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Stealing the Bank - The Results - Part2c

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Through life, we’re born, and we grow, from a baby to a child and then to an adult. Along the way, if we’re lucky, we have parents or family/friends who seek to help us with our education, an education based on skills, skills to survive and serve the world. As we enter our adult life, we try to add to those skills to be more productive so we can earn a living. And since we grew up in the United States, we assume given the right opportunity, we can excel and build a life, meet a partner, have children, then raise those children with love and hope for their future.

But what happens when that dream you have for yourself or your children is smashed, removed or destroyed? How can that happen here in the United States of America? More importantly, why would anyone in their right mind want to destroy the opportunities in America? Well, that is our next installment, Part 2c “The Results”, on our story about “Stealing the Bank”.

If you missed it, our story started with Part2a defining the tools and Part2b defining the process, those are here:

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If you don’t have Twitter you can see it here on our blog:

Part 2a - The Tools

Part 2b - The Process

In short, to recap, the powers in Washington DC have created tools to steal money from the American people, to the tune of $1+ Trillion or more a year for the past 10+ years. The DC powers have also created processes that either recruit people for their causes or confuse people into immobility, all to provide a smoke screen for their continued strip-mining of the American financial might. This next part will address the why; why do they do it? Well for money and power of course. But to get to the heart of it, we will need to address this question in more detail.

We will review four sections with one bonus section as follows:

1. Regulatory capture

2. Media Wars

3. The FTX angle

4. Election Rigging

5. BONUS: The economic squeeze

So no more dilly dallying around, let’s get started with…

Regulatory Capture

You might be asking, what is “Regulatory Capture” and why is it on our list? The answer is an important one… because those who’re engaged in the stealing-of-the-bank are not only taking funds, they’re also selling their positions of power to have an impact on the regulatory landscape. Changes in regulations for a company can mean life or death as new regulations can protect the market for that company, increasing revenue for that company, or block opportunities for the competition.

If you don’t already know, there are many people who walk the halls of Congress called Lobbyists. These lobbyists are employed by special interests and are mostly employed to help establish rules (aka regulations) that will support the causes of their employers. Gifts, dinners, trips and other benefits are showered on the member of Congress to sponsor a bill or support a bill. And, to be sure, these lobbyists deploy warnings if the support is not provided. A flavor of blackmail as you will.

What’s insidious about this dynamic is if you build a solid relationship with the lobbyists as a Congress Member, you are supported financially through donations and other causes and nonprofit organizations. As time passes, you become wealthy and have been given the illusion of power through a marriage with well selected donors and their lobbyist friends. Meanwhile the size of legislation grows along with the size of the deficit.

Once enough time has passed in this process, and money moved around to pay for it, you find regulations become engineered to protect one to three competitors in an industry. Resulting in market forces being put to sleep and once competitors are driven out of business, prices start to climb. This is regulatory capture, the process is clear and the impact now has a clear line of sight. But how do they stay unnoticed, under the covers? Their partner in crime is the Media of course, which is our next section…

Media Wars

Media, the 24 hour news cycle, a constant digital footprint of the media on your phone, home devices and television, washing into your view constantly, passively and forcibly into your mind, into your heart. This phenomenon only rose in the last 20-30 years, more so in the past 10, and it has become the preeminent tool of the elite. The use of control mechanisms to help the media distribute the narrative flavor of the day and to help guide discussions on social media.

It used to be, you got up in the morning and ate breakfast (a real breakfast: eggs, bacon and toast) and read the morning newspaper. At night, you came home from work and picked up the evening news paper, then maybe you watched the national nightly news for an hour. Maybe a total of 2-4 hours of news per day. Today, people either choose nothing (they gave up and have tuned out) or they’re smothered with hundreds or thousands of articles/videos that are mostly engineered to shape their mind, often conforming to their preconceived notions of truth.

The narratives, those pesky little bursts of assembled words you hear several times a day to establish a footprint in your mind, are the spearhead to numbing your thinking. Examples include: climate crisis, institutional racism, Ukraine – it being a Democracy or it’s plight, etc. All to craft a position in your mind to do one of two things, make you a recruit for the cause or pound your mind into submission.

This megaphone of deceit is funded by those companies that have become monopolies in their industry and those NGOs and nonprofits needing to get their message out to tweak folks into giving. All focused on the mission to deliver an ever growing stack of legislation and an ever growing channel of money from the public coffers. Which ultimately explains one thing, how some of these media organizations stay in business. With plummeting revenues and an even larger nose-dive in viewership (e.g. CNN), the charade cannot be abandoned since the groups of people that are knowingly in on the game, or who’ve unwittingly allowed themselves to be captured, need and desire constant affirmation.

