted in the defense of evil for the success of the few who are invested in the philosophy of Idealism (Business Advantages) and Materialism (Larger more powerful Government).

Those that seek this kind of change are working hard to get ahead of other changes that are coming that will dramatically impact the world in which we live, the advancement of the robotics industry (Independent Robots), the advancement of the software industry (Artificial Intelligence) and the advancement of the biosciences industries (Healing Medicines and Designer Viruses), in a few short years these advancements will have significant impacts to the society as a whole beyond what we can imagine. For the most part, if untamed, these changes will negatively impact the most vulnerable and most poor people of the nations of this world. Where those that pursue the Idealist and Materialist ideology seek to drive us, the common citizens, to the cliffs like lemmings to our death in the hopes they can remove from our sight any notion of Individualism (and Virtue). For with the philosophy of Individualism and Virtue, a coherent defense can be formulated, and these torturous changes can be metered to the needs of a sane society.

This is what the Globalists are working hard to do, shield you from your common sense, from your dignity, from your God given sovereignty as a human on this planet pursuing your own understanding of the world and your own salvation upon your dying moments. They believe that you can be manipulated and managed through these mechanisms so that you can accept these changes that are coming to destroy your way of living and way of becoming human. This is not the way. This is a path to destruction and destitute moral corruption as people suffer without the notion of God and of a Higher Power and wander in the bowels of society without a cause. These changes will bake into people a resentment and unborn slavery to the Globalist’s System that cannot be undone and will lead to much more worse events which the citizens will not be kind to implement. So the time to move is NOW, the time to stand up is NOW, the time to make a change is NOW.

Those that have stood by the sidelines and waited for the right thing to happen, need to get involved NOW. To rise up and stand against this non-sense that is being delivered to our society, through the culture, through the schools and through the business industries. Your time is NOW, citizens of this world. You have all that you need to understand what it is that is happening and what needs to be done to break this process of destruction. Here at the Federalist 2.0 we do not advocate for violence, nor does the philosophy of Individualism with Virtue tolerate this approach, for your brothers and sisters that you might harm or hate are the ones that are confused and need the helping hand to deliver them to right minded thinking.

This is call to all of those who resist at the school meetings, at the local political gatherings, at the marches on the governments as they oppress their citizens in the name of their own good. Most importantly, this is to those who have developed peaceful strategies such as the Canadian Trucker Caravans of 2022, Tractor Caravans, Sit-ins, Hunger Strikes, and many more peaceful activities that will get the word out and help communicate the change that is needed and desired.

This article, in truth, is for the those who have not seen the challenges we face today and the roots that have taken us to this point. For those who have covered their souls with the thick mass of political correctness and fears of being on the wrong side of an argument; to be spared the embarrassment of not being included. To those that are still not sure what is happening, these words are to engage and embrace your fears in your heart and in your tears, these words and pages have been assembled to speak to you who has lost much in this world and have no place to turn. This is for those that see and feel their common sense being assaulted.

For you who have been lost for years, these words are for you, reaching into your heart and soul, brushing away the hardened experiences the Idealists and Materialists have marshaled into your being, have punished your common sense and stolen your dignity. The answer is then of course Individualism with Virtue, a human spiritual awakening to God, to a Higher Power, to peace through the respect of the human condition and everyone’s right to live their life as they see fit in pursuing their own salvation… Yes it is true… Feel it… Believe it… Know it… Stand for it...

This the way and this my friend... THIS IS SOMETHING TO DIE FOR…

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