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Why Political Power, unchecked, will lead to Tyranny?

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

We are selfish, is the answer. The human race and associated perspective is selfish. We start as babies with complete dependence on our mothers and fathers. We grow to children, then little adults, to big adults. Along the way we get our needs meet through selfish means. This is the good and evil side of mankind. While we move through time our thoughts and preceding feelings gage our behavior. Some people develop mechanisms to guide their decisions. Others, have grown without structure and purpose, their governing mechanism was never challenged or engaged. The end result are adult individuals that cannot understand the feelings of others. This mechanism, sadly gives the clearance for these types of individuals to oppress the human condition and limit options other humans want and need where these other humans have a right to pursue, this best positions the individual, that has not been guided and is fully selfish, to take the decision to obtain what they see as their own, without concern for others.

The Federalist is a realist and drives to work with and challenge the true nature of mankind, human nature. It does not try to change mankind or assume it is different than it is. The Federalist sees people as they are, moving through the world trying to navigate successfully. The more resistance to our inate needs to satisfy our own desires, the better character we define in ourselves. As such, the political policies should and must reflect these realities. If, or we should say when, these are not followed, disaster strikes and tyrants emerge.

We have to look no further than the current batch of people that abuse their citizens and create strife among the people. We can look at the most despicable people that have lived on this earth, where are these people? We only need to turn to the list of current monsters, current dictators... Here is the list:

We can look through time as well, here is ranking of the worst monsters/dictators of all time:

If we turn to those that have survived and grown the most as dictators, the political machine that is most aligned and that supports this notion and structure the best, has been Socialism/Marxism. Let’s see what that looks like here:

How can this happen? How does a nation get to the point where people allow this to happen? Here is someone, Maximo Alvarez, that lived through it when Castro took over Cuba:

So the seeds of Socialism/Marxism resides in those that see no other means of getting ahead but to marshal those they support into power with the promise of free stuff or the equal management of the materials to live. And once in power the reality that free stuff has a price sets in and the brutality commences. You might say, how is that possible? How can we, as a civilized nation, see brutality? Here is a very disturbing event this past week that demonstrates that here in the 21st century, mankind can evolve into Brutality with little effort...

Here is the news report:

What is strangely true is that when we see the world as a materialistic in nature and then formulate the emotions of anger and jealously around those notions, it is easy to convince the less fortunate to rally against the more fortunate and make efforts to oppress one group over another group. These mechanisms, as we progress in our day to day activities, have a tendency to infiltrate and impact our minds and our souls. These notions that we start to perceive and believe become what we think is "fact" or "reality". You develop your own little truth. You become unhinged from a system or process that points you toward TRUE NORTH.

The following was something I found on a YouTube channel from someone that was recently banned for pointing out some things that seem to show this directional problem. Here is the piece from several weeks ago:

You will see this group talking about some of the issues that we discussed. The most critical piece is a movement from fixing the "Political Parties" to changing the government. This switch is what is critical to notice, the US constitution, in their mind is broken. There is a need to "create a government that cares". Additionally, they point out the current movements are targeting groups when they rightly have no fault in the challenges that are facing them.

"both parties... have effectively got a strangle hold on power and that stranglehold on power means that policy does not serve the public, and it hasn’t for decades. So this is why I started where I did, I believe if you were to get anywhere, if Camille is right about what the solution actually looks like, then what you need is a governmental structure that actually gives a damn what the consequences of its behavior are, rather than parties that are cynically pointing US at each other so that we don’t notice the corruption that they are involved in, that i really think is ultimately the only route out of this because if (we) let the parties continue to play their role they are going to start a race war very predictably, I think the democrats are basically cynically toying with partnering with this so called anti-racist movement and that is going to back whites agains the wall, and cause them to start seeing things racially in a way that they haven't in more than a generation and that the net result of those two phenomena is that we are going to be headed to a conflict that nobody knows the way out of, and once more, unlike our first civil war, there is not even a geographic description of a solution…"
"… I agree it’s more complicated, but do you see a way that it ends acceptably?… I mean you have a well armed rural white population that is now correctly understanding that it is being targeted by a mob that claims that it's guilty of all sorts of things that actually isn’t guilty of…"

From YouTube: Red Elephants - 25:23 -

From Brett Weinstein

Where the Federalist 2.0 stands is in the complete defense and proper application of the US Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. There is a unique realization that our founding fathers made some 200 years ago, that is still true today. There is no solution for “making a government that cares”. As long as people are involved, their own problems, vices and alliances will impact their judgement. Hence, the Founding fathers realized that the most relevant government that could allow the people the most freedom and the least oppression of the minority groups was for capitalism to live within a capitalist system which lives in a government structure that is the smallest possible. The trials and problems of men/women would have to be left to their own devices, and to their faith in a higher power, there is too much at stake to see the needs of mankind be served by a government.

