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Lie, Cheat, Steal - The 2020 Election

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

Who is lying, cheating or stealing?

One side says the other side is the lier, cheater and the thief.

But whom is in the right?

Is there a way to find the truth?

Before we find that truth we must understand the two potential truths, the two Philosophies of Humanism Vs. Moral Realism.

First: Humanism or Secularism

The first comes from a Humanistic perspective that focuses on the nature of man and human’s focus on their own needs. The Humanist believes that truth is relative. That depending on the events and how those events are configured in your mind.... that is the Truth.

With this as a bases of the philosophy we see that Humanism is rooted in Secularism philosophy, this Philosophy tends to try to explain the world without a religious perspective.

But when we start to look at the Humanism Philosophy and the Secular Philosophy we begin to find that when you build a philosophy with materialism as it’s center, and the general aspects of human existence, we find that people tend to gather in groups and create clicks.

Once we gather together and create a particular group and if we don’t have a religious perspective... we give ourselves permission to define what our reality is. This is where we are today, as we have a whole group of society that has no religious perspective and what they advocate and promote is defining reality based on their own needs and wants.

This level of Philosophy can be boiled down to the very simple notion of perception is reality.

When we begin to define our reality around our perceptions we can then gather Perceptions of individuals as well as groups. We can then guide and augment those perceptions through a number of different means... this usually called Propaganda.

You might be saying, "But Publius why are we discussing this? We want to know just who’s right and who’s wrong. We wanna understand why our position is right and their position is wrong. And we want to know how we can fight this other side."

But understanding the other side, it is critical for us to move forward because their side believes we’re consuming our own "propaganda" and they seem to be aware of their own propaganda, and they keep seeking to produce more of their propaganda. In some weird way we must understand that when you have a humanistic belief system and you have a secular understanding of the world you can only see that world through the lens of groups or what they call "identity politics".

The Groups and The Agendas

So we must realize that when we hold this particular set of beliefs (BLM, social justice, racism, ANTIFA, etc.) and approach to life, we have a built in prepared group or a large set of individuals that are particularly susceptible to certain kinds of propaganda certain agendas (See how the Universities around the Nation teach the Humanistic Doctrines). This materialistic group has a particularly difficult time looking at individuals as people with a soul... with hopes, dreams and needs and a particular way of living which all living human beings possess.

But this particular way of living and way of grouping people has been an age old phenomenon that has been a problem since the beginning of human civilization. The overall challenge that we see as human beings on this planet is to be able to create governments that properly oversee the citizens to the benefit of the citizens. This is usually not how things play out for most of the world... one or the other group that’s more powerful gains oversight or power or manages to get control of government and once they have wrestled control they use government as they see fit.

When the government is overthrown or when people are able to gain power. The new leaders then take over and implement thier brand of governance. This escalates till a Tyrant is put into place. See our articles on the Nature of Man. These groups, to preserve their power, gravitate to political standpoints that will help them obtain more power and keep their power, this tends to be hidden in the Humanistic Philosophy and plays out in the real world as Socialism.

Once a given group heads down that path, the natural human nature of our being drives these groups to mask and hide the true intentions with agendas that are based on the good for the common man, good for our well being, good for Mother Nature, good in the essence of "Good". When in reality, it is impossible to deliver and we end up with an overburdened socialist or communist regime.


This Humanistic Philosophy is very enticing, very alluring as people ask themselves, "Why not allow the government to do good? The politicians that are trying to do good for the less fortunate are well meaning and helpful." So this level of thinking leads many people to advocate for and want them to implement these programs. The leadership of the Media and Big Tech buy into this level of Philosophy and they make efforts to Censor the citizens for "Their own good". This censorship then is what kills the "Truth".

Once we head down this path of shifting and changing the truth to advance the agendas, we find weak or less powerful leaders are pushed into the limelight to lead the way down this path. They may have invested in the mechanism to fully take possession of the voting apparatuses, but in reality with this level of stress, the level of lying that has to be implemented takes a toll on the human soul. But if the propoganda support is strong enough, these people can be propped up.

