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The Coming Constitutional Violence (The DefCon Angle)

We have been witnessing a challenge to the United States like we have never seen before. The changes to the voting systems in the last 50 years has set the stage for the Constitutional Challenge of our time and the new question must be answered:

What is the purpose of the Constitution and how does Voting Support it?

This very question is at the heart of the matter and the media (CNN, MSNBC, etc) and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is working overtime to discredit and try to ensure that Donald Trump is denied his second term. As noted before in our previous post on this subject (The "Battle of the Brands” needs a Voter's Test: "Is it Ok to End a Baby's Life?") we determined that the use of one vote one citizen whom has the wherewith-all to make conscious decisions, will best align a nation state toward the notion of True North.

With that said and the realization that what MAY be happening here is the execution of what has been termed "The Color Revolution", this article explains it well here. If we are to see into the future, and we determine that there are some Judges on the US Federal Bench that properly cast their decision in favor of the Constitution (One vote one Citizen -> #onevoteonecitizen), the decision to force the 6 states to manually count and verify signatures of ballots will most likely sway the election to Donald Trump. There is concern around what will happen next, the LEFT has made it clear they may not back down. They may push forward to physically take over the Presidency of the United States. We believe this to be the case and have described and put out the main goals of Socialism articulated some decades ago in a previous Federalist 2.0 article ( What are the Goals for Socialism and Communism? ).

So, if or when this occurs, which might happen in December 2020, the Democratic side will only have one other option, violence. At this time, the Republican side has not acted in Violence. I suspect, even if there is a decision to ignore the Constitution, there would be limited violence. (Those conservatives that would take to the streets, would have limited support, mainly because of "Judicial" activism and the real suppression of the American will. Please don't get me wrong, the mental state of Millions will be compromised, but the Conservative side has not been known for organizing and active violence, that is the LEFT that has been practicing it.)

NOTE TO THOSE CONSIDERING THE MERITS OF VIOLENCE: We at the Federalist do NOT IN ANY WAY CONDONE THE ACT OF VIOLENCE, even if the Constitution is Shredded... What is difficult for us at the Federalist 2.0 to admit is... we expected this Socialist Revolution to happen, which is why we have spent the past 12 years building this Federalist 2.0 philosophy and approach. Only through peaceful means will be regain our Constitutional Republic with minimal violence and minimize the destruction of individual lives.

So you might say to me, "Publius, what can we do?" We can do alot if things are lost, we can look to the lessons of the Left and formalize a strategy and approach that will regain the minds and souls of the citizens. We at the Federalist 2.0 lay out the tools to do so here.

But what is now critical is for us to understand and approach this possible outcome with some concern and safety, if we are to be faced with VIOLENT socialists with intent to harm what should we do? What ACTION do we have in the case where the Constitution is Upheld and the resulting recounts confirm Donald Trump as President for a second term?

We at the Federalist 2.0 would like to suggest a "Political DefCon" approach. It would be intended to provide the citizens the ability to communicate and ensure that "right-minded" leadership is safe and that the citizens are safe. If there is a true Socialist movement occurring, and that movement is working to build momentum at the expense of the Constitution, there may be people that might not take the a second term of Donald Trump so lightly.

For this Federalist 2.0 movement, for this site, the largest question will be, does the Judicial System have the will to uphold the Constitution? If not, then we will not have the Constitution at our backs helping us to move our society and culture toward an effective fight against those whom want to oversee our Freewill. (See the articles on Free will here).

But if the Federal Judicial System does stand up to Tyranny, we should be prepared for the worst. To ensure that preparation we should all agree to some kind of rating system. We propose the following:

Level 5 - Normal Political Discord (BLUE)

Trigger: There is open discussion, protests and generally no fear of expressing one’s personal positions.

Individual Concerns: Normal Life, no worries.

Leadership Concerns: Normal Life, no worries.

Ratings Across Areas:

National: No Crisis.

State: Localized Challenges.

Local: Normal Life Witnessed.

Level 4 - Active Suppression of Truth (GREEN)

Trigger: The Media and On-Line forums are actively removing content to persuade the general population to a narrative.

Individual Concerns: Develop Personal Network, use such apps a WhatsApp, to create groups to talk, use video chats to stay connected.

Leadership Concerns: Develop Leadership Network, use such apps a WhatsApp, to to talk across leaders, use video chats to stay connected.

Ratings Across Areas:

National: Media Not Reporting.

State: City Media Not Reporting.

Removal of Individuals from News/Social Platforms.

Level 3 - Call for Violence (YELLOW)

Trigger: Groups are actively calling for violent protests and looting is not being prevented.

Individual Concerns: Find shelter, only go out with intent to do such things are grocery shopping. Stay away from areas of Violence.

Leadership Concerns: Notify Leadership Network, stay clear of violent areas, activate personal protective force if possible.

Ratings Across Areas:

National: National Call for Violence.

State: 2+ Cities Calling for Violence.

Local: Blocking of all reporting of Violent Protests and Looting.

Level 2 - Individuals are Being Captured (RED)

Trigger: Groups of Individuals are actively pursuing individuals and leadership and holding them without legal process.

Individual Concerns: Find shelter, communicate to friends as best you can. If needed, deny allegiance to any political group.

Leadership Concerns: Shelter in place, provide protection through the community. If actively pursued, use evasive measures.

Ratings Across Areas:

National: 10+ States are at DefCon 2.

State: 2+ Cities Reporting captures.

Local: Parler Verified Capture of Individuals / Groups.

Level 1 - Lives are Terminated (RED X)

Trigger: Groups of Individuals are actively pursuing individuals and leadership and terminating their lives.

Individual Concerns: Find shelter, communicate to friends as best you can. If needed, deny allegiance to any political group. Seek Defensive Arms.

Leadership Concerns: Shelter in place, provide protection through the community. If actively pursued, use evasive measures.

Ratings Across Areas:

National: 10+ States are at DefCon 1.

State: 2+ Cities are reporting terminations.

Local: Parler Verified Violence.

From this perspective, we are definitely in Level 4 (Green), the media is in full court press censoring free speech and purposely denying Citizens their media platform. Some Cities such as Portland, Oregon might be called Level 2 (Red) with constant violence and a reported incident of a Trump supporter being killed on the street.

In the creation of the Federalist 2.0, it is our goal and commitment to you the reader, to share with you the pieces of the original intent of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and why it is critical that we claim this moral imperative to ensure the health and safety of our future generations and our capacity to continue as the Originally Planned United States of America.

Come join the Federalist 2.0 effort, help us resurrect the beliefs and understandings that made this United States of America the greatest nation on the planet to date. Let's make America great once more!

In the end, what do you have to lose?.... Maybe you can be Publius too?

- Publius

(C) 2020

(TM) Federalist 2.0

NOTE: Please understand, we write these things with no ill intent. We are moved to write them and the spirit is the guide in writing them. These posts take several hours to write and start with a theme and approach. There is no strategy or desire to influence other than our goals for the society overall:

The Purpose of a Society is to properly organize to best set a soul free to discover their relationship to a higher power. The setting of that purpose for the citizens to pursue their best selves such that the citizens can climb the latter of right minded ness (righteousness).
The natural progression of the individual's purpose within the Purpose of Society requires mechanisms to guide the society. These mechanisms CANNOT and SHOULD NOT be man made. These natural self guided decisions (Votes) within the small (Individual Votes) compiled to the large (Aggregated within Communities) cannot be human engineered to best guide the society as a whole. Only the Higher Power has the capacity to best understand our goal, our True North. Only in an Open and Free election can this direction be established and should not be tampered with by any one individual or group, EVER.

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