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Something to die for... United States Trucker Convoy

There are no words that can express the appreciation for this documentary that Claire Dooley put together, given my post on the Canadian Truckers...

On June 18th, 2020 I just saw this Documentary of the United States Trucker Caravan...

Brilliant work Claire Dooley... Here it is in it's entirety... (Please see my post for the Canadian Truckers here. NOTE: Most all content has been wiped from the web, I looked for photos on Google and Duck Duck Go and only saw Canadian truckers 90% of the time, and political cartoons about the Canadian Truckers).

Between Peace And War: A Film By Claire Dooley

NOTE: For Federalist 2.0 - the last 10 minutes of this film is key... what is the the purpose?

Between Peace And War: A Film By Claire Dooley Interview


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