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Why Vote? To Protect the GOOD from the BAD...

Why should we vote? In short...

To protect the GOOD from the BAD.

Please mind you that this is not to say that one group has the ability to drum up the votes they need to gain power, nor should it be the tenacity to say they know better and therefore there is reason to properly sway the ill informed and incapacitated, it is not to say that one group feels justified in their pursuit of the their form of "Justice" at the expense of another group. But it is to say the following:

To Vote, is a sacred vow to consciously determine whom would be your choice to lead your community and country in a direction that upholds the notion of faith in a higher power such that the citizens have the capacity to pursue happiness, as defined by the pursuit of honing and guiding our character and our family's character and our community's frictionless execution of such duties.

In doing so, in pursuing these ends we find that the individuals and community will have the ability and capacity to minimize the amount and volume of LYING, CHEATING and STEALING. We have discussed this in detail in our Blog posts on the importance of protecting the notion of Freewill as shown here.

We have discovered the purpose of Society and articulated in the Blog article that is here. Where we have determined the following:

The Purpose of a Society is to properly organize to best set a soul free to discover their relationship to a higher power. The setting of that purpose for the citizens to pursue their best selves such that the citizens can climb the ladder of right minded ness (righteousness).
The natural progression of the individual's purpose within the Purpose of Society requires mechanisms to guide the society. These mechanisms CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be man made. These natural self guided decisions (Votes) within the small (Individual Votes) compiled to the large (Aggregated within Communities) cannot be human engineered to best guide the society as a whole. Only the Higher Power has the capacity to best understand our goal, our True North. Only in an Open and Free election can this direction be established and should not be tampered with by any one individual or group, EVER.

And through that article we learned about the true mechanisms that are at play when this happens. We learned the coming consequences for both the Democrats and the Republicans.

So here is it again, the purpose of Voting is for all citizens to know and realize their choices impact not only themselves but the community as a whole. When things do not go well, when the BAD are exposed. The "community conscious" has the ability to remove those that have done BAD and with hope invest their courage into someone that they believe can do GOOD.

When the BAD take hold of that mechanism and misguide it to their own purpose, we loose that guidance that navigation. We loose that ability to navigate towards a notion of TRUE NORTH. When that happens there are events that transpire that look strange, look out of the ordinary.

We must be educated on the fact that this nation has been given the very tools inwhich to guide and correct and block many paths for the BAD to overcome the GOOD. The history of mankind is littered with civilizations, empires and nation states that have not heeded the warnings of the teachings of the spirit, no matter the prophet or the spiritual book, they all warn of the dangers of vice, of sin and how the community as a whole will suffer once those whom Govern embrace their vices in the hopes of gaining more power and more wealth at the expense of the GOOD.

As we have seen of the past several weeks, this dynamic is at play. There is ever more growing evidence that there was been some "cheating" going on in the election with votes possibly being shifted between candidates. There has been some "lying" going on with the media not reporting these findings and there has been some "stealing"...

...stealing of the citizen's capacity and ability to protect themselves form the BAD through a clear, honest and proper vote.

At this time, what is most concerning, is that there are clear times in the timeline for ALL of the states in play where votes were dumped. Where there was something that happened in the dead of night between 2am and 6am in that morning of November 4th that was terribly wrong. But yet there is no way for people to review those votes, to confirm that they do reside with an individual that can actually vouch for their vote. Why?

The history of mankind has defined the notion that political power is something that must be taken by force and the citizens must be managed for their own good, meanwhile those in charge seek gains by using their powers to indulge in their own form of vice, ever more growing their hold on power and their never ending desire for more...

In these articles, we have determined that Socialism / Communism is the most important vehicle to achieve such goals. We have learned no matter how hopeful and well intended a group may be, as they grow and become comfortable with their position, the lure of Socialism/ Communism is too much to resist. We learned that in this blog post here.

As of last night, we learned that the efforts of Communist China are hard at work, working to make the United States of America a satellite nation. Working over time to ensure that the safety and affluence of the 800+ Chinese families that run the nation of China can continue to maintain their power and their status.

The real threat for them, is the United States and the "process of waking up" that started some 12 years ago. These events and this approach is going to be relentless. The worst disaster for the Socialists is forming here in America. Where, for the Socialists in China, to allow the letting of the "Cat out of the Bag" transpire in America, would spell disaster for them here in the US and at home. But as of today the Citizens of the United States still have the power to cast their fate with the GOOD. And for the US Citizen the risk is to become oppressed by the BAD.

The root of this... we must call it EVIL... is the notion of Humanism. The rejection of a higher power for the Material world. The likes of Marx and others reject the notion of a God and taught others that the real problem is the unequal distribution of resources. That the government was responsible for equal outcomes and equal distribution.

