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Can Freewill be Given?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

In our last post, we learned that one cannot have their freewill taken, but one's freewill can be suppressed. Through this suppression we learned that the notion of free speech is something that should and needs to be protected. We learned that this notion around free will best represents the oppressive nature of man, that through the use of Lying, Cheating, Stealing and physical or emotional Abuse one can have another's free will impacted and we can manipulate others to meet our own needs, usually driven by our own vices. We now ask the question that is relevant, since on the other end, is it possible one can GIVE someone else their free will? That answer we will find here in this post is YES! But in doing so, you adopt a master. Within this notion then it can cause other issues when we do not feel like we are being properly compensated for our efforts.

If we talk of the idea of a Master, we have to address the notion of Slavery. Or the notion of a slave, is more on the side of oppressive influence, but freely giving your free will is something else, it is NOT SLAVERY. It is a form of exchange. When we give of ourselves freely without compensation or little in exchange, we typically call that volunteering and charity. We will not address these items in this post. We may at sometime discuss these items in depth, but for the construction of a political system and how it will have merit, we will look at the free exchange of labor for defining this construct.

The nature of man informs us that when we "work" our efforts will result in some exchange, in year 2020 that would be most likely in what people call a Salary. This notion, of being paid for labor performed, can also include hourly work or work by piece. We then also must entertain the notion of an entrepreneur, whom works to determine if there are other market opportunities that can be capitalized on and within that opportunity a business can be born. These ideas and constructs of paying people for their labor and entrepreneurship are not on the side of coercion but are within the realm of fair exchange if BOTH sides believe they are being rewarded for the labor requested and the labor provided is provided with a notion of gratefulness.

But what we have not asked is the question around what does a society need to know in terms of a working citizen? Do we need people that are focused on serving and creating value, or do we need people that are driven by their vices, pursuing a warped sense of happiness through the expression of their vices? The world has a wide range of "Values" that people see important to their day to day lives. As such, markets form and people come to those markets and provide their services and their goods. This notion is GOOD. The fair exchange of goods and services where everyone has an equal chance to develop skills and goods and exchange those for individual gain.

With the advancement of additional educational opportunities, we have chances to become ever more educated on the subjects that help advance our overall health, safety and wealth of the society as a whole. Where we are seeing some incorrect or non-value added options that people seem to be taking, are within the areas of education where the end result does not prepare the individual for their efforts in the market place. When a society prepares "Opportunities" for people there are chances those "Opportunities" are engineered to satisfy the needs of the people in charge. As such, there are more opportunities for those in charge (Government) to take advantage of these individuals, seeking a better life, as they attempt to justify their way into debt. For positions that are not market driven, sometimes people have to sacrifice themselves and their character to secure positions that are held by others that may not have their best interest in mind.

From the perspective of the Federalist 2.0, there IS the responsibility of the government to REMOVE the barriers for individuals to CREATE OPPORTUNITY, the Latin term for it is OPORTUNITAS. This term, from long ago, was focused on the notion of Fitness, and it would be true, that when something is needed, only the "MOST FIT" individual would have the skill and ability to capitalize on the opportunity. This notion of Freewill along with the notion of Fitness drives us to the realization, that only the MOST FIT individuals that have honed their character will have the clearest sight to identify what is needed in the market.

The ability for others to compete for that OPPORTUNITY allows the market to ensure that the most skilled and most honest of individuals will prevail. When there is intervention, and attempts to control the market, by people that do not have the skills and only have the power, unpredictable things can happen. Because of this unpredictableness, some people will not have the drive and motivation to really succeed without assistance from the government or through the other means we talked about before (Lying, Cheating, Stealing, etc.) We outlined this effect and defined the governmental mechanisms that support efficient markets with the Federalist 2.0 "Unified Theory". That is located here. (See the Figure #1 for the graph found in the theory.) Within this context of OPORTUNITAS we discover the roots of the creation of wealth. So, within this context, as the layers of OPPORTUNITY grow and the need for different skills also grows, and then so does wealth. This layering of skills then is evolved or grows through markets and that growth of markets is through the notion of Liberty.

Figure #1: Unified Theory of Philosophy, Politics and Economics

From the full understanding that OPPORTUNITY is only created from individuals, the notion that Government has the full capability to organize and marshal the resources to identify and meet those opportunities is FALSE. Thus, the only thing that Government can do is help those that have been voted into office or have been hired into office with some objective in mind. (Please note, that unless those hired are focused on a limited set of responsibilities expected by the Government to preserve liberty and freedom, all other activities are subject to be discontinued. Please also note, from the Federalist 2.0 perspective there is no real right or wrong answer to what or how government is today, the Federalist 2.0 just sets in motion the future decision making for anyone that is Certified Federalist 2.0, they must always vote and act in the direction of True North and as such, must always take a position WITHOUT COMPROMISE that growing the government to assist the economy, is a false notion and should not be endorsed.)

The next component that must be addressed is the notion of Providing Results or achieving results to meet the opportunity. This requires skill and the foresight to understand what is going to happen and what kinds of people/skills and resources are needed to meet that opportunity. This is the latin term PROVIDENTIA, where someone has had the foresight and prudence to save money or build tools or build skills to be prepared to meet the needs of the citizens and the businesses that are striving to create wealth (Through the development of More Opportunity). This is why, when the brakes are put on a economic system through what ever means, war or pandemic or high taxes, the resulting economic conditions stagnate and the citizens become restless and unsettled. (Wealth is starting to be destroyed as action and opportunities shrink and as PROVIDENTIA starts to disappear, since skills and resource unused become stagnant and unusable long term.)

