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How can Governance be Crafted to Guarantee Tyrants do not Evolve?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

And so we are a week or two away from the Election for the President of the United States of America for 2020. What an interesting time we have... And a clear decision as a nation to determine the balance of power toward larger government and a socialized system (Liberalism - Democrats) and a government that will attempt to control it's ever growing influence (or we hope) with an attempt to shrink the government (Conservative - Republican). You might have other reasons for voting for or against one part or the other, but from a Federalist 2.0 point of view these are the basic two systems that are being put up for the citizens to Vote for on November 3rd, 2020.

This is where we then can ask the question, are we, as a nation of citizens, relevant enough to choose our political leadership through reason and choice? Are we, as a nation able to fully comprehend what it means to pick political leadership? Are we ready to marshal in a new era of prosperity, hope and happiness as we move this nation into the 21st century? Remember that just 100 years ago, the world just exited from the first world war and set the stage to have the second world war begin just 18 years following that event.

What I want and hope for this blog and Federalist 2.0 Professional Organization to be, is something that is new to the realm of politics; that it would change the hearts and souls of those whom would read this post and listen to the references that I have posted. What I hope to articulate is something that no-one else has properly articulated in such a manner that most all 2020 citizens would recognize it's value and importance. But what could I state in a set of words that could revolutionize the citizens of these United States and the citizens of the world? What possibly could not have already been said that would forever change the landscape of your thought? Yes, you the reader of this post, can I permanently change your thinking around how politics work and how it can and should be viewed and utilized?

What my hope, in this piece, is that we can outline this approach in such a way that it is obvious what it's value holds and then we build the case around that value to ensure that we provide the context and movement that can lock in an approach that will ensure that Tyrants cannot evolve from this political system.

After much thought, consideration and research, we have defined the notion of the Federalist 2.0 within this site and these pages to achieve this worthy goal. We DO believe that we can make a decision through reflection and choice and that the fate of the citizens are not blowing in the wind based on what ever power is in charge.

What we can now do with definitive action is to be able to articulate the essence of the founding of this nation and what has been so elusive in describing and capturing as a way forward and a method to best navigate to a successful political approach. We will capture this thought now and then review the past Blogs we have completed to show how these Blog Posts support this notion. Don't get me wrong here, there are an infinite number of solutions to the concept of Politics, but they do not all lead to the best outcomes. What if... Yes, what if... we have enough data through history, where we can be assured that a direction is worthy of pursuit, and within that pursuit we put enough measures in place to help guide us, as we will inevitably make mistakes, and provide the tools to learn (Not Fight). If we can do this then, would it not be worth one's soul to pursue it? For the Federalist 2.0, the answer is...


So here is the overall Federalist 2.0 construct of a political system that we can finally articulate (after 12 years) with confidence, hope and purpose that meets this long term goal:

"The Purpose of a Society is to properly organize to best set a soul free to discover their relationship to a higher power. The setting of that purpose for the citizens to pursue their best selves such that the citizens can climb the latter of right minded ness (righteousness).
This is defined as minimizing the probability of a citizen to engage in violence in the form of bodily injury and property destruction against another individual. Additionally, this means we have a society that supports minimizing the propensity of citizens that engage in lying, cheating and stealing. And finally, this construct minimizes the capability of one citizen to abuse another citizen, where abuse is defined as verbal or physical attach of an individual.
These guards and efforts would best be served at the hands of a higher power, not at the hands of a man-made constructed government. The use of government to implement these goals only creates opportunities for citizens to set and oversee the administration of these goals which will impact the Freewill of the citizen. This inevitable impact has two directions on Freewill, the oppression of one's free will and the elimination of opportunities that could be available to a free citizen within society. This cycle then provides a clear path to the abuses as mentioned above.
There are no angels on earth, thus putting humans in charge of others with the expectation they behave as angels is a foolish pursuit, but there is an opportunity to set in place a system such that citizens STRIVE to become angels, this kind of pursuit... a noble and worthy pursuit and is worth the risk!"
Publius, 2020

Truth be told, I do wish I had a magic wand to make all of mankind's ills go away. Remove violence, remove starvation... remove all of those things that make life not a pleasure in living. But I cannot, none of us can. And no matter what someone tells you or tries to convince you that they have the ability to fix these things, whether it be a system, process, government or gadget, there is no cure, there is no magic wand. Some day, we all get sick, most of us recover, but in the end we all meet the maker. One cannot get out of that, this is a fact, so really... What is important to manage, from a political standpoint, along the way?