Here is the nugget that best describes the spiritual aspect of what was created some time ago. The notion that our first immigrants left their lands in Europe to be free to believe (in their own FAITH) what they want to believe. They left that old world and risked life and death to be in this new world, FOR their desire to worship a Higher Power. This formulates the following notion:

"The creation of a government structure that supports the spiritual growth of mankind without constraint is the ultimate key to freedom and liberty. The pursuit of our own development as humans on this planet, is best severed within the context of a government that is not focused on itself. The soul will flourish and grow and become it's best self when given a social and societal system that allows that soul to make errors and have the consequences of those errors be delivered. Thus, the very notion of the social and policy system that made the United States of America was based on the very notion of liberating the Soul of it's citizens to ensure they were protected from oppression of their FreeWill and ensure their opportunities to grow and become more was enhanced."
Publius September 2020

With this we can then see the challenge we face. There is no substitute for this approach. Once we create a group that will govern with supposed "purpose" and with "care", and we hand them the reigns of government, we now have given a ticket for that group to declare what they want as fair and equitable. You now created Tyranny, you have created a Socialist / Marxist opportunity to fill the void. There is an infinite set of examples around how government can “Help” but little understanding around HOW to properly and efficiently deliver it, especially if It is not owned by the government.

We need to look no further than the widening gap between California and Texas. The ever burdensome policies of California has driven many to homelessness and an at best a sluggish economy. With Texas, the growth is almost unstoppable and with a full sense of purpose the policies have for the most been supporting the reduction of oppression and ensure the growing need for other skill sets and opportunities.

Finally, we must understand this dynamic as follows. If we have two groups that are fighting for the controls of government, we have a situation that these two competing groups will eventually deliver their brand of giveaways and their brand of support to obtain and gain the vote of their group. Ever focused on expanding and delivering their "justice" and supporting those causes that create the largest and broadest support base. Ultimately, this leads to the battering of each group, then the penalizing of one group against the next. Where this means that one group gains power and punishes the other group, then that other group gains power and punishes the group that was just in power. This dynamic can take years or decades if we put in place a political system that "slows" this dynamic down, which the founding fathers implemented.

The whole notion of the US Constitution is to slow this dynamic such that as we approach the no return point, there are mechanisms that would revers these trends and this dynamic. The founders had faith, that is they could SLOW this dynamic, that the Hand of God could step in and stop the madness. Most of the mechanism for change we will find in the notion of Faith, in the notion of FreeWill and the concept that if we do not take the Federalist 2.0 approach, the end goal is the collapse of society with the proposal that we remove the US Constitution in favor of a constitution that " a governmental structure that actually gives a damn what the consequences of its behavior are..." Which is, of course, not possible. The Selfishness of mankind will always lead us to power struggles and the eventual justification that one group should oppress another group and that group would be wiser in distributing opportunities to the citizens of their nation.

So we can then say that "Political Power, when unchecked, will lead to Tyranny" as a matter of FACT and it is not an OPINION. From this we then can say the following: "Any power that can be abused will be abused and will always expand to fill the limits of the resistance to the abuse. If the people being abused don't resist the abuses of those that govern them, there will be no one to resist the abuses they will inflict once they are governing, such that tyranny, in the end, must prevail."

In the creation of the Federalist 2.0, it is our goal and commitment to you the reader, to share with you the pieces of that original intent of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and why it is critical that we claim this moral imperative to ensure the health and safety of our future generations and our capacity to continue as the Originally Planned United States of America. Once again, through that vision and goal, as Publius I do commit and declare from this day forward, that if myself or others that are deemed to be worthy representations of Publius, we will defend the facts that any power that can be abused will be abused and will always expand to fill the limits of the resistance to the abuse, such that we will provide policy and defense to minimize those groups or factions that threaten to grow their power for their own vices.

Come join the Federalist 2.0 effort, help us resurrect the beliefs and understandings that made this United States of America the greatest nation on the planet to date. Let's make America great once more!

In the end, what do you have to lose?.... Maybe you can be Publius too?

- Publius

(C) 2020

(TM) Federalist 2.0

NOTE: In Our next post we will look at, "Governance Can be Crafted to Guarantee Tyrants do not Evolve", a deeper dive into the mechanisms to promote a governmental system that eliminates the mechanisms of Tyranny, we put in place the natural processes that can prevent this from happening to a nation and/or culture.

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