When an individual or organization invests time in building their skills and generates enough market traction to become a "Going Concern" there is a need to continue the efforts to grow the capabilities and the overall market opportunities to have an effective growth. When things stagnate there is a consuming growth, growing by eating others. This kind of growth, is one that can destroy individuals as these companies give up their competitive fight to the larger or more wealthy competitor. There IS A NOTION of continuing to fight in the market place, to not only give customers more options, but an ethical and MORAL obligation to the employees to make the right choices to keep the company going to ensure their own personal survival. To ensure the citizen has options and opportunities to become a better person, to become more in alignment of the Truth North and be a better reflection of a Hight Power. When these things are destroyed and NOT DEFENDED, the citizen becomes confused and if pushed and demoralized enough, they give up.

From the perspective of PROVIDENTIA, we must be able to control the risks that we will incur within a a society and provide justice in alignment of the Natural Laws of Life and Liberty. These components we called Controlling Risks Perspective and IMPLEMENTING Natural Laws Perspective (See Figure #1 above for the Theory Graphic). We understand that if I am to invest my time and wealth into something to take advantage of an Opportunity, I must feel that the risks are within a band of control such that there is likelihood that I will survive the effort, additionally, if I am to engage in an opportunity, there must be justice in the system so that when I engage the market, my efforts are not taken from me, either physically or my ideas stolen where I am no longer able to benefit from the risks I took to provide services or products.

So how do you provide these four areas? The founding fathers figured this out, they did not spend the time to distill it into a 10 minute read, in their time it required many hours of discussion in pubs and sharing and convincing people this is the way. We spend time reading blogs and watching 10 minute videos on YouTube. These four different perspecives for OPPORTUNITY to survive you need MARKETS and LIBERTY. And for PROVIDENTIA (or PROVIDENCE) to meet that OPPORTUNTY you need to control RISKS and provide JUSTICE. These map directly to the following constructs within a Government. Regulations - Controls Risks, Justice System - Implements Natural Laws, Legislation - Manages Markets and the Constitution - Defines Liberty. (See Figure #2 below).

Figure #2: Unified Theory Applied

Where the internal individual controls and external controls are inseparable and cannot be managed one without the other. This formulation is at the heart of the US Constitution to date and is the core of what the United States of America has become. Are we special as a Country? Yes, not be cause of our blood, but because some really intelligent people figured this out and applied it, with one strong assumption. That there is a Hight Power and that the people, the citizens, as a whole would strive for a MORAL life, a moral being, a way to become better and help others to become better.

So, to come full circle, we CAN give our Freewill away, but we can ONLY GIVE IT AWAY WITHOUT REGRET, INSULT, SPITE AND RESENTMENT within this construct we just described here in the past several paragraphs. There is no other way, there is no notion of Socialism, because Socialism does not believe in Freewill, it does not believe in a Higher Power, so the citizens are freed to believe anything they would like, in the end these Socialist systems and individuals follow their own vices, there is struggle for power to push their own agendas, there is violence in the streets to beat the ideas into individuals that do not see the same way, or create strife in a confused set of citizens that have no other choice but to abandon their free will. In Socialism, there is efforts to control OPPORTUNITY and a focus that push people to PROVIDENCE, but here is the key and false assumption. "You cannot make people do what you want them to do... you cannot force PROVIDENCE upon them. It can and NEVER will work. Why? We have been given Freewill per the Hight Power, we make choices individually, never collectively. People can be coerced into doing something, but it cannot be called PROVIDENCE, that is SLAVERY."

Video #1: Trump Roundtable with Latino Leaders who survived Socialism

What is interesting for me, as Publius, most people have not been taught this approach, or have been given this level of clarity. Maybe till now, we have not had to really dig deep and ask what is it that the founders really defined. Well, now is a good time to determine what we have and decide if we want to keep it. But, if you have not understood our form of government and at it's core the REAL REASONS why it works. You now have it here in just a 10 minute blog post. When I set on this path some 12 years ago, when I discovered this approach, and pushed this learning to several websites at the time, we had to determine what are the core concepts that are at the heart that people would know and understand. These were fully explored and defined on the Brietbart site in 2008-2011, in the early days. It is clear that this approach helped to define and hone many people's perceptions and way of thinking, including Andrew Brietbart as well as other leadership that was helping to build that movement.

So, what we are needing is to defend this notion of OPORTUNITAS and PROVIDENTIA; as Publius, I seek your Life, your Liberty and your Happiness so that you can make equitable choices to SHARE (LIBERTY) your God given free will within a MARKETPLACE (MARKETS) that gives you just rewards (RISK) that can allow you to live your life to the fullest within a system with recourse for wrongs levied (JUSTICE) for all, which can and will allow you to become more closer to and grow to be more aligned to that Hight Power. I make this commitment to you the reader to pursue this end to last breath of my life. Join me in this cause to show that there is a way, the Federalist 2.0 way.

- Publius

(C) 2020

(TM) Federalist 2.0

NOTE: It is important to note that what we have done with just these two posts on free will about someone taking freewill and individuals giving their freewill are the ONLY two core items that creates the basis of a GOVERNMENT that will have the least amount of violence and will not allow one group to burden another group. The notion of taking Freewill, is violence that people ensure in suppressing their free will, government can be crafted to protect this notion. The notion of giving Freewill, there is ways we can exchange our Freewill such that no one person can feel they are serving a Master within the context of Abuse. That there is ways to form a Government that would promote the exchange of Freewill and ensure that the citizens and individuals work together to become better as individuals, families, communities and as a nation. There is no other way, any other way devolves into violence and power struggles that eventually lead to tyrants and dictators. The next Blog post will dive into the mechanisms that Government can implement to make this happen.

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