"To be able to look back on one's life with satisfaction is to have lived twice."
Lord Acton

The striving for happiness, in what ever form it takes. In looking back on one's life and ones photos, is a sweet reward. So it is a TRUTH, this quest is not one that we can regulate to others or to government. It is our own quest. Within this pursuit, it should be noted that the times are changing and these changes we are having are going to impact this drive and knowledge.

These coming changes will be used to numb our senses, that effort of numbing our senses will expand and provide us unlimited "entertainment" options. We have thousands of songs at our finger tips with Apple/Amazon Music, Spotify, etc. We have thousands of movies at our finger tips with Netflix, Disney+, etc. We have robots that are coming on line, we have tools and gadgets that are flooding the markets. New space ships are being build like never before, in less than 10 years we will see flight to space as routine. (There is a Starship coming!) We have technology that can create propaganda that does not really exist and will play with our senses. We are entering the new age of productivity and we are not entirely sure what the path forward would or should be for all citizens of all countries. But one thing is clear, if we allow some groups (See the Mark Dice Video and Book below) of people to determine that for us, we will find a portion of the population becoming slaves to their needs and desires (Similar to some of the movies today such as Mockingjay Series) and not living a fulfilling life... not living a happy life.

To illustrate this challenge, the "Liberal" way of thinking has been a mainstay in Europe, this is a great clip that discusses the challenge that has befallen Europe. All of these challenges can or could have been overcome if there had been a different framework other than a Socialism/Marxism oriented approach. I will let the piece speak for itself. Here is the book from 2017.

The founding fathers provided an incredible US Constitution (And Declaration of Independence) which outlined the details of this construct, a nation that is free to believe and live as they see fit in honor of their understanding of the Higher Power. These documents protect the people from an overpowering government, and most importantly encourages them to engage and understand that there is a Higher Power, and this dance of understanding is best served by restraining the involvement of government. Both from an infiltration of what I can and cannot do within my faith, but also the realization that citizens, when in office, will most likely abuse their power and impose their will on others, preventing the citizens from engaging in this noble effort.

The pulling of power away from the individual into the hands of those that govern, usually takes many forms, but one of the recent forms is called "Gaslighting", this is the process of ignoring the truth and using propaganda to make the citizens believe in a new reality, or basically making citizens feel crazy. The objective to motivate the citizen to do something like vote for someone they should not vote for, or become dismayed to the point they do not vote. The goal is always is to formalize a reality that does not exist to move people in a direction. Those that move to deploy the use of this tactic would respond this way and ask, "what iiissss Reality?" Those without a sense of faith and a true NORTH direction in a moral sense, advocate for a reality based on those whom hold the political majority and those that hold the communication levers that control the messages to the masses (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), believe they should define THE "reality".

WHAT IS GASLIGHTING? "The term originates in the systematic psychological manipulation of a victim by her husband in Patrick Hamilton’s 1938 stage play Gas Light, and the film adaptations released in 1940 and 1944. In the story, the husband attempts to convince his wife and others that she is insane by manipulating small elements of their environment and insisting that she is mistaken, remembering things incorrectly, or delusional when she points out these changes. The play's title alludes to how the abusive husband slowly dims the gas lights in their home, while pretending nothing has changed, in an effort to make his wife doubt her own perceptions. The wife repeatedly asks her husband to confirm her perceptions about the dimming lights, but in defiance of reality, he keeps insisting that the lights are the same and instead it is she who is going insane."

But what happens to an individual when they discover they have been the target of Gaslighting and have lived in a reality that is not in their best interest? Well, they have pretty strong feelings and are motivated to move at least orthogonally away from those notions. Here is an individual that posted a great discussion on YouTube which outlines the case for NOT being a liberal or not thinking like a liberal. This is worth the 40 minutes, she is profound and very intelligent and was able to figure her way out of the complex maze that the left gave her.