This is the true engineered GRIFT. The process of convincing the public, or the government, your cause needs funding despite their major negative impact on the security of the nation and/or the compromising effect on our financial and military strength… and, as it turns out, if you are an active participant in this process to make a living, or worse become wealthy, you truly are an AUTHENTIC grifter, a professional grifter. (e.g. Soros Funded Non-Profits)

What is NOT grifting is people asking for donations from the public for a cause or purpose that supports and strengthens the nation. Mind you, at this point, all dollars flowing in and through the government are a gatling gun of suppression aimed at those who want an efficient/corruption free government. So, the people trying to battle this monster-of-a-mess are not grifting and are not grifters. Period. (e.g. Elon Musk in industry and Kari Lake in the Political arena.)

But if we have a bunch of grifters in the government where are they getting the mind boggling wealth? That’s our next section…

The FTX Angle

For those who may not know or understand the crypto world, Bitcoin was established in 2009 and has been the “gold-standard” of the crypto market. Other crypto currencies have evolved from that first launch. The long and short of it is, someone figured out you could encrypt a listing of transactions in an accounting ledger and get a big long encrypted string of 256 characters for each transaction, which is called a key. And if you published the key and made hundreds of computer servers store that string so everyone could see and read the contents, as long as 51% or more servers agreed to that string you could achieve a 100% accuracy which makes up a real transaction. Changes to any value in that string would break the check and the change would not be allowed, rendering theft to zero (unless you put your Bitcoin in a digital wallet that was not secure).

So in short, the Bitcoin is a digital asset with no backing other than the guarantee that it was impossible for a government to control. This feature grew in value over time, and the crypto industry grew.

One of the factors of the use of crypto was that transactions could be performed without knowing the seller and buyer. This transaction could be anonymous for both, and the transaction was permanent and irreversible. What other tool allows this kind of set of features? CASH! Sooo... a way was discovered to replicate the features of cash digitally! Earth changing revolution indeed. But as we all know in recent years this instrument has been volatile, to say the least. Here is the current market cap of all crypto, around $1+ Trillion.

This is only 33% of the peak, the following is the market cap since the start:

Fascinating, isn’t it? Note the spike after the 2020 Election. What else is cash used for? What type of people use cash on a massive scale, exchanging cash in buckets of 10s of thousands and even millions? Criminals! So would it not make sense that criminals would be at the forefront of this explosion? The dirty laundry behind FTX is a telling tale of corruption and fraud. There are many stories to be found, this is just one example. Feel free to do your own searches or post to this article what you find. For this discussion, note those listed as entities that found themselves on the receiving end of donations by FTX. They’re not being accused, but it does inject a sense of curiosity. No?

So we have a mix of Democrats and Republicans, can we be assured that these donations, some of significant value, had no strings attached? We think not. Also it should be noted that the FTX collapse coincided with the Democrats losing the house. Here is the list so far...

Interesting… Well, let us take a look at all we learned in our “Stealing the Bank” expose so far. Go back and read it again…

… ok now that you’re back. Why did it collapse the moment the House was lost to the Republicans? The collapse occurred because the flow of dollars to keep it all afloat will most likely stop. My guess is a bunch of Congress folk, company executives, media elites and NGOs/nonprofits cashed out of FTX (and other crypto), and the cash ran dry for FTX sooner than they thought.

What is at the heart of the run on FTX? The $1 Trillion Continuing Resolution (CR) that passed in December 2022 will only last until Dec 2023 (or so I hear ) and the debt ceiling lasts through August 2023. So there are two points in time where the $ spigot can be turned off. The risk was introduced. So they panicked and wanted their money is my guess. The two clear data points that allow us to surmise these events is the fact the Republicans were to win 50+ seats in the house and control the Senate, but that didn’t happen... Now you know why.

Secondly, the list of effected FTX clients that were impacted by this was, until recently, withheld. Like the Epstein Island guest list. Why is that important? Are we sure ALL effected customers were released as well? What about the other side? Where is the list of folks that started transfers/deposits?

This leads us to the obvious next realization, is this not a motivation to steal elections? Would it not make sense to engineer a process and obtain support to do a set of steals in 2020? And again in 2022? So here we go…

Election Rigging

Once we have all the pieces in place, what’s your biggest risk as a Steal-The-Banker? It’s elections! Once this type of person, as a part of this charade, begins to understand the risk of losing their power and the gravy train of money, engineering processes to ensure your people are elected is a no brainer, literally. It’s literally a matter of survival. Which is what we saw in 2008 and in 2012. The Democrats (and I’m sure some Republicans as well) were exercising these processes. And it explains why Hillary was so sure she would win, she didn’t campaign much because she didn’t need to, or she thought.

We have a separate expose on this process and how it works here:

So, let’s close the loop. We’ve shown that the tools to Steal the Bank exist and are being used. We’ve shown that there is a real process to recruit unwitting supporters and demolish the spirt of those who resist. And now we’ve shown the significant benefits through the advancement of regulatory capture and media backstopping, meant to keep the players in the game. We’ve shown how new technology (crypto) is used to pay and support those that engage in steps that ultimately support “the steal”.