If you have a society that is educated in the true nature of society and the temporary aspect of our lives and that the true nature is delivery of Justice through God given Laws, this kind of talk is non-sense. It is a ruse to allow those that want power and hunger for wealth an easy path for their efforts.

This form of Humanism, this form of Philosophy was written about and discussed at length for many years. Through our own doing here in the United States, we ("The GOOD") have turned a blind eye to those events and efforts laid out by the Socialists. We have not taken seriously our commitment to our Nation, our States, our Communities, our families and most importantly to ourselves.

Listen to this piece by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn whom lived through the Soviet takeover and concerted effort to suppress the portion of their population that was GOOD:

After seeing these two videos I have listed here, I connected the dots. I put two and two together and realized that this is the real deal. That we are in a dystopian world of transition from one of God given socially engineered systems that cleanses one's soul of the vices that torment us till the day we die, to a system that is Man-made and socially engineered to guarantee a small group of people stay in power to further feed their greed, their thirst for power and their perversions they pursue.

I do understand the plight that others have defined as the "true" goals for those that push the socialist advancement. The need to care for those that are minorities, to care for the environment, to care for the less fortunate and to care for those that have chosen non-standard personal sexual orientation and sexual partners. Yes, I Publius, do see you. All of us Conservatives see you. We pray for you all daily. I do not harbor any racist thought in my head for those that hold these truths to their heart and invest and hope that the avenue of Socialism will make things right, that their path will make it true, that their path will deliver true Justice.

But you have to remember that we understood, in a previous Blog on this site, that "Justice" is synonymous to Right-minded ness (Righteousness), and that this relationship is bourn out in how our government was structured and defined. The US legal system was not indented to be gamed to the benefit of one group over the other group. The legal system was to help each citizen righten their minds. To make their minds peaceful in the notion that at that one moment that the individual made the wrong choice, that there would be efforts to make amends, and that US form of Justice provided was agreed to among ALL our citizens.

A nation focused on Righteousness (Right-minded ness) is Justice.

And so it is done. This is the piece of the puzzle that pulls it all together. It is noted, that the written word is more powerful than the sword. If this is true, I have been as true to you my reader as anyone can be... given our time and age.

If these word are true, and these words are right-minded, then these words should resonate with you the reader, not only deep into your soul but it should move you to understand what we are faced with, and the magnitude of the events that are about to transpire the next 2-3 weeks, if the evidence does show honest tampering of the election and with Socialist involvement from around the world.

These citizens (US Socialists) that have become our 21st century "Judas", will not be able to face the true magnitude of the injustice they have committed to their fellow citizens, I have no hope for them. But if there is a chance to get to those that understand that the veil of dishonesty that lies behind their quest for "Social Justice" is only for the benefit of their masters and not of themselves...

... to you whom have been mis-guided. Stop, take note of the actions you are about to engage in to move this nation to something it was never designed for. Stop, understand that on this planet, in this life, things are not fair, things do not always turn out right that we all have our own personal path in life... that path is not filled with anger and injustices and revenge... it does not have to be... and the path called Socialism actually makes it worse...

Finally, I have only recently become aware of these videos noted above and what I thought was a simple hobby (figuring out what the founding fathers really wanted to create in the form of a government) has become much much more. This site was only to further the work my father did and the stories he told and the books he gave me on his departure (death) some 12 years ago. I never wanted this quest. I never wanted to do this site. I have been compelled to create this site. I do not fully comprehend what I have done. At times I do not fully understand what I have done or what I am doing. All I know is that some 12 years ago, with the research I did and the endless time I spent on Brietbart arguing and defining this philosophy, I discovered something substantial and worth noting, believing and hoping that the United States of America would continue to be that shining beacon in the sky for all individuals around the world to come to America and live Free, and be happy.

I love my wife to no end, I love my child to no end, I love my friends and family to no manner inwhich I can push to prose. I seek only my family's and community's efforts to find their way to right-minded ness and their own salvation as they see fit. I have worked to become rightmineded in mind and body. I am honest, never cheat and know that my skills and abilities are the better choice to stealing. I have no allegiance to any party or any group. I do not strive for fame or for wealth.

I strive for happiness... And in this Blog, I have defined happiness... and I hope you have discovered that which is most important to you...

With that said, would it be ironic to the entire movement of Socialism and a Nation some thousands of miles away...

...would find a change and steer themselves and their people to seek their form of right-minded ness with God in their sights, could it be the catalyst would be a small group of individuals on a site such as Parler?

- Publius

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