What does Georgia H have to gain by publishing this piece? Not sure to be honest with you, but she is definitely profound and determined that her thoughts would be worth publishing. But most importantly, what does she have to gain personally. Her communication specifically outlines some of the concerns she has for continuing the discussion before the election due to some family relationships. The pressure she must be under from others that have not fully become enlightened and liberated from the cage that has been constructed around people in the name of Liberalism. The desire to use people to feed the government needs is something that cannot be dismissed. And if those in power see Socialism as a way and means to achieve and maintain control of the citizens, these motivated people will advocate and make the masses suffer, for their own benefit, as the overall economic landscape falls/fails.

So now let's take a quick Federalist 2.0 inventory around what we have learned to date:

  1. The first blog was about the Political Divide. See that here.

    1. Freewill was introduced in this Blog.

  2. The second blog was about the origins of Freewill. See that here.

    1. A higher power gave us Freewill.

  3. The third blog was about the how Freewill cannot be taken away. See that here.

    1. One cannot have their Freewill taken, they can be oppressed to do so.

  4. The fourth blog was about how one can Give their Freewill away. See that here.

    1. An individual can give their Freewill away, adopting a master in doing so.

  5. The fifth blog was about how government must utilize Freewill. See that here.

    1. A government to be successful must use Freewill for a citizen's benefit.

  6. The sixth blog was about how political power is relative. See that here.

    1. Politicians that invest in their power believe they own their position.

  7. The seventh blog was about how political power is relative to time. See that here.

  8. Politicians, if they hold their position a long time, believe it is their property.

  9. The eighth blog was about how political power is a hold on freewill. See that here.

    1. As a politician can control citizens freewill through oppressive measures.

  10. The ninth blog was how unchecked political power leads to tyranny. See that here.

    1. When political power is NOT restrained, then the power is unlimited, which eventually grows to deliver an individual with enough power to achieve tyranny.

  11. The tenth blog was about how socialism's goals have been achieved. See that here.

    1. This final post shows that overall, there were some goals that have been achieved from the political standpoint of Socialism, and what does that mean to Federalist 2.0.

  12. Finally, these posts are in context of the Federalist 2.0 - Unified Theory. See that here.

    1. The Federalist 2.0 has a context that meets a standard for any government that could be created and has a positive directional social good for all citizens.

Before we take this final dive, we should note, that myself, as Publius, as a citizen of the United States, these actions and this work that we have done over the past 12 years was not sponsored by any group. We do not hold ourselves to any group. There is no intelligent way of conveying the blood, sweat and tears that we have endured to even get to this place and share these learnings.

The backgrounds we hold are of varying degrees, but we come from humble lives and have spent many year learning our trades, crafting our relationships and working to be better men and women. This thing we have here called the Federalist 2.0 is not "Another" group that is looking to push forward another agenda and obtain $ from a select few donors. This approach is fully, and completely, committed to the well being of all citizens of the world, but is targeted for the citizens of the Unites States in particular.

It must be said, that the path to power and riches thought history is and has been at the hands of those that advocate for ever larger and bigger government. That the tools and techniques used against the citizens of the United States has been effective in keeping the masses in a lull and properly motivated to keep the status quo going, and this culture and system is able to keep a handful of people wealthy. So that that handful that know and understand the scheme become even more rich.

The drive and commitment to this effort has been focused not on what we can get, but what we want to prevent, what we want to stop. We at the Federalist 2.0, like many citizens, are tired. We are tired of the games that are being played out in the public square. We are tired of the systems that have been put in place that continue to marginalize us, that continue to squeeze ever more money out of us and limit our opportunities to live a full life. We are tired and exhausted...

So for those of us that are tired, there is no other option. If there is no God and no Freewill, there will be a point in-which we must join the political fray to survive... or the other option is to give up and just wallow in a chosen vice (drinking, gambling, etc.) and hope for an early death to end the misery. There is no other option for us that do believe in a Higher Power, that do believe in God, and do believe there is a successful notion of Freewill given to us from God that can be harnessed and marshaled for all citizens. We believe this so that we are risking our livelihood in writing these things, in exploring these options we have outlined here in the Federalist 2.0, we outline at our own peril in both ability to earn a living and exposing ourselves to potential harm.

So we ask of you, the reader... Are you tired? Are you confused? Are you being driven to insane thoughts and fantasies that are not appropriate? How do you feel about your job? The pandemic? Your family? Your children and your parents? How do you feel about the future of the nation and of the world? Pretty disturbing in most cases... Pretty bleak at best for many people. But at the end of the day, why is it this way? How is the system driving you to feel un-ease, driving you to feel not in your right mind? We have more wealth and technology then we can manage, we have more "Freedom" than any other time in the world and specifically in the United States of America. But yet there is so much chaos and lack of right-mindedness (righteousness). Could it be by design?