This level of "group thought" then leads to the acceptance of breaking a few eggs to achieve the over goals. We see this with the full court press during the 2020 election night where it is clear that Trump has a commanding lead and in the swing states Trump is shows to be ahead by substantial margins, the members of the press and the GOP observers were asked to leave the counting facilities. The Democrat operatives then continued to count. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words: (Continued Counting In GA.)

Second: Morality / Religeous Belief

Now lets take moment to address the "Other side", this is the side where there is supposed allegiance to "Trump". The general understanding that has been pushed by the Media is that Trump is someone whom is evil and that anyone that is supporting Trump is BAD. Again the notion of "Identity Politics" is at play, but it is safe to say that the people that are supporters of Trump, in the majority, are more focused on the successes that trump as completed. The successes of Trump are listed here. And more on what he represents for a moral direction of the United States of America.

The context in which we have been able to make the slogan Make America Great Again (MAGA) really conceptualizes the desire of the citizens of the nation to have a better life to have a better living. That a government that does not concern itself with the well-being of citizens maybe should not be managing the citizens. And the path that defines the ability and willingness to manage the well-being of citizens primarily has its roots in the moral and religious direction of that nation.

When we view and understand those that follow a religious path, one does not need to be aligned to a specific religion, but in general when you are someone that follows the Higher Power, the consequences are that people whom follow this Path, do so to avoid the natural human sins of life (Greed, Lust, Anger, etc). This means that people are on the path to have a virtuous life. And if one pursues a life of virtue, when one does focus on the Higher Power and the desire to eliminate things in their life that are no not virtuous, so their focus begins to pursue the "Truth".

And oh by the way, Virtue Signaling (Defined here) is not being "Virtuous", the actual act of "Virtue Signaling" as defined here on these pages is the announcement of one's alignment with one of the moral relative humanistic objectives. Now here is the real significant realization, those that are Humanistic MUST ANNOUNCE their virtue since the playing field of "Virtue" is malleable. If groups define their reality, THEY MUST ANNOUNCE THAT WHICH NEEDS TO BE VIRTUOUS... This is key to understand, if Truth is relative, how do you align with YOUR GROUP and find your enemies? You have to announce it!

This then allows those of us that have defined Morality to align to a Higher Truth, something more than what can be made by man. We look to the religious texts, for myself that would be the Bible. Other readers may have their own religious texts but the factors of this approach has alignment in Truth, so individuals that strive for virtue, make it a point to NOT Lie, Cheat or Steal.

Just so you readers know, you are not going crazy. You are not loosing your minds, there is something very wrong with the "Other Side"(The Left, The Democrats). Their 50 years of redefining the truth has bent the existence of our times to something that is hardly recognizable. Truth is not adjustable and it IS knowable through a Higher Power. Through this knowledge we are bound by this common thread as humans and as Citizens. But this common thread weaves it's way through all people of this planet. Including those that have dedicated their lives to managing and moving "truth" to their benefit, so even with our perceived "Enemies" we must forgive them and attempt to bring them to the real Moral Truth whenever possible.

Election Night in Atlanta Georgia

The most important fact of the Moral perspective is that a consensus of thought does NOT mean it is a Truth. We see the facts and we seek the honest understanding of events and the natural results that come from that understanding. Let's take a moment to see what happened in Atlanta Georgia on Election Night. (See our post on Why Vote: To Protect the Good From the Bad here.)

This is what an Atlanta TV station is saying about the Election Night video here:

Now let's contrast this information with the forensic evaluation of these sets of events, that is here:

Now the question is, who is Lying, Cheating and Stealing. Let's be clear here... what is the potential Lie, what is the potential Cheating and what is the potential Steal.


