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Stealing the Bank - The Process - Part2b

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Throughout history, those who define their kingdoms have always had to bring the population along for the ride. Every political system throughout history has eventually eroded and found itself in chaos and revolution. Examples are not far from history, the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Aztecans, the Roman Empire all had to manage their empires, manage their people. This post will explore this state of decline in more detail and outline the mechanisms that have led to America’s current condition. We will attempt to define the elements that infiltrated our society in order to gain a foothold in our collective hearts and minds. We call this part of the discussion “The Process”, the ensuing segment to the first installment around the tools; thus showing now the tools and processes required to Steal The Bank, dictating who has access to, and control of, the US Government’s awesome financial power.

We would recommend reading this first installment of this 4 part series called "The Tools", it can be found here on Twitter:

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Specifically, we will cover the four mainstream processes used to create a pied piper effect where they create events to convince a population there is value for those who govern, when in effect they are advancing the population's own enslavement with the focus on those who are not paying attention. Those processes are the following:

  1. The cult of culture & confusion

  2. Large donor club

  3. The lemming Democrats

  4. Congressmen sponsored non-profits

All four of these processes form an effective assault on the citizen’s mind, to do one of two things to an individual: make them a recruit for the cause or confuse and disable those who do not go along. As noted before, there is no master plan and this is not intended to be a conspiracy. We have used our minds eye to employ raw reason - inductive reasoning - to conclude recent, major historical events, although unguided, are useful to those who would create the mechanisms to acquire wealth and live in luxury at the expense of the citizen.

Those marshaling these causes do so with reckless abandon to further their efforts and strengthen their castles to ensure they are not personally revealed and subsequently ejected from the system (or sent to prison). What better process to set up a moot around your castle of actions and deceit than to pursue the culture, and so this is our first section…

The Cult of Culture & Confusion

To say the last 15 years of US history have become filled with new and confusing culture changes is an understatement. Each of these culture “dials” have been used to effect the citizens in ways we are only beginning to understand. We will not address each of these in detail as they all deserve a deep dive in how they are supporting the steal, none the less, here is a list of the various “tools for their process” used by elites, towards their nefarious ends:

  1. Climate Change

  2. Antifa

  3. Black Lives Matter (BLM)

  4. LGBTQ+

  5. Gender Alignment

  6. Pronoun Language Shift (PLS)

  7. Faith & Family Rejection

  8. School Curriculum Capture / CRT

  9. Immigration Controlled Invasion

  10. Defund the Police / Riots / Political Expression Inequality

All of the above “issues” are massively disorientating social fractures and events, even to those who only follow mainstream society along the edge. Where each of the issues are themselves carrying a small concern, let alone the implications on liberty (e.g., climate). Is there a long term need for the population to pay attention and do their best not to abuse nature and natural resources? Yes, of course. But does it require socialism to achieve that end? No. And this is the common thread throughout all of these “issues” as they play out in time: socialism or whatever flavor of “-ism” the organizations who promote and advocate new government systems and beliefs/desires in the name of the "issues". So how does it happen? Here is a high-level step by step of their program…

This is the typical pattern:

  1. Media distributes the issue/Pattern as a notion

  2. Use University to develop

  3. Use media to pound it

  4. Create non-profits and NGOs

  5. Destroy faith and family in the name of the issue

  6. Radicalize the ignorant/unknowing

  7. Define places for radicalized to meet

  8. Meet Through social media and non-profits

  9. When converted celebrate the change

  10. Instill in their minds there is no other option

  11. Deploy through activism

  12. Report on events (mostly non-peaceful)

  13. Report in a way that is not in Truth

  14. Politicians rush in for support

  15. Politicians send in emergency legislation ( expanding socialism while expanding bills to 1000+ pages and tapping into the Bank )

Now stand back… this in total looks pretty close to a process one might use for a cult. But THIS cult process has been deployed at an industrial level. (There are a number of research papers and on-line articles on this subject, this one seems to be the best - ) So those caught in this trap, we can call NPCs (Non-Player Characters) because of their lack of agency, blind obedience, faithful parroting of the “official narrative” and voting without thinking. With this realization we at the Federalist 2.0 have to ask… how did we get here? Then we remember the reports from conservative media and we have read the charters of some non-profits and NGOs, where this approach was born in the halls of our Universities. And isn’t it true that Obama was a constitutional professor? And so one must consider that his time spent as a constitutional law professor was not to learn/teach how to better defend and preserve the constitution, but rather how to use the constitution to marshal in a socialist society within the constitution as it stands today.

Nonetheless, the end result becomes a wave of confusion and isolation for the common citizen that has not embraced one or more of the causes. In the end, immobilizing their will to resist, disabling their political will to stop the massive legislative bills and creating an environment hostile to their perspective, making meaningful organized resistance MUCH more difficult – in some cases illegal. On the other side, those who’ve abandoned their faith and family, and adopted the new religion in these "issues" become radicalized and embrace a new family with its own religious dogma. Nonprofits and NGOs then embrace and reward new recruits with affirmations of their choices and if enough money flows to the supporters, they obtain positions and growth as a career in the “resistance”.

But where are the citizens that have led us to a county of wealth? Why are they not leading us out of this impending disaster? As noted in our previous articles, the new generation of the wealthy, the children of the wealthy, have attended these elite schools where the process listed above takes place, hence our next section…

Large Donar Club

Also known as the good old boy club, these are the groups of people that are of such high net worth they do not need to work. They have time to enjoy life and gather together in clubs. Those clubs then extend to politics and then extend to the non-profit world.