Here is the oath that the Federalist 2.0 provides from the previous blogs, read it. Consider it. Make it your moto, your oath, your passion. See if this approach helps the torment you are feeling, if it helps you right your own mind, if it helps align you to what is Just, what we can define as Justice and what we can then determine as TRUE NORTH. The quest for an individual to pursue their own righteousness (Right Mindedness) within a political system that allows that individual to do so without harm, as well as work to seek righteousness (Translated in latin is iustitia.) in their fellow mankind, both in family and friends is a societal system worth pursuing, worth fighting for, worth dying for. The system that support efforts to help others right their minds, is the definition of Justice (Translated in latin is iustitia). By the way...

How is it possible that the translation of both Justice & Righteousness are the same? iustitia...

Federalist 2.0 Statement of Loyalty and Commitment:

From a Federalist 2.0 perspective men and women CAN create a government by introspection and choice, that there is a path beyond the collection of dispirit groups gathered to over see others in their own way. As Publius, I commit to you to:

  1. I will always believe in a Higher Power and protect the Citizen's Freewill.

  2. Protect the citizens from those that willingly choose to suppress Freewill.

  3. Construct an environment in which one can be free to properly give their Freewill.

  4. Develop Regulations that eliminate the suppression of Freewill and promote free exchange of one's Freewill.

  5. Enforce the notion of Justice (Righteousness) in alignment with Natural Law.

  6. Enact Legislation that eliminates the suppression of Freewill and provides opportunities for people to manage their Providentia and grow Oportunitas.

  7. Support and protect the Constitution to the best of my ability by supporting Justices that believe the same.

  8. Defining a society and a government that is focused on being active in creating mechanisms to eliminate strife and chaos through minimizing the role in government within our lives.

Through that vision and goal we pledge the following reguarding the Nature of Mankind:

  1. As Publius I do commit and declare from this day forward, that any rational individual that finds themselves in a position of power will more freely relinquish their powers if they are expected to do so; where given the opportunity, if one exists, as well as if encouraged by their factions to remain, they will justify the need to remain in power. See blog reference here.

  2. As Publius I do commit and declare from this day forward, that if myself or others that are deemed to be worthy representations of Publius, we will defend the BARRIERS to the cleansing of the citizen's moral journey and enhance and promote the MATURITY of the citizens through right mined policy and overall efforts. See blog reference here.

  3. As Publius I do commit and declare from this day forward, that if myself or others that are deemed to be worthy representations of Publius, we will defend the facts that any power that can be abused will be abused and will always expand to fill the limits of the resistance to the abuse, such that we will provide policy and defense to minimize those groups or factions that threaten to grow their power for their own vices. See blog reference here.

  4. As Publius I do commit and declare from this day forward, that if myself or others that are deemed to be worthy representations of Publius, will only hold ONE tenure as a representative at the State or Federal level. This means that if I become a Representative of Congress or Senator of Congress that I would only hold 1 term in that role. Yes, this does mean that one can hold different positions over time, but it prevents the Senator forever model that is causing so much concern and issues in our political system today.

To quiet my soul I will declare this Prayer every day: See blog reference here.

The Higher Power is my Guide, I will not be in want of my ill wants and my group's desires. When looking to the Higher Power I am able to lay down and feel like I am in a green pasture and seek the soothing sounds of a slow bubbling creek, and through that I am able to restore my soul. Through a Higher Power I am able to follow a path of rightmindness with the name of the Higher Power in my mind. Though through my days I walk knowing the shadow of death may seek me, I will not fear my impending death, since you are with me in every step I take. With your arms you guide me and with that I find comfort. With faith in You I see You lay a table of honor and respect at the feet of my enemies. You anoint me with knowledge and understanding on how groups escalate their passions against each other like oil that lubricates my passion to defend the individual human soul, such that my cup overflows with the souls that seek refuge in Your arms from the groups that seek power and influence over their Freewill. Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of our lives, even if my days are final. For defending the God given right for Freewill will always overcome the evils of the groups that pursue the means at the expense of the few. And through that effort, even if it is at my own sacrifice, it be worth the price to have our children experience the freedom that YOU have promised and in doing so I will dwell in your house forever, where those seeking the oppression of individuals will NOT live in a house that one can say RESPECTS and HONORS an individual's own FREEWILL.