So whom is Lying? Let's see which side has which perspective. (Lying is defined here.)

The "Left" or the Democrats, they claim that the Republicans are Lying. This notion of lying is the notion that there was no challenges around how votes were tallied. There is a notion from the left, from Democrats, if you can change the rules, you can allow votes, no matter how those votes are obtained... or need to be counted. This, in their minds, is NOT CHEATING. Humor me here, I know for most of you reading this... you will have a negative response. But this blog post is NOT to convince you of these realities the Democrats advocates for, but to understand what is in their mind and HOW they allow themselves to get to this crazy place.

The Democrats are in this place because they have "Defined their Truth" and have recruited the Media and the Big Tech to announce this Truth (Virtue Signal) to define this as the Real Truth. This approach is very unsettling for us that believe in the natural Truth as given to us from a Higher Power.

The Republicans claim the Democrats are Lying. This notion of lying is based on some basic data that shows that events happened late in the night on Nov 3rd and the morning of Nov 4th. The rules that were in place for the State of Georgia were not followed while the Democrats are saying the these events are normal. So the Republicans are showing proof in a Video and in documented statistical evidence that there is a lack of Honesty, the act of Lying is occurring on the Democrat side of the aisle.

So this is the important Truth, we have one method where truth is defined by a given group of people while the other side is defining truth based on some natural premise that is based on human nature and based on the Higher Power.

If we go back to an earlier post that I called “The "Battle of the Brands” needs a Voter's Test: "Is it Ok to End a Baby's Life?" “ here, we can see the true intent of voting has to do with individuals having their own voice determining whom should lead their community and their country. And through this knowledge we can see on the left, on the Democrat side, the things that they have put in place for the election have allowed people to vote many different ways, and with this affect it does not hold true to the objective and direction for which the US Constitution was built.

So given that we have a directional aspect of how the vote should be counted as defined by the United States Constitution the position of the Federalist 2.0 is that the Democrats are lying ... and this would be true, would then be a Fact!


So now we turn to cheating. The Left, the Democrats, will claim that they did not cheat, they changed the rules and that is fair. They will claim because they fairly changed the rules and ensured everyone voted as they should, there is no cheating. The mind of a Humanist sees that this path is a virtuous one, as they will use the power of Government for good, and will get a Bad person out of office (Donald Trump). Again, a warped sense of justice and how the world works, all in alignment with a Humanistic Philosophy.

Now, on the Republican side, there is a clear understanding of what it means to vote and the intention of voting. There is an understanding that the US Constitution is representing the God give right for citizens in a republic to be able to choose their leadership. To live free from the oppression of ones free will. (See our blogs on free will here.)

If we are to believe that the purpose of the US Constitution is to protect us from the philosophy of Humanism, then the left did cheat, as they strive to change the state laws to gain their advantage. They also did many things that added to this as well.

So, within the context of the intent of the purpose of voting and in alignment with the US Constitution, from the Federalist 2.0 perspective, it is clear that the Left, the Democrats, have been engaged in cheating and this is a Fact.


Now we turn to the notion of Stealing, was there Stealing happening? The Left would have you believe that since the rules have changed and they used the rules to “win”, any efforts that would be employed CANNOT be called Stealing. So if the Republicans use the US Constitution to overthrow the results, this would be stealing the election FROM THE Democratic view. They will use their Media and Big Tech to announce this and align their support. Again Humanism has the advantage in shifting the citizen‘s perceptions. The Left is betting that “perception is reality”, the essence of the US Constitution does not matter. For the humanist the US Constitution is in their way to them creating the perfect utopia.

For the Republicans they play by the rules for the most part. They generally have one vote per citizen and hold to the rules knowing the intent of the election. To vote for whom will lead this nation and protect the citizens. Note that the Left, the Democrats, are focused on the Global impacts to the environment, the social justice for their identity politics and the general movement to socialism.