The election process for political leadership, within the political parties, is complex and full of agreements and jockeying in terms of position but also in terms what can be pushed forward for legislation. But we can say the high net worth donors are the ones that lead the political leadership in both parties and we will not address the process for both parties here as there are plenty of resources for that detail.

The real challenge comes when that donor class uses political power and their non-profits to align with one of the cultural narratives to try to change the culture, when they try to save the world. We can see where groups have formed, with true intent to solve an issue, and the elites with political control instinctively know how to increase their wealth through government action using these groups.

But the Federalist 2.0 has no beef with this class of folk. On the contrary, this group will be critical for the transformation of the political systems to meet the needs of the broader citizenship. The donor class needs to understand there is a level of hurt they are leveling on the wider, less wealthy, citizenship and the goals the donor class are trying to achieve can be pursued, in a wider context, without pain and the use of the Government. Will they have to work harder due to more competition? Yes, but what is a business success won on an island of isolation and an in-hand monopoly with societal destruction all around? But what about those that support the Donor class that are all in for the transformation for the reset? That is the next section….

The Lemming Democrats

Lemmings are an interesting group of rodents. During certain parts of the year, mostly summer, they multiply quickly and can take over large areas of grassy prairie. The legend goes that if the group is caught off guard by a predator they start to run, as they run other lemmings join in, and as the horde grows so does the panic and the whole group will just run off a cliff, killing them all.

The Democratic Party and (to a lesser extent these days) the Republican Party, use this technique to perfection. They know how to message to the media, to get out the word, to mobilize their diverse groups and create a sense of urgency and need for action. Who else can be there to save the day? The Democrat party presents to the government a bill that can save the day and to help, they name the bill in a clever way, "For the people...". Where this bill sometimes grows to thousands of pages and marshals in a lemming like behavior that puts pressure on the Congress to pass the bill. And so it goes, the need to create the urgency and the ability to translate that to action both internally and through external non-profits, and that is where we go next…

Congress Members Sponsored Non-profits

Congresspeople are paid around $174,000 a year, a very good wage, much better than the average citizen in the private marketplace. But what we find is that if the congress member can keep getting elected, their wealth starts to soar! Some leave their tenure multi-millionaires, an example is Liz Cheney who left Congress and collected a net worth of over $33 Million during her time there.

But the Clinton Foundation is our most immediate poster child for this corruption. The non-profit was taking in around $3.6 Million a year before 2016, but after the 2016 loss, donations dropped to under $400,000 per year, the following is an article explaining the challenge.

And then there is this, in 2018 it was reported that Congress received what they called “dark money” of the tune of $150 Million, with most of the money being sent from non-profits. And these non-profits have an extensive list of the causes they support, of which are mostly similar to the 10 culture dials listed above.

So it goes something like this: make a mess of the culture, convince the citizens of wealth and influence to go along with it, to ride the Death Star of societal regret, spin up those that have accepted this cultural premise to request change, and capture the grift as the legislation is enacted and the money distributed to the agencies and causes (e.g. Ukraine). Then use the money captured to do it all again.

We now come to the next section of our series, what is the result of doing this? What or how does a Congress member benefit? The next section is call "The Results", and it will answer the question, why are they doing this?

In the creation of the Federalist 2.0, it is our goal and commitment to you the reader, to share with you the pieces of the original intent of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and why it is critical that we claim this moral imperative to ensure the health and safety of our future generations and our capacity to continue as the Originally Planned United States of America. Come join the Federalist 2.0 effort, help us resurrect the beliefs and understandings that made this United States of America the greatest nation on the planet to date. Let's continue to develop a more perfect union as our Founders envisioned!

In the end, what do you have to lose?.... Maybe you can be Publius too

- Publius

(TM) Federalist 2.0

Addendum #1: NGOs - What are they?

There is a need for the population to better understand what NGOs are and how they can impact the culture and societal structures. The following will shed some light on them and should raise questions on their true effectiveness for the liberty of the citizens or are they a new mechanism to implement compliance and indoctrination.

This site describes the nature of an NGO as follows:

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a group that functions independently of any government. It is usually non-profit. NGOs, sometimes called civil society organizations, are established on community, national, and international levels to serve a social or political goal such as a humanitarian cause or the protection of the environment.

There is the state department site that goes even further on the nature of an NGO:

Approximately 1.5 million NGOs operate in the United States. These NGOs undertake a wide array of activities, including political advocacy on issues such as foreign policy, elections, the environment, healthcare, women’s rights, economic development, and many other issues. They often develop and address new approaches to social and economic problems that governments cannot address alone. Many NGOs in the United States operate in fields that are not related to politics. These include volunteer organizations rooted in shared religious faith, labor unions, groups that help vulnerable people, such as the poor or disabled, and groups that seek to empower youth or marginalized populations. Indeed, NGOs exist to represent virtually every cause imaginable. Their sources of finance include donations from private individuals (American or foreign), private sector for-profit companies, philanthropic foundations, or grants from federal, state, or local government. Sources of finance may also include foreign governments. There is no prohibition in U.S. law on foreign funding of NGOs; whether that foreign funding comes from governments or non-government sources.

Addendum #2: The network of convoluted NGOs and Non-Profits

So there is much to be said about providing actual evidence of such a wide network of groups and organizations that are loosely organized. The Federalist 2.0 does not advocate that these organizations are in any way part of a group that has a specific purpose and that this group sends out orders, on the contrary, there is a broader philosophy at work here that is guiding several of these groups. This philosophy, best aligned with Socializm or Marxism, advocates for organizational or governmental regulations and rules that help guide our behavior as a citizen through processes as mentioned above that implement indoctrination and rules and regulations that enforce compliance.

The following are are just some of the links that we found that show this network is real:

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