The Federalist Goals will be focused on fighting and minimizing the impact of Socialism and Marxism through the following:

1) Impact of Propoganda on Citizens with the goal of fighting back:

  • Liberate the schools, media (Newspapers, TV, Radio, Movies & Social Media)

  • Liberate the press mechanisms, policy makers and other positions of influence

  • Promote the true essence of art and promote beautiful expressions

  • Build up cultural morality

  • Reestablish the boundaries for cultural mores

2) Aligning Faith and Social Constructs to Federalist 2.0 concepts:

  • Reinstate the practice of religion in schools for all beliefs in support of the state

  • Remove designed government social mores as a standard

  • Liberate the psychiatric profession with open "faith based" social mores

  • Strengthen the influence of family and ensure families remain together

  • Ensure the parents have input to the raising of children

  • Ensure that groups are aware that force is NOT a legitimate form to solve problems

3) Engage Political and Legal Controls to Promote the Federalist 2.0:

  • Outlaw socialist / communist organizations and views

  • Promote organizations that propose and support loyalty (to the Federalist 2.0)

  • Liberate both political parties from government designed social mores

  • Eliminate technical decisions that destabilize American institutions through civil rights

4) Support and grow appreciation for the US Constitution and US History:

  • Promote the American Constitution

  • Promote the goals of the American Founding Fathers

  • Promote the American culture and American history in a fair positive light

5) Manage US Government Programs per Federalist 2.0 concepts:

  • Demote/Remove any socialist movement to centralize control on American Culture

  • Promote any laws or processes that interfere with socialist objectives

  • Create committees that do not support socialism

  • Reestablish and provide direction to shore up the FBI and CIA

  • Liberate Unions and Big Business

  • Promote the Police and natural desire of Law and Order

6) Provide independent guidance for United Nations/Courts to liberate US from controls:

  • Support the EXCLUSION of Socialist Nations with the U.N.

  • Destroy the notion that the U.N. to be a One-World Government and Court

  • Keep United States separate from the U.N.

7) Support and enhance the Intellectual Property and Trade laws to protect US interests:

  • Limit the free trade with Communist Nations and change Trade Imbalances

  • Discourage long term loans to socialist nations

  • Limit aid to all socialist nations

  • Limit access to the U.S. Patent Office for all Socialist Nations

8) Best manage International Influence and Defense in support of US independence:

  • U.S. seeks to overcome all international conflicts in a positive way

  • U.S. does not maintain a coexistence with Socialist Nations

  • Promote U.S. leadership to nuclear testing and investments

  • Promote all key waterways to not be under U.N. control

  • Support Democracy in all nations not ready for self control

Through the Principles of Federalist 2.0 we will abide. (See here)

Through the Unified Theory we will construct our vision. (See here)

Through the Federalist 2.0 Tools we will implement our strategy and tactics. (See here)

Through the creation of a Federalist 2.0 Professional Organization with an administered Certification we will keep our promise to our selves, our family and our community as a whole.

This I will defend till the day I pass, so help me God.


End of Oath

It is now clear, we CAN then declare that as a fact, that Governance can be Crafted to Guarantee Tyrants do not Evolve: For a government to ensure that all of the individuals in which they govern are not lead to suffer through unfair and unjust laws defining the line of separation of right and wrong which could bring an advantage to those whom govern, the government must be constructed on a foundation around what they can do on the behalf of the people as well as clear rules around what they CANNOT do to those they govern, with the correct mechanisms in place to ensure and guarantee that men/women that do obtain a position of power and decide to wield their power with abandon are quickly removed.

In the creation of the Federalist 2.0, it is our goal and commitment to you the reader, to share with you the pieces of the original intent of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and why it is critical that we claim this moral imperative to ensure the health and safety of our future generations and our capacity to continue as the Originally Planned United States of America.

Come join the Federalist 2.0 effort, help us resurrect the beliefs and understandings that made this United States of America the greatest nation on the planet to date. Let's make America great once more!

In the end, what do you have to lose?.... Maybe you can be Publius too?

- Publius

(C) 2020

(TM) Federalist 2.0

NOTE: In Our next set of posts (The third set) we will look at, Natural Laws and the Passions of Mankind.

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