At the end of the day, if the Democrats have been involved in submitting votes for people, collecting votes from people that don’t know what is going on, and entering votes for people that don’t exist, there is a problem. These activities might be within the law that was changed, but the true intent of the US Constitution and how voting works, from the Federalist 2.0 perspective, these votes are being stolen from the people that deserve a vote and this again is a Fact!

The Lines are Drawn

So what have we done? We have explained and demonstrated that there are two sides of this overall challenge. The one side is truly focused on Humanism as a philosophy while the other side is focused on a philosophy rooted in morality and religious belief. It’s critical to understand that what’s at stake here is more than just one side against another... ...this isn’t a group of citizens Rooted in the Humanistic Philosophy challenging another group of Humanistic Philosophy citizens. But this is how the left and the Democrats see their fight.

To the left, to the Democrats, this fight is no different than any other fight between Humanistic Philosophies. They believe we engage at their level, the Democrats think they fight another Humanistic Philosophy that is rooted in their minds as evil.

This of course has been a fight that has been waged through the centuries and for our founding fathers they sought to very clearly fight this path and they tried to craft the US Constitution which could and would protect us from adopting these very efforts one would call socialism. To utilize the laws and the people of nations to allow one particular group to oversee another group at their whim has been an age old problem. It doesn’t matter how good or thoughtful or meaningful their intentions are... at the end of the day people are people and once they have power, that power can be used in inappropriate ways.

Through the ages through the years and now in particular we’ve been taught that to have enemies is bad. To think of others as not having the same thinking as we do is something that we shouldn’t entertain. Meanwhile the other side, the Left, the Democrats see us, the people focused on preserving the US Constitution, as the enemy. Using the Humanistic Philosophy approach anytime they wish... We need to rise up to push them back, we need to speak up before they label us and categorize us and use their mechanisms of war against us through the use of Media and Big Tech.

In Defense of Freedom

In the end we must defend ourselves... if they view us as enemies we need to take up the notion that they too are our enemies. But for us if there’s Ways and Means for which we can bring folks from the other side to our side we need to explore and do that as humanly possible.

As such we need to use something that came from Margaret Thatcher during her time as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in the 1980s as she struggled to push back on these philosophies that we’ve exposed here.

Margaret Thatcher used this poem to establish reasons for defining who could be possible enemies and she utilized this poem to help her set the stage so that she could fight back in a way to help the citizens of her nation. This now stands for us as we push for those governing our nation today to do the right thing, to push back on the Humanist Philosophy to fight and negate the socialist agenda.

No Enemies
By Charles Mackay
You have no enemies, you say?  Alas! my friend, the boast is poor; He who has mingled in the fray Of duty, that the brave endure, Must have made foes! If you have none,   Small is the work that you have done. You’ve hit no traitor on the hip, You’ve dashed no cup from perjured lip, You’ve never turned the wrong to right, You’ve been a coward in the fight.

This week we will see if the Humanists and Socialists succeed... or if the constitution sees another day. This is a great message from Rudy... a must watch and he has a great CALL TO ACTION...

In the creation of the Federalist 2.0, it is our goal and commitment to you the reader, to share with you the pieces of the original intent of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and why it is critical that we claim this moral imperative to ensure the health and safety of our future generations and our capacity to continue as the Originally Planned United States of America.

Come join the Federalist 2.0 effort, help us resurrect the beliefs and understandings that made this United States of America the greatest nation on the planet to date. Let's make America great once more!

In the end, what do you have to lose?.... Maybe you can be Publius too?

- Publius

(C) 2020

(TM) Federalist 2.0

FINAL NOTE: It should be mentioned everything here about Georgia, has also happened to some degree in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Nevada. All have had similar experiences and there are ongoing litigation to show that the difference, once the illegal votes are removed, would be that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential race. And if the Left, the Democrats, manage to out maneuver the recourse set in the US Constitution it would not be because of anything Donald Trump did not try to do.

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