The final step, blocking any chance of another player coming to ruin the party, election rigging. And now the curtain slides away…

… you see that the scheme can be supported through the back door, the crazy destruction of property (riots), the insane talk shows with people discussing anti American themes, the narratives that make no sense… but what would make sense would be a loosely held group of Stealing-The-Bankers watching and taking notes and once that legislation hits and the dollars leave the US Treasury to the hundreds of entities, NGOs and nonprofit, there is a behind the scenes payday. As noted, this is not orchestrated by any means, just a playbook falling into place over time with some players bigger than others (most likely Soros and China).

This all leads us to the final act, the crescendo of our yet to be made movie of lies and deceit, the bonus section…

The Economic Squeeze

As we stand back and admire this incredibly complex set of relationships and organizations, the only person standing in their way is Donald Trump and the MAGA/Saving America types, and from the looks of it, this group is growing substantially. Which is a direct threat to the never-ending, annual 10,000+ page bills and $1+ Trillion in deficit spending.

So, what should a beaten down Steal the Banker do? Attack the economy of course! The life blood of the nation, of the Saving America citizens is the economy. The stronger America’s economy is, the more donations flow to those combating the steal. What better way to punish those Bible thumpers and gun lovers than to:

1. Disable the oil production / Gas Prices

2. Empty the oil reserves / Removing Options

3. Acceleration of National Debt Payments

4. Send Arms to Ukraine / Removing Options

5. Start WWIII / Middle American Children Sent

6. Open Boarders / Pool to vote for & labor pressure on middle Americans

7. Inflation / Lower wages no money

8. Lock Downs & Vaccine / Control

And there are more. There are a multitude of different dials at their disposal that can be used to impose controls, to deliver pain and suffering to those not supporting the steal. Given the leavers of power, the slim majority of Republicans that are in the house that know this is going on might still be successful in breaking the “Rico” orientated cartel of efforts. If resistance mounts from the Republicans, the economic screws will be turned up by the Democrats, and turned hard… note there is no budget, no balanced budget on the horizon, and servicing the debt will become overwhelming.

A budget cannot be allowed by those who are in on the steal, to do so would reveal the fraud and risk the money, the fun, the freedom, the power and most importantly it must be done to avoid the ultimate problem, jail.

In the end, it’s less than 650 people that are in positions of power, and simple solutions can be employed quickly and effectively. But to be successful, we may need to deploy a forgiveness clause, a give up power and freely move to a new congressional system and you can stay out of jail and keep a portion of your wealth. Any other path will lead to blows, and we must not advance the conflict to blows as a solution. If the nation is lead to violence the end result is at most unpredictable and most undesirable.

Let’s look at where we have come and let’s define a new clear process with the existing constitution that clears a path to tranquility and a prosperous United States of America. We will find with these changes we can meet the needs of the narratives without government. We can push back our enemies knocking at our doorstep (China) and we can prosper as a nation, as a people, once more with true Liberty for all and Justice for those who lead a moral and virtuous life. Let’s look at Part2d - "The Solution".

In the creation of the Federalist 2.0, it is our goal and commitment to you the reader, to share with you the pieces of the original intent of the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence and why it is critical that we claim this moral imperative to ensure the health and safety of our future generations and our capacity to continue as the Originally Planned United States of America. Come join the Federalist 2.0 effort, help us resurrect the beliefs and understandings that made this United States of America the greatest nation on the planet to date. Let us make America great once more!

In the end, what do you have to lose? Maybe you can be Publius too.

- Publius

(TM) Federalist 2.0

Addendum #1: The Tie to the Non-Profits from the Earmarks

“The continuation of earmarks is a great opportunity for nonprofits across the country to access new funding,” said Steve Taylor, the former longtime head of government for United Way Worldwide and current principal at advocacy firm Integer LLC in Washington, D.C.
“The funding is new in the sense that it is coming directly from Congress outside of the normal grant funding through the executive branch,” Taylor added. “This money is effectively in addition to any federal grant funding that nonprofits might apply for through federal agencies.”
The practice of designating funds by members of Congress had been suspended in 2011 amid anti-spending fervor but was brought back earlier this year. Federal legislators recently set aside $1.7 billion in funding for more than 1,700 nonprofit-related projects.


Despite the opposition, earmarks are here to stay – at least for two years. “If they had gone away after two years, large numbers of nonprofits would not be able to avail themselves of it,” Taylor said. “But now it looks as though it will be around for a while and nonprofits can plan ahead to access this funding.
“The fact that a large majority of Republicans voted to keep earmarks is a signal that more Republicans are going to avail themselves of this process to the benefit of nonprofits,” Taylor concluded. “This is about as positive a development for nonprofits as we can expect to see for the next two years.”

Addendum #2: US Inflation Rates toping 7.9%

Addendum #3: The Cost